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    Last week was a busy one. I've been honored to meet so many Vivaldi users in London, Paris, Brussels and Oslo. Thanks for all the great discussions.

    See the full blog post here

  • thank you

    to you, too

  • I also wrote a bug report asking them to consider building Electron for Vivaldi use, so they can throw away any Chromium code and control their browser more, or build Vivaldi for Electron. Either way, it would be better as it would work more or less natively I think. It'd be cool to get an answer on it, though not sure if I will. Maybe Electron for 2.0?

  • Yes, though I'd love to be optimistic about the possibility of them adopting it as something they would do in the future, possibly for the 2.0 release. I don't know how much work it could be, if it's a matter of making Electron compatible with Vivaldi's code and then transferring it, or the other way around, or whatever. Because I would like a fast, resource-efficient Vivaldi that has more control of it's browser, and would also have better security and privacy.

    I would love it if one of the devs would acknowledge this and maybe talk about the possibility.

  • I'm humbled to say that at least he didn't use the word "humbled" on the first sentence, but at least near the end of his post. Still, it would be quite humbling to see the word be used less.

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    i am agreeing with you mainly about the UI lags

  • Jon, Thank you for taking the initiative to create Vivaldi, and thank you to the designers, developers, and everyone else helping to make it a success. Vivaldi is already an excellent browser and it keeps getting better with each release. If you are able to keep up the momentum, it will be a success story.

  • Thirteenth!

  • Damn it. Too bad I opened this page only now and not a week ago! 😞

  • love the vivaldi …. i hope you prioritize windows version... because in Mac even chrome cant beat the beauty of safari.

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    "One of our not-so-secrets is our community." Actually this is part of the story. Vivaldi's secret weapon in they 'listen' to the users. A community of thousands of users is bound to have more and varied ideas than a company. Since Vivaldi is smart enough to solicit these ideas they will build a browser that exceeds all others. IT IS INEVITABLE due to their model.

  • I hope they can get the Mac version to be as good as the Windows version, and then make it as efficient as Safari.

  • Hi Jon, you can make Vivaldi better for me by adding private tabs and saving temporary files (office files opened for reading, jnlp files, citrix ica files etc) to the temp directory instead of the Downloads directory.

  • Amazing that there haven't been that many comments, and it's already Wednesday. Amazing that since the 1.1 release, more time lapses between snapshots, which is a good thing, because we'll be seeing more development in each snapshot, and the mystery is making me curious to see what's in the next snapshot.

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    I'm about climbing the walls already.

  • Haha, yeah, how about that page loading, eh? I'm hoping the next snapshot comes out tomorrow at least.

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    @DOJOP - Well since I did your UBO trick pages are loading fast so any improvements now are just gravy. Ya, let's hope for a treat tomorrow.

  • Hi Jon,

    I started using Opera around '98. Paid cash more than once. Extolled its virtues for years! AND I still use it as my primary IMAP email client. There was a point of time that 90% of what I did on a computer all happened in Opera.

    I am dreaming of that experience again. Most importantly email! (Desktop client, but a web aggregator could be considered). If hosting sync services for Notes and Bookmarks is too expensive consider supporting file share services (Dropbox, Box, Sync, SpiderOak, etc.). I do miss the IRC and Torrent clients, but can live without them now. IRC would be nice though.

    I am available for use cases, and functional clarity on any and all of my suggestions.

  • @g_bartsch:

    I'm about climbing the walls already.

    I have been trained NOT to climb walls. :lol:

  • You're welcome. It helps, and once Vivaldi fixes the problem on their end, it should be even better.

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