Thank you! Tusen takk! Herzlichen Dank! Merci! Grazie mille! Obrigado! Muchas gracias!

  • Vivaldi Team

    We have just released 1.2 and we are proud of the feedback we continue to get from all of you. We are in many ways overwhelmed. Indeed, many of you have gone so far as to ask for ways you can contribute, including giving us funding. We thank you for that. However, the best way to help us is really spreading the word. Here are some suggestions:

    See the full blog post here

  • Thank you so much for this amazing browser, Jon and team! I've definitely told friends about you, and will keep doing so. I love the theming and especially the rounded corners.

    You should still consider opening up a donations page, because I know a lot of us want to help out in any way we can, and that would be a great way for a lot of us to do so!

  • Thank you Vivaldi Team from Brazil! - Obrigado equipe do Vivaldi estou no Brasil!

  • Thank you, Jon and the Vivaldi Team, from sunny Southern California! 😎

  • I thank you Vivaldi team for you have created this amazing browser! 😃
    Eu que agradeço equipe Vivaldi por vocês terem criado esse navegador incrível! 😃
    You can be sure that I'm spreading the word Vivaldi, we will see Vivaldi with thousands of users worldwide!
    Thank you for letting me do this, thank you for giving me many customization options!
    Thank you for the option of having panels web! Help me very, very quick access to the sites! 😃 ->
    A big hug from Brazil 😃

  • Thank you from Charlotte NC USA. Even the pages look better in Vivaldi than Chrome, even though it's a similar rendering engine.:D

  • Moderator

    As an old user of the old Opera, I have loved since Vivaldi Technical Preview 1!
    Thanks for the best browser, thank you for listening to the community, thank you that you are here for people, for us …
    Thank you from Slovakia - pozdravujem, a Ďakujem zo Slovenska !

  • Thanks from another OLD Opera user…. I thought I was doomed, never to have another one like it again.
    Little did I know that there were people that cared about thinking; an old gang of guys from Oslo the "out of box-ers". Have more tricks up sleeves I hope and bet... :roll::D

  • Great success for Jon and Vivaldi!

    People always ask me what browser I am using (I use the dark theme - now custom - so it stands out) and I recommend them checking it out.
    Some think that the Speed dial page (the preinstalled one, with custom pics) looks beautiful and asked me about it.

    I do think that Vivaldi still needs some polishing in some things (mouse gestures not working 100% right yet, for instance) before it will be ready for mass adoption among muggles.

    Hoping the team hits 5 mil users very soon, and that the number continues climbing afterward.

  • I was talking about Vivaldi to my friends and even colleagues in office, but they are looking at me like, "eeeh, what are you talking about" :D.

    Anyway I'm using Vivaldi at office, at home. I like dark theme and sharp squared layout.
    Keep going with fantastic work.

  • Jon,

    Put the most important information first. "Proud user of Vivaldi Browser" is good,
    but "Vivaldi makes me proud" is better.

    Or even "Vivaldi I use". It`s great, fun catchphrase (Yoda style).

  • - Ambassador -

    I am always happy to promote quality freeware on my website:

  • Thank YOU Jon and the whole "true Opera" team, from Belgium.
    I've been using Vivaldi since the very first day I heard about it. Tried it, and the glory days of Opera 12 came back in a rush in my mind, and the pleasure it was to use it. Uninstalled Opera straight away. Now, in my office, I have a squared V on my keyboard and a rectangular VIVALDI.COM on top of my screen (got them from the Café Numérique in Brussels).
    I've been spreading the word around me, but for now, the other IT guys are still at the "make fun because you're too passionate" stage. (Hearing "try with Firefox, it will work" a few times a day). But over time, and I get more and more good points, I know they will eventually "betray" their Firefox/Chrome (I think without telling me).
    Anyway, many many thanks to you, Vivaldi team !
    I have an unconditional faith that you will bring these glory days back, and I personally hope you will prioritize the "millions little things" over the "few big things". I don't mind mail and sync, but I miss a lot the "right-click–>search with" for example.

  • Please give us an option to have quiet updates. I would like to install V to everyone in my family but im affraid they will be angry because of update window. Is it possible to make the choice? Quiet update or normal?

  • Thanks Jon! You've got a great team with you. 🙂

  • Are you just looking for some more computer geek?
    No? OK then:
    1. is the import/export of bookmarks and settings from IE, Chrome, FF, 100% bulletproof?
    2. is there some sort of smartphone sync mechanism of the bookmarks and settings from Vivaldi desktop, to the most used smartphone's browsers, or will you force the users to have two different browsers with two different sets of bookmarks, manually synched? And what about a sync mechanism between vivaldi desktop and Safari on the iPADs? And a "push" sync from mobile to Vivaldi desktop?
    3. as a matter of fact, the majority of us all mostly use smartphones and tablets to browse websites (in Italy, at least), and desktop browsing is considered a small part of the activity, do you really think any of the mobile users will ever use Vivaldi (desktop)? Why? What would be the reason to sit on a desk, to access the internet?
    I suggest you proposed some very specific solutions to employees (notes use, for instance and its' advantages - then add the possibility to locally search the notes in the F2 window), so that they could find very strong motivations to use Vivaldi, as a productivity tool:

    • make a specific online video that showed how a desktop employee can have advantages in productivity by using Vivaldi
    • collaborate with some plugin developer to build some kind of collaboration tool (meeting scheduling, ldap access, enterprise address book access, …)
    • PAY a relatively big company to install vivaldi in their offices instead of FF + Outlook
    • Ask Vivaldi users that work as IT administrators in their companies to install Vivaldi instead of another browser in their companies
      I am sorry to say that I use Vivaldi (and any other desktop browser) as a gadget.

  • @Telegram:

    My parents need silent update & simple and clearer bookmark managment and display > grid of images in bookmarks catalogue

    This really makes sense, if you talk about usage spreading, from my point of view.
    But Vivaldi is really built from scratch as a niche browser, so it just doesn't match with really wide spreading initiatives.

  • Then look, the "edit" button on this website is not even clickable: it doesn't work, it doesn't allow me to modify the post I just wrote…
    Now, it works: but I needed to reload the page…

  • do you want two more bugs, found today?
    1. languages are repeated, why (see picture)?
    2. did you notice, you need to press a character twice to let it show in the F2 menu (see picture)?
    So, as I, actually, found three different bugs in 30 minutes usage, what should I spread, exactly?
    Putting a bunch of (mostly hidden) features that are buggy, really is not spreadable.
    With authentic love,
    (an Opera user, even before I had an internet connection at home: I used it as an offline HTML page reader to read the docs of the university, in 1997).

  • the forth, but this is a veeeeery old bug. Vivaldi doesn't modify the defaults and never becomes the default web browser (see picture).

    I'm sing the x64 version on Windows7.

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