Snapshot 1.2.485.14 - Bugfixes following a short week

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi All, we had a short week here in Europe due to various holidays, including Norway's national day on the 17th of May but we wanted to get a snapshot out to you nonetheless. So Hurrah for Norway and Hurrah for a new snapshot!

    See the full blog post here

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    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Yey, thanks! Gotta love this fixes.

    These are my current major annoyances:

    1. Very Random crash when using Close Tab Mouse Gesture [VB-14914]
    2. Option to disable thumbnail mode in tabbar when a border between tabbar and addressbar is double or middle clicked [VB-16326]
    3. Top Sites file in Profile permanently writes to disk even after closing Vivaldi
    4. Files in Google Drive cannot be opened directly

  • Hey guys have some nice holidays, enjoy your celebrations.

    Could you please fix the long standing bug reported as VB-14756. Vivaldi never prompts for a file location for certain filetype downloads. Mostly appears to be "web based formats" like SVG, HTML, some times PDFs or JPGs etc.
    I am really really trying to use Vivaldi as my main browser, and itching to make the definite switch but as a frequent user of TiddlyWiki I can't use it with this bug.

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    Something is horribly wrong with the update download stream. It's slower than Christmas.

  • There are still some major bugs that have been happening for a while. I can't delete bookmarks and folders because when I try, the browser crashes. I have so many duplicates that I need to delete, but I haven't been able to for the last few snapshots now.

    Page flickering when toggling the panel still happens.

    Glad to see hibernation is now stable though.

  • Hi, sorry to jump in here without replying, but just to warn anybody before downloading that it is taking a lot longer than usual for this latest snapshot to start working properly after it reboots itself following install [at least on Win 7]. 😕

    Ignore the white spaces where webpages should be and let it get on with its stuff for a few minutes and it seems to sort itself out ok… eventually. 🙂

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    Which bug number?

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    There are still missing from the previous snapshot. In the Settings, click the Bookmarks, nothing happens still show the last visited section in the settings, and to make the selection for example. Appearance, Privacy, etc all appear below them in the order they were collected.

    In Settings under Search engines will still see a checkbox wrong ( is tapered ), and when the check is not showing the entire pipe.

    Again, when selecting Show all in Settings is also nothing happens and behavior is similar to the Bookmarks (in Settings)

    But otherwise, thanks for Snapshot and have a nice weekend 🙂

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    The VB-17677 wasn't fixed. I can't add any bookmarks. I will back some builds ago unfortunately 😕

  • Middle-click bookmarks in side panel still not working for me.

  • Somewhat off topic but I really don't think so since you brought up the holiday. As you know we have a very contentious election over here.

    Some say the "socialists" paid vacation, free schools etc. has ruined your economy ( I don't particularly fall for all of it. The people in power love to keep "ignorant" slaves). My Sister lived in Saudi for 8 years and Singapore for 8 more and said if done correctly it isn't as bad as the politicians say here. Just want our freedom.

    Better than we are told? And please don't flame me takes longer to do that than answer a legitimate question, I can get that on regular blogs. Just thought with the quality ( sometimes not) of people on this blog I could get true answers. Send to mail if want Thanks.
    Sorry the world is more important than software, if we aren't here to use it.

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    me too

  • Thank you for adding a x to delete typed history in url dropdown. However there seems to be a small issue: right after deleting one entry trough the x button it's not possbile to open the url dropdown via the caret. You have to once click left of it in the url field to open the url dropdown again. After that the caret works again as expected.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • Hi @Dovelove.

    I assume you're in the US? If so, I would suggest that you bear in mind that terms such as 'socialist', 'liberal', 'conservative' etc. have very different meanings on your side of the pond than here.

    I am a member of the UK's Conservative Party, yet I would suggest that the overwhelming majority of Conservatives here are in favour of our health service's principle of 'free to all at the point of delivery' [whatever members of other parties may accuse us of] and other policies that would be derided regarded by Fox News and their ilk as socialist.

    The current leader of our Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is what I would consider a socialist. He would like to renationalise various industries, scrap our nuclear deterrent etc.

    I won't say that everything is perfect here (it isn't), or that the grass never seems greener elsewhere (it does, occasionally), but living in the UK has been, for me, probably the best compromise between the various political/economic philosophies.

    Personally speaking, I would worry more about the personal qualities of the candidates for office. As an outsider, I cannot say that I have been particularly impressed by the choices available to you (from both the GOP and the Democrats) this year - and do not envy you your decision.

    Those are just my personal opinions/observations, and I am sure that there are others here who would disagree with me.

  • … ehh sorry, but I am not a smart guy. What is the question?

  • Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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    Better now.

  • Worked just fine for me (Germany).

  • On the bookmarks bar , (horizontal , under the address bar ) do not work :
    Clicking the mouse wheel opens the folder and displays its contents , but must be opened in a background tab mode , bookmarks in that folder .

    • Inside the folder, you can not move tabs , including the sub folders.
    • Inside the folder, you can not create another folder .
      -Inside the folder, you can not change bookmark properties (by right-clicking ) .
    • You can not moving a bookmark folder to a higher level .

    All this applies to the horizontal personal bookmark bar . horizontal strip located below the address bar .


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