Minor update to Vivaldi 1.1

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    The thing is, the Downloads Panel already does show download progress, e.g. 1.59 Mbytes of 7.59 Mbytes so it's not exactly difficult to estimate how much longer you will have to wait.

    The download path can be copied from the right-click context menu.

    This is a cosmetic issue. Download speeds are anyway notoriously unreliable as they can vary widely during a long download, Estimated times are likewise just that, an estimate, and they can be wide of the mark by some distance.

    Having these figures displayed will do nothing to speed up the download.

    A resume broken download feature is far more important, but you did not even mentioned that.

    This blog is apparently seen by many as the place to make feature requests, but it's not the right place for that. Ideally, it should be used only to report problems with the current build.

  • Does it really seem to you that it is a good idea to "scream" to get what you want?

    From my view you behave pretty impolite especially because - when I remember right - there already was the announcement that there is work in progress regarding your issue.
    [Edit:] Okay after reading the last few release-blogposts I have to admit that I don't remember correctly but Ruari already read your post and commented it -which I would take as a good hint for your cause has been noticed. [/Edit]

    And I am sure that this ain't the only problem that needs to be fixed and maybe you still have to wait because there are bigger problems that needs a solution first.

    I recommend to be a bit more patient, you aren't the only one waiting for fixes.

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    It should install, indeed. What are the error message, if any ? Do you try to install in the console ?
    Any info would be welcome to help fix this :)

  • Or even better: add a checkbox "never lazify pinned tabs", two radios "lazify by default" and "keep active by default" plus the option to enable/disable on a per-tab basis.

  • same problem still exist in "windows 10 -64 bit"

  • the team really working hard and fast …...good thing to get vivaldi to major browser market share if team continues this work forever ........now chrome,firefox,IE,opera,safari are major market share holders(PC market) . i hope vivaldi will get that place

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    I'm not sure it adds more steps. In the past there were two steps

    1. click on badge
    2. click on connection tab

    Now there are 2 steps

    1. click on badge
    2. click on details

    In addition the connection tab cannot easily fit the level of detail that is shown in developer tools, e.g. security information about every single resource, rather than just the main domain.

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    I am an average linux user.

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    works for me. How are you installing? The only theory I have is that you have installed via dpkg directly and are missing a dependency. Dpkg is obviously aware of dependencies but it will not install missing packages over the network itself because it is not network aware. You can fix the install with: sudo apt-get -f install

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    Ok, search suggestions only work for DDG, Bing and Wikipedia not yet Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex. There are also some differences depending on locale.

    Which search engine are you using and what is your language and country?

  • Hallo,

    super Danke :)

    Ist das normal nach den Update habe ich meine
    Speeddial aufgeräuft war gestern 65 MB heute
    nachdem weniger drin ist sind es 73 ? :(

    Müsste die Datei nicht kleiner sein ?

    Könnt Ihr auch das nicht mal anschauen ?



  • I am really excited about Vivaldi, and I have been enjoying my experience so far. I am having problems playing music with Google Play Music at the moment, however. I am sometimes able to start the music playing, but quite often the songs just start skipping through the list without actually playing like someone is just pushing skip over and over again.

  • The German Forum is here:

  • The ability to disable Hibernation for tabs would be very nice. 8)

    I mostly stopped using pinned and stacked tabs when I had to 'wake up' every single pinned tab and and every singled stacked tab every single time I started Vivaldi, it was way too much hassle.

    The last time I checked and just like the #enable-tab-audio-muting flag, the #enable-offline-auto-reload and #enable-offline-auto-reload-visible-only flags didn't work any more, they simply added text to the Vivaldi startup command line that you can see in the vivaldi://about/ page.

  • For me New tab via any method always puts the new tab at the end even when 'New Tab Position' is set to 'Next to Tab' (I'm assuming this means the current tab?)
    Is this a bug or is it just me??

  • @Pesala:

    This blog is apparently seen by many as the place to make feature requests, but it's not the right place for that. Ideally, it should be used only to report problems with the current build.

    A good reminder and perhaps one that could be included at the top of each of these snapshot pages. E.g. "This page is for such and such .." "Please file bug reports or feature requests here". The reason being Vivaldi seems to be attracting A LOT of new users and they may not have had the purpose of this forum explained to them.

  • Tabs continue to shrink the more you add eventually shrinking so much that the browser becomes unusable
    Please can we limit the tab size and then provide a scrolling mechanism?
    Also, when is the Xmarks bug going to be fixed? It's still broken!!

  • I probably didn't have my coffee yet that morning after the new snapshot, so I mistakenly thought it was a bug. No, it's supposed to appear at the end of the tab bar. It's new LINKS that are supposed to open next to current tab if you have that set.

    For some reason, I'm unable to delete my own messages on this blog, so I haven't taken them off . . .

  • I just tried it now, they aren't working on any of Vivaldi's stock search engines at all on the search bar. I've enabled search suggestions, but I've never seen them in my life since the search suggestions thing first came up in a snapshot. Am I missing something? I'm on Windows 10 x64 using Vivaldi x86. My machine is 4th Gen i5, 6GB of RAM and an HDD.

  • Can you add the option "save all browser`s settings" ???

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