Snapshot 1.2.479.8 - More keyboard shortcuts and a small update to 1.1

  • Vivaldi Team

    In today's snapshot we: added some more default shortcuts (all tweakable of course!); fixed tab opening to better follow the selected setting (and renamed the settings to be clearer); fixed a bunch of minor issues in the address field; fixed a number of small (but annoying) regressions; updated Chromium to 51.

    In other news, we also pushed out an update to our stable stream for Vivaldi 1.1 users earlier today. Just a few updates to keep you all secure. If you did not catch it in the update message, the changelog for 1.1.453.59 is here.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    See the full blog post here

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    Another pretty bulky changelog, especially considering the engine update. All the work much appreciated. A couple of bugs I never got around to reporting are reported by others, evidently, and fixed. You guys do good (and lots of) work.

  • Thanks Ruari.

    Have a nice week end.

  • Open link with mouse gesture, "%2F" in URL is decoded to "/".

  • Can you add options "Export all browsers settings" and "Import all browsers settings" for backup and restore all browser settings ????

  • Selecting urls in address bar dropdown should sort in ascending order. If I select an item from the drop down list it should go to the top of the list again.

    Another old but, close button sometimes not visible to close tabs, I have to move the mouse out of tab and back in to get the close button.

  • Keyword search should work when searchfield in addressfield is off

    Can we hide the search box to the right of the addressbar? I am confused.

  • Uncheck
    Tools->Settings->Search->Search field in address bar->Enabled

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    Woow, thanks. Nice weekend too 🙂

  • Thanks. Looks like I missed the setting. I wonder if Vivaldi would become customizable enough to allow adding and removal of elements through context menu on the UI!

  • Please…

  • Right. I wish suggestions become a bit smarter based on previous selection.

  • This update seems to solve the problem I mentioned last time, of the gesture path animation not getting immediately updated after one edits a gesture to change its path.

    Perhaps this was fixed as part of the solution for (or as a side effect of the solution for) VB-13282, mentioned in the changelog above. ("[Regression] No gesture initiated when entering Settings → Mouse section")

  • Thank you.

    I have compiled a list of things that are not really major, but which I would like to see at one point or another. Always hoping for sooner rather than later.

    • CTRL+ENTER in address field should ignore address auto-completion
    • More mouse gesture options (minimize window, go to end of page, go to start, etc.)
    • Ability to chain mouse gesture commands, and separate current "joint" gestures (open tab/open link)
    • Ability to expand tab stack without actually unstacking the tabs
    • Download speed and ETA indicator
    • Drag and drop tabs (to bookmarks, to speed dial, etc.)
    • A little less precision needed when stacking tabs by dragging
    • A few pixels thinner panel toggle
    • Separate refresh button for websites that have been added to panel
    • Mouse gestures work when cursor is at tab level
    • History in side panel, behaving similar to bookmarks
    • Ability to edit Speed dial webpages without deleting
    • Better logo detection for Speed Dial
    • Ability to add own pic to speed dial website
    • Wand-like password manager

    My first issue could possibly be a bug, but the others are definitely on a wishlist.

    All the best!

  • Resolved in this build (consciously or accidentally, as it's not mentioned above?): the longstanding Win10 Insider Build problem where certain programs (including Vivaldi but not limited to it) would render certain internal pages (e.g. Settings) and UI elements (e.g. tab titles) with a terribly narrow, marginally readable font. The workaround had been to disable DirectWrite in Vivaldi. That's no longer needed.

  • There is still a major problem with bookmarks. If you try to delete a bookmark or bookmark folder, the browser crashes and closes. You can't delete anything in the bookmarks panel or bookmarks bar. This is very frustrating.

    Other issues I had last snapshot were not having new links open next to tab despite have that set, and not having "hibernate background tabs" and "hibernate tab" and "hibernate tab stack" not visible in many cases when they should be, and sometimes they were, so it was very unpredictable.

    Other than that, when is the flickering/blinking that occurs when you toggle the panel going to be fixed?

    Page load hanging is a heck of a lot better now, so that's good. There's very, very slight hanging, but that could be that I'm paranoid. Time will tell on that.

    I'm liking the update to Chromium 51. You guys do good work, but there are lots of fixes to do and I hope Vivaldi becomes more polished soon.

  • In the end, you just have to:

  • Can somebody tell me what about the e-mail client panel on the panel bar? Is it available?
    Second: please disconnect the same gesture option for "new tab" and "open in new tab". There is no sense in connecting this two, and this makes me so much trouble in setting my own gestures.

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