Snapshot 1.2.479.8 - More keyboard shortcuts and a small update to 1.1

  • Why are you using white font on black background on changelog-page ( It's very hard to read for my eyes…

  • Yes, i have all selected here. And still doesn't work, since i get browser installed. Sorry, i have polish version of Vivaldi, and don't know all correct words.

  • I'm glad they fixed this, since it was definitely a point of confusion (especially mine) in previous discussions, when I noticed that new tabs only sometimes opened next to the current tab. "New tab position after active tab" was just what I was looking for and is clear, and AFAIK has no exceptions.

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    "[Regression] Page is not focused after reload (VB-17052)" is not fixed for the Blog page we are on now. Edit: Oops! Yes it is! I got busy and forgot to tell Vivaldi to finish updating. Ha!

  • What's this all about, helsten2? Could you please elaborate a little more?

  • Thank you for this update, expecially for bookmarks.

    I see that the Vivaldi Menus, bars, etc. are now blurred, like some antialiasing effect. My eyes are not that good and it's quite difficult to see those blurred characters. Is there any appearence option to go back to the old sharp style?

    Here a picture of what I see ( I suppose it's due to the last release because I've never noticed it before)

    Win 7 64bit - Last Vivaldi 32bit - 1920x1080 resolution

  • PLEASE fix from showing up in mobile mode.

  • Thank you for the tip of the extension. With this extension it's possible to add a context-menu-entry for each search-engine. It's a good workaround for the Opera 12 feature.

    But it would be great, if the Vivaldi devs integrate this feature (like in Opera 12).

  • Happened to notice that text in the forum and especially here looks sharper in Chrome than Vivaldi. Does anyone else see this? Chrome is on the right in this shot:

  • When I press [+] or doubleclick at free space of tabbar new tab should be placed at right (where [+] was). At the same time middleclicked urls should be placed at right of current tab. It's pretty clear. No confusions.

  • When I press [+] or doubleclick at free space of tabbar new tab should be placed at the right (where [+] was). At the same time middleclicked urls should be placed at right of current tab. It's pretty clear. No confusions.

  • Am I the only one, with a strange font-type in the tabs and adressbar?

  • When reopening a closed tab (with a mouse gesture or keyboard shortcut CTRL+Z) does not remember the location of the tab when it was closed.

    For me it always opens as the last tab (my setting for opening a new tab is always last).

    When reopening a closed tab from the trashcan icon, the location of the tab when it was closed is remembered.

    Win 10 x64

  • Not seeing that here, unless you mean somewhere more specific than just Maybe clear cookies for the domain?

  • Newly strange or normally strange? It's definitely less sharp than Chrome's (and so is the text on this page, btw, see my post just above yours), but that's always been true.

  • can confirm, looks even more strange on the bright background

  • The failure-to-work of bookmarks in the bookmarks bar extension indeed appears to be fixed (VB17286 and the second part of my VB17185 submittal). However, I'm still unable to set bookmarks on the bar as text-only (the first part of my VB17185 submittal) and get it to happen; they always display an icon with each bookmark's text (except for folders on the bar - those are text only). If I switch Settings to "Text and Icon", nothing changes except that the folders on the bar pick up a folder icon in addition to their text. I've tried a completely new install (stand-alone) for this version and the text+icon bookmark problem persists.

    Can anyone else confirm/deny this problem?

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    Thank you. I didn't know about that. I shall look - how can I do that? But why would the pausing behavior switch from one SS to the next without me altering anything?

  • This new snapshot seems quite slow/laggy. Please, is it only me or anyone can confirm - Linux (Xubuntu 15.04) 64bit

  • Win7 64 bit, Viv 32

    Hover on panel>bookmarks when you hover over a tab it doesn't show the URL in bottom bar as in previous versions did, I exited out of Viv and installed from file but haven't rebooted.


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