Snapshot 1.3.501.6 - Customizable UI themes

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    Yes, this IS a significant development and makes things easier, though I know how to do the CSS changes for colours from under the hood too. 😉

    I have been away from this blog and related snapshots for about 3 months, because I was turned off by a dialogue with another member less than half my age (as per his profile here), who told me straight out that what I and many others would appreciate in the Vivaldi browser was unimportant, and more or less implying that I was living in the past, simply because I wanted any new browser which I am considering to be able to LOOK and FEEL like many of the older ones did at one or another point in time, and in many cases still do.

    Well the custom theming which was introduced just now is only another example of the same kind of backwards compatibility for which I have been asking (and more-or-less patiently waiting).

    Since CSS is often involved also in governing layout (as well as colours and such), here I am back once again to ask whether and when we can expect to see the capability to move UI elements around ?

    The flexibility most crucial to MY sanity and decade-plus-old tradition is being able to position the TABs Bar immediately above the web page content, below all of the other upper toolbars, however, being able to drag and drop various buttons, especially for the extensions, would be a close second priority in UI upgrades.

    Also, in the Mozilla camp, we are able to write a custom CSS file called userChrome.CSS, and have the browser look for it in a specified location, and if found, auto-execute the code within for each session.

    Has Vivaldi offered the equivalent functionality, and if not, please could they add the required couple of lines of code to the main JS overlay, so that we do not have to edit it each time to let us employ custom external CSS code ?

    That would be a major help to those of us who wish to customize.

    Thank You. 🙂

  • It's no real bug, but on Linux (Ubuntu MATE) it's hard to click on the Down-Button to reduce side-zoom. The buttons should be bigger. Please see my screenshot.

  • I work with a 10" screen. One thing I would really like to be able to do is give the vertical scroll slider on the r/h side a really nice bright colour of its own. Darkish grey against lightish grey has never struck me as terribly helpful - especially, I find, at both ends of the scale, i.e. when the slider is either very small and gets lost, or very large, when I can never remember if I need to click on the darker or the lighter bit! (Am I alone in this? I fear so… 😞

  • Great update folks! I have some usual concerns about overall browser snappiness and ui speeed/ response times as it is still very laggy and unresponsive with torturing high cpu and ram usage on some older machines and new ones as well. Hope you guys are still optimizing the browser cpu/ram usage cause it is sadly its biggest flaw so far (aside from speeddial). Also note some sort of visual bug of ui when you are using the dark theme go to Settings - Privacy then check the saved pasword section. For some reason every second row is not dark but bright light white which makes the content completely unreadable! Very annoying. Tested on win 7 ultimate x64. I'm eagerly awaiting each of your updates like in good old Opera times which I think is huge compliment to you guys. Kep up the great work in your future builds. I will keep reccomending your great browser to masses and friends! Cheers.

  • Agree. It would be ashamed if such a great browser doesn't have sync function. But it's all about the UI after all. Let's get it done once and for all. I wonder when they will release 64bit version.

  • Can anyone tell me what's wrong with ? I was briefly able to see one screenshot or graph in Opera 12.18 but no longer. Nothing with Vivaldi (W8.1) either.

  • I have a small problem, after the update my browser won't save my pages after I close out of Vivaldi. I checked the settings and it was fine, please help!

  • the response of opening and closing the panel by the sidebar is slow compared to the button on the status bar that its wrking great.
    Vivaldi: 1.2.490.43 () (64-bit) OS Linux BL by Debian

  • I would save images on my computer like I did with Opera with Ctrl + left mouse button. I can do it with Vivaldi?
    Vivaldi: 1.2.490.43 () (64-bit) OS Linux BL by Debian

  • after watching a video with full screen, when i minimize the browser settings forget eyelashes and there is a gap between them and the top of the screen again until i click on it to restore ¿?
    Vivaldi: 1.2.490.43 () (64-bit) OS Linux BL by Debian

  • I think they must have a LOT of bugs etc. to fix from reading this blog. Hopefully they will get a new one out soon where people won't riot…it would be nice to get a working Development ver. again. At least one without so many problems introduced... ASAP.

  • I have been meaning to ask this question about Private Window browsing for a long time:

    When I open a new private window, if that is the first private window, it gets its own private session.

    However, if I then open another private window, it shares its private session information (cookies, etc.) with the other private window.

    So let's imagine I am signed in to my GMail on one private window in the background and I want to show a colleague a YouTube video. From my normal browser session I open a new private window and go to YouTube meaning to browse it privately, but suddenly I am signed in to YouTube, revealing my YouTube username to my colleague.

    There are other situations where I would like to browse privately to a website without Google being able to track me. But since I am signed in to GMail on the other private window, it is impossible to prevent tracking unless I disable cookies completely, rendering most websites useless.

    Is there a technical reason why we can't have separate browser sessions and cookies for each Private Window opened through the File menu (or at least an option to enable this)? Only share cookies if the tabs are in the same private window. If I right-click a tab in a private window there could be two "Move to…" options:

    1. Move to a new window, shared session
    2. Move to a new window, private session

    Cookies in private windows are already thrown away on closing, so it should be possible to create multiple private cookie caches and associate them with (a set of one or more) private windows.

    Thanks for making Vivaldi so awesome!

  • Not ASAP, please. We're not in a hurry.
    We'll receive a treat when it's time.

  • All I'm saying is it would be nice to get to usable again don't want to go to stable don't have time to play around with 50 installs anymore.
    All these years and builds I've never pushed or said anything, so it's not unreasonable. I usually would agree with you.
    Have a plug in that I'm manually having to enter data cause it failed to work.

  • They've always had a lot of bugs to fix, and I don't recall a 3-week pause before. This time, perhaps it's major structural changes that make getting interim builds out during that process pointless. Maybe we're jumping to 1.5 or something.

  • no problems here. perhaps your adblocker filters too much?

  • I used alphatext extension time ago, but I can't say if it's a placebo, a workaround or it really works. Probably, a working command to vivaldi.exe is the best way to go 🙂

  • I would suggest in the downloads when you are downloading report the speed in mb/s, Thanks

  • I can't set the developer tool on the bottom?

    It seem there is no way to set the developer tool dock side, right? it's just can floating now…


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