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  • Hm. Right. This bug works different in 1.3.501.6.

    1. Start Vivaldi. There should be one tab opened - speed dial. If not, the close all tabs and restart.
    2. Press Ctrl-W two times very quick.
      Now Vivaldi closed. But it should not.
      If you press and hold Ctrl-W for some time instead of step 2 then will be another bug - all tabs will be closed, even speed dial. This is bug because you can't do it normally.
      Both bugs were reported at least 2 snapshots before 1.2 release. And similar bugs were reported even earlier.

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    We need a few more Ninjay Warriors for when people starting making outrageous demands

    I don't know why people are so impatient nowadays. They probably never did a day's work that required real mental effort like coding or beta testing.

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    Building this browser is hard work and I'm utterly impressed with what the team has given us this early in Vivaldi's life. Like most of us here, I entirely trust the team is working diligently and what isn’t done/finished/perfect/etc. is that way for some good reason I don't need to be privy to.

  • I used to be an Opera user/lover, but not any longer after Opera 12.50. The sudden switch to chrome was a disaster. Now the only reason I'm not and many others are not moving to Vivaldi from Chrome is that we are afraid and feel it in our gut that some day you guys would end this project as well.

  • That said, the change in your home page; it looks like the companies that are going to bankrupt. 😕

  • Thank you Vivaldi Team from TURKEY -Türkiye'den Vivaldiye teşekkürler.(İyisiniz iyi)

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    Now the only reason I'm not and many others are not moving to Vivaldi from Chrome is that we are afraid and feel it in our gut that some day you guys would end this project as well.

    This is a risk each person will have to take one their own. I have thrown all my trust in Vivaldi. In the meantime before you find something better than Opera is there anything close to Vivaldi? For me not even close.

  • Thank you, Vivaldi! There is no better proof of trustworthiness than what has been achieved by this team during the past two decades. One of the main force of Vivaldi is that we, the first audience, are already conquered and would follow with both eyes closed, with the supreme comfort of just having to be patient and talkative.

    Horay, this is dreamtime (again)!

  • Thank you for making a browser that's worth using. After Opera 12.5, there simply wasn't any browsers for power users, I felt abandoned by Opera when they decided to ditch bookmarks all together and other browsers just make it a pain to use and access them.(because apparently, the "mainstream" don't use bookmarks… Well maybe they'd use them if it wasn't hidden in a tiny button that's easy to miss at the top, so you can't access it quickly... Unlike the Sidebar panels of Vivaldi/Opera of old)

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    What are you even talking about? :roll:

  • Ευχαριστώ Vivaldi!

  • Ok for the catastrophic switch to Chromium, I think most of "us" (Opera 12 lovers) have gathered here for that reason.

    But afraid of switching completely to Vivaldi because "you guys would end this project as well"?! I think you should learn more about the history and Jon's intentions. He was still in the Opera boat after the switch to Chromium, but was gradually losing his beloved project after going public. "We got a whole lot of money all of a sudden, but we weren't the only one to decide anymore".

    He (Jon) felt sick about it, having somestimes to fire friends (heard him about that at Brussels, Café Numérique). He learned a lot of lessons, and especially the ones about "going public" (which he obviously won't do again). And he's now back with Vivaldi. Don't worry, he's here to stay because WE are here to stay. And we'll keep getting bigger !

  • Just +1 !

  • little bit some page loading delay again….

  • I didn't know Nicki Minaj was into code.

  • Many want to donate but they say they won't. Hopefully if things get tight or change they will let us to keep it going.
    All the pundants say all are going to mobile anyway ( or rather they would rather force them to that more profitable market) never me, not unless emergencies I need mobile. HATE bad copies of real items.

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