A private investigator’s case - Solved!

  • Vivaldi Team

    We're adding a new category to our blog and sharing stories from members of Vivaldi's community. Today we're publishing the story from Bruce (also known as ayespy in Vivaldi's Forum and in the comments), who has helped many of us. Please fill out the following 4 questions if you want to share your story with Vivaldi. Here we go with the first one...

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  • No Way!

    You're… You're not a 28 years old geek?

    And here I was having a completely different image of our one-eyed Illuminati thing friend!

    Now... just...let me go...read your story...

  • yeah, i had the same :D

  • anyone knows anything about new build? hopefully with fix to proprietary html 5 media on linux?

  • Bruce is not only Batman, but Ayespy too?!?

  • Moderator

    I'm 63. Much worse than 28.

  • Moderator

    Ha! Wrong Bruce!

  • Da-da-da-da-da! I'm lovin it!

  • Moderator

    What we do know is that the team has converged at the Magnolia Innovation House in Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA for a burst of cooperative work and a bunch of outside activities. Usually this results in a delay in the release of the next snapshot, but often that next one or the one after contain the fruit of that putting-their-heads-together-in -person, which can be kind of interesting!

  • Nice write up. I had an image of you in my mind; I'm never right with these. I'm 47 and wish I looked as good as you. I'm not wearing that hat for no reason.

  • well.. vivaldi is almost perfect. I only miss these features: ad-blocker (built in like Opera did) and mail client built in vivaldi.. give us these two things and vivaldi will be the boss.. oh, and dont forget to completely translate the browser into pt-br language.. there are some string not translated (still)..

  • Bruce is indeed very helpful on the forums, but this is not what I want to read on the blogs. I just want to see news about new Snapshots. I have now unsubscribed from the blogs.

  • Moderator

    Uhhmmm, This is exactly what the previous blog solicited? But…OK...

  • @yro84: I don't seem to get ads. Is that because I'm using Ghostery?
    @Ayespy Bruce: Thank you for your interesting piece.

  • No matter, looks like you're still going strong.:D Keep rocking, Mr. Investigator

  • I do not understand you. You could simply ignore something that doesn't suit you.

  • Moderator

    I have never subscribed to the Blog. Never will. Too many of its comments don't interest me, and I don't need my inbox filling up. I, too, watch here principally to learn of advances. On the whole, I ESPECIALLY ignore public relations puffery posts (like the one explaining who "Tony" is). That said, I really like Vivaldi, and really, really want it to succeed completely. So if people want to pay attention to THIS public relations puffery post, then I say, "Kewl." I welcome their attention - not to me, but to information concerning what I feel is a really worthy endeavor. Viva Vivaldi.

  • Moderator

    Dunno. Not sure it matters.

  • Yep, Vivaldi asked for testimonials and you gave a good one. Now I'm hesitant to give one because I don't need drama if people are irritated by such things.

  • Moderator

    Hey - as long as you are polite and respectful, who cares what "drama" people want in their lives? It doesn't touch your life… :twisted:

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