Ready to make your own mouse gestures? Now you can with Vivaldi 1.2

  • Thank you for great work!
    I have a suggestion. Could you add options "go to the bottom" and "go to the up" to mouse gestures?

  • Hey! I waited for this with setting Vivaldi "as default". Now it is my default browser. Thank you VERY MUCH.

  • honestly I think that forcing ALL popups to appear as new tabs is GOOD THING, and you can always simply detach your tab
    or… in vivaldi you can't it seems, but this is the thing to fix, not the first popup to tab redirect that actually works

  • too bad you are still only halfway through the mouse gestures, we still need way to configure rockers
    and besides that: drag and drop de/attaching tabs to window, opening new tab middle-clicking on tab bar and a lot of stuff unnoticeable until someone takes it from you

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