Snapshot 1.2.490.3 - Clearer download progress

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot includes a number of key fixes as we stabilize and close in on a 1.2 final release, including some work on touch support. In addition, we made a small tweak to the Downloads panel so that you get a clearer estimation of how quickly things are progressing.

    See the full blog post here

  • First! Haha, had to do it!

  • Vivaldi Team

    I might have to write "First" myself next time to put an end to this. I doubt anyone would be able to beat me to it. 😛

  • Ruario I "second" this 😃

  • Lol, bring on the downvotes! 😛

  • not working not fixed touch selection text copy and paste not working. ctrl+c ctrl+p, ctrl+v (2push) and flash.тач вообще не поддерживается копипаст не работает должным образом,вкладки больщие,закрывается вкладка когда на неё нажимаешь,после нажима вторую вкладку тоже закрывается.жду когда починят,допилят этот момент.

    ie11 good work. в ие11 всё прекрасно с тачем.

  • Lastpass is still slooooow to login.

  • Is it in plan to make native desktop notifications for Windows 8 and Windows 10?
    I dont think it's to hard to check Win version and use WinAPI instead of chrome notifications.

  • I ran into the same message on Ubuntu 15.10 x64.

    The message also appeared for the stable release repository.

  • Would it be possible to offer yet another tab option? I'd like to keep each tab's color even when it is in the background. This way finding the blue facebook tab (or the red tab of some hypothetical browser-blog) among many would be way easier.

    Obviously this might be too colourful for some tastes, but if it's not too complicated to implement, why not giving it a try?

  • Moderator

    First, thanks for the SS . But when already doing about downloading changes . It would be good in addition to the remaining time to add the actual transfer speed. Also, audio, or other form of signaling the download is complete (color change, or after the completion of the icons) that is clearly visible to finish downloading. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Thank you guys!
    I have a features list that I would like them to be added when possible.

    Desired features list:
    1 - Add an option to make Panel overlap a page instead of shifting it.
    2 - Add any possibility of selecting the image preview page and a thumbnail based in text to Speed Dial.
    3 - Add download speed when downloading files. And likewise also some form of signaling the download is complete.
    4 - Add a feature to arrange the extensions icons, as it is in Chrome, dragging the icon to either side.

    Sorry about my English and if it was not clear.

  • Do not get any closer to 1.2 final until you fix the bookmark setting regression which had occurred like 3 builds ago 🙂
    (try to open settings for bookmarks – alt+P > bookmarks)

    So far so good! waiting for v 2.0 🙂

  • Middle click on a bookmark bar folder does not open all the bookmarks inside it (VB-17780), works for root folders in bookmark bar, but in subfolders doesn't work.

  • BUG: Middle click does not open Panel bookmarks in a background tab.

  • what about download speed?

  • Will you continue in this perverse behavior for download management through a side panel, or there will be a better solution like the "widget" (button) implemented in Opera or Firefox and/or a full tab DL-manager like in glorious Opera-Presto?

    And when will be implemented a feed discovery (the icon in the address field) to know if a site offers a feed? (please fanboys, don't reply "install this or that extension". Thanks)

    thanks in advance 🙂

  • There's this long standing bug that causes certain downloads and filetypes to never prompt for a save location even though "Always save to default location" is not ticked.
    For example try downloading the Vivaldi SVG logo from MediaWiki, specifically using the Media Viewer > Download This File > Download Original (towards the bottom right). Pressing "Save As" should open the file save dialog but doesn't instead silently saving to the default location.

    A few feature requests:
    *Support bookmark wildcards in the URL like "%s"
    *Per filetype or per domain default save locations for downloads
    *Drag-and-drop support to load/open files from OS/System
    *Custom speed dial thumbnail images
    *Manual reordering of stacked tabs

  • "1 - Add an option to make Panel overlap a page instead of shifting it." (+1)
    It will be great!!!!


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