Snapshot 1.2.479.8 - More keyboard shortcuts and a small update to 1.1

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    Have you disabled mouse gestures?

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    Not as good as on Windows, so far.

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    My Win10 experience (I turned off all the "call home" features) is about 50% better than Win8, which was 10% better than Win7, which was 60% better than WinVista. Don't believe all the paranoid hype. Win10 is a much more efficient and user-friendly platform than its immediate predecessors. And that even applies to older, weaker systems with which it is compatible. My two OLD laptops were better on 7 than Vista, but Win 8 COULD NOT BE INSTALLED on them. Win 10 installed and immediately rescued them from the scrap heap. They are faster and more functional than they were. Just sayin'โ€ฆ

  • no. It's not ๐Ÿ™‚ settings are really f*cked up in this build and setting for bookmarks is not even accessible ๐Ÿ™‚
    W8.1 x64 with this x32 build (standalone)

  • That's what I heard. I hope it gets better eventually! I don't think I'll have a Mac till later this year, so I'm hoping by then it'll be just as good.

  • Okay, I found the different multiple use hosts that uBlock Origin has. I turned then on, and wow! Page loads are a lot faster for many websites, even though Vivaldi still has a problem with page loads in general.

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    It's a known bug. Happens to me, too. Not sure how your system could be immune to it.

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    The bookmark icon works on one test machine but not the other. Weird. Both are W10 64bit 32bit Vivaldi. The working one has an Intel processor and the not-working one has an AMD. I have one more I didn't test yet.

  • Any news about adding aliases/identities on email account ?
    Adding couple fancy domains to use them along with main domain would be a great feature.

  • With customizable mouse gestures finally came last snapshot, I find the latest snapshot great! It's close to my ideal browser, though Firefox still remains my main browser given its synchronization.

    If Vivaldi has not yet implemented synchronization, is it possible to export all settings so that I can import them in Vivaldi on other platforms? Sorry if it's been asked.

  • I hope you're right.

    In any case, if you have uBlock Origin, having all the "multipurpose" checked really sped up my page loads.

  • Yes mouse gestures are disabled in Vivaldi. It looks like it is a general issue with chrome being over sensitive.. I hope the devs will look into it.

  • The pink Progress Bar moves like it's blowing up a balloon or a wad of bubblegum and does everything but contract when Vivaldi inhales to load the next bit of the web page. :lol:

    Be careful with uBlock. The Fanboy+Easylist-Merged Ultimate Listโ€Ž messed up Vivaldi's Save Page Asโ€ฆ feature and it took a little while to figure it out because I assumed that I had disabled Extensions and the old Profile when I updated the Snapshot. I was wrong. :shock:

  • I don't have an AMD to test but it has to be something in the browser configuration/profile because the Bookmark ribbon goes dead for Intel and AMD processors. (shrug) Until they fix it, just grab the page by the ear and drag it home kicking and screaming, then send it to its room from the Bookmark Bar.

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    In any case, if you have uBlock Origin, having all the "multipurpose" checked really sped up my page loads.

    Holy Moly, thank you! I had AdBlock Plus running so disabled it and put UBO in and checked the "multipurpose" as you said. Page loads FAST now. Never this fast previously. I owe you a beer or 24. Thanks again for this super tip.

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    Not ALL settings, no. You can save the "default" file and move it to other platforms, but when you do, the new instance will not be able to read passwords or extensions that were imported.

  • flash doesn't appear to be working in this build( 64 bits win10), it can't find the ppapi flash player from my 64 bits chrome install

  • Anyone else experiencing the issue when background tabs are left alone for a while and they are reloaded when selected again?
    It was fixed a while back, but came back again in this snapshot for me.
    Win 7 64-bit, 32-bit version of Vivaldi.

  • Things are working great now, autoupdate works flawless here. Really awesome work guys 'n gals. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One thing though: On websites that load large images and fade them in when complete, the speed-dial thumbs refresh is not waiting long enough to actually show the page. Can this be set by the user or made simply longer? It used to work in the very early versions of Vivaldi.
    If you put those on your speed-dial, you should see the problem (basically a white thumbnail).



  • This latest update has slowed Vivaldi down in a huge way on my Mac. Sites take forever to load now. I hope this is a temporary bug because prior to installing this update, sites loaded in a flash.


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