Minor update to Vivaldi 1.1

  • Obviously ruario didn't acknowledge my comment as he is asking just below for informations he already asked for the last (and only) time, and which I already gave several times.
    Vivaldi needs some kind of bug reporting tool, relying on the comments is not efficient.

  • PS: I'm screaming not because I want them to fix this "ASAP", but because I want them to know about it: I (and several other users) have been commenting about this bug for a long time and I only received one answer from ruario (which you pointed) who's now asking for the exact same things he asked me last time, showing that they are not taking this in account. That is frustrating to say the least.

  • Feature request: click to load & play videos

    well, I'm repating myself, but there are more & more websites (newspapers ..) which come up directly with embedded videos in news articles. This is annoying and even unusable with a slow connection. It would be great if videos aren't even loaded without a click.

  • Still not working on Win10 touchscreen tablets.

  • - Ambassador -

    Better to limit the number of tabs. 😉

    You already have 20 tabs open. Would you like to start a new Window or close some tabs? :idea:

  • Moderator

    He is probably talking about fast in term of gui performance, not browsing speed.

    I find that Vivaldi is pretty fast with a fresh profile but with extended usage which involves more extensions, history, bookmarks etc Vivaldi becomes progressively slower unfortunately (unlike other major chromium-based browsers)

  • Oh, okay I didn't know that you didn't allready report the bug.
    The reporting tool can be accesed via https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/
    I thought you did report it and still say it everytime again.

  • "Open link in background tab" should be translated to Chinese

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    No one really needs more than 10 right? 😉 :lol:

  • This is why I started using less tabs now. Because after 20-30 tabs or so, Vivaldi starts to slow down quite a lot. So I limit the amount of tabs and try to finish with the page and close it, which is better for waste anyway, and I don't let the tabs get to the point where they shrink even a little bit. That way, Vivaldi's panel UI is at least as fast as it is when you first download it.

  • No futuro Vivaldi vai dominar o Brasil 😃

  • Reset your search settings, try it again.
    If it still doesn't work switch to an another language (especially English), reset search settings. Check if it is working or not. If it is working you can switch to your previous language but DO NOT reset search settings.
    This method worked for Turkish version of Vivaldi, I hope it will work for you guys too.

  • Vivaldi Team

    With 64bit the application can access more memory. With twice as large integers you get some drawbacks and some benefits. I think either should be fine. There is also a theoretical benefit of not using any system frameworks of a certain architecture which might free up system resources.

  • Same issue in zh-CN

  • guys!!!! someone can tell me Vivaldi 1.1.453.52 (Stable channel) (64-bit) takes too too time to startup and guys its speed is also affected due to update when I was using Vivaldi 1.1.453.47 (Stable channel) (64-bit) its speed was awesome but now it is little bit slow please guys fix the startup problem and the speed of browsing I am a windows 64-bit user

  • u can add the ad-block extension in Vivaldi go to chrome extension site and u can download or add the extension on your Vivaldi

  • Fantastic ! Just discovered Vivaldi, installed and made it my default browser! I've been hanging on to Opera 12.17 for years now but it has been becoming increasingly buggy.
    With Vivaldi it's time to say goodbye to 12.17. I'd love to see that old "Log In" button introduced and also an option for when you click on an open Tab in the Tab Bar the page closes and reverts to the last one viewed. Also would love to see an option to scale the size of the bookmarks / add more columns in Speed Dial so that more could be fitted into the screen. Great job so far !

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