Snapshot 1.2.479.8 - More keyboard shortcuts and a small update to 1.1

  • Forgot to contextualise in my initial reply; i'm on Linux Mint x64 17.3 KDE.

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    I am going to blame this lag on the new Chromium version. It seems some introduce the problem and a subsequent one repairs it. I will observe my test machine when Vivaldi does it's next Chromium update.

  • Can we have some visual clues for when a tab changes its content on the background? Like blinking in a different color? I have my e-mail tab pinned down, but I have to check it manually whenever I receive a new message, so if I had a visual clue different from the name change, I wouldn't have to keep changing tabs to verify that I have a new e-mail.

  • Control + Duplo clique abre a aba em segundo plano.
    Melhor você nem atualizar porque essa versão está lenta que só.

  • Middle click doesn't open bookmarks in background.

  • The hibernate entry appears when you select a tab or stack with ctrl since last ss. Clicking it crashes V in Linux.

    Btw. can we expect hibernation in Linux soon or is there a bigger problem?

  • why is it getting slow? even with ram disk…
    page loading has some kind of delay
    10~20times slower than explorer...i think...
    do test shopping site
    and other sites are also......too slow!!!

    win10 64 bit Vivaldi 64

  • Hmmm, situation tis murkier than initially suspected. Just did clean install in my brand spanking shiny new Kubuntu x64 16.04 LTS VM [inside Mint KDE], & here Settings works fine. Also, partial correction needed for my earlier bookmarks note: Middle-click bookmarks opening still broken from Panel, however does work for individual bookmarks in bar [but not folders in bar]. Tricky.

  • Thanks for the new snapshot.
    I've already reported VB-17150, just gonna post it here so that somebody could confirm. The issue is the following. Open any image, preferably a long one ( example), to better see the effect. Then zoom in to 150% (do not click on it with a magnifying glass). Now I can't scroll to the top of the image (Vivaldi x64 on Win 8.1)

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    It does on the bookmark bar, but not in the panel.

  • Yes, what are you talking about, helsten2? Keep in mind, I'm not a techie, but I do use uBlock Origin. Does it have anything to do with me using an ad-blocker?

  • Actually, Chromium 51 with Vivaldi so far has been WAY faster than Chromium 50 with Vivaldi. I love it again. Though I do see some very, very slight page loading still occurring, it's not excruciatingly painful like it was before.

  • Page becomes irresponsible/sluggish after a certain time of loading passes. So far, I've counted a 18~20 seconds time spam of irresponsiveness. This didn't happen in the previous build at all.

    Windows 7x64, Vivaldi 64-bits.

  • Thanks for the new snapshot.
    I'm grateful to developer team for changing tab setting preference.
    I finally erase the TPC extension for changing new tab position.
    Anyway,thank you for making such wonderful browser.

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    So strange. My machine with this version takes a full 15 seconds to fully load this page. The other machine with the previous snapshot takes 5. The more powerful computer has this snapshot and loads the page slower than the weaker machine.

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    It's weird I experience the opposite.

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    Unless I'm mistaken, it looks as though users of Vivaldi 64 are having slowdown problems while users of Vivaldi 32 (the recommended build) are not.

  • Are you using 32bit Vivaldi or 64bit? I hear 64bit users are having some sort of slowdown. I've been using 32bit for a very long time, and I notice it's way faster in this snapshot on Chromium 51 than the last snapshot on Chromium 50 when it comes to page loads and some rendering that it's no longer unbearable anymore.

  • Hey Ruari,

    I have been trying out Vivaldi ever since the first technical preview had come out, and I really like the browser as a whole, as well as the fact that the dev team has slowly been fixing the major bugs with it and have added new features, as well.

    I just wanted to point out a small issue with the extensions in a private window. If I want to have extensions such as uBlock and Ghostery in Vivaldi's private mode, the extensions works just fine. However, clicking the buttons for the extensions doesn't work, meaning that the pop-up never appears in the first place. I have set the extensions to allowed in incognito/private mode.

    I would like to see a fix for this in the near future. If this were to be fixed, Vivaldi would replace the current Firefox-Opera combo I have right now.

    Windows 10 x64, Vivaldi 32-bit and 64-bit


  • That seems to have done it, thank you. It was driving me crazy. I feel a fool for nothing thinking about clearing the cookies lol. However, it happens on my laptop as well. Must be a bug from earlier versions.


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