Snapshot 1.2.470.11 - Editable Gestures

  • What about "fore" and "aft"? 😃

  • I'm not participating in the snapshots at the moment, but good job on rolling out continual improvements. It makes me very excited for the future of Vivaldi_!_ I'm also happy to see that some attention is being paid to getting popular Chrome extensions working right with this browser. I'm hopeful that one day the new Google Keep extension will start functioning properly. I've filed a bug report, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Sorry to be a spoilsport. A lot of features that I never heard of and/or will never ever use.

    For a brief moment I was using only Vivaldi but now I only check after each new release to see if the email client has been added. If not then I simply close it. I am ever more disappointed.

    Vivaldi still uses more resources with only 1 or 2 tabs open then either Firefox with more than 10 tabs open, one of which streams my favourite radio station, or Opera 12, which I reinstalled on my Mint Mate 17.3 and which has that email client I like so much and to my surprise, though 4 years old still handles all the websites I visit without problem. Something Vivaldi and Chrome still can't. Opera 12 also has the smallest resource footprint of them all.

  • Just remember you're comparing a basically brand-new, from the ground up built web browser to one that's been mature for years and years. It's going to be a while before they get the kinks worked out, so it will not be for everybody. I personally have no need for a built-in e-mail client, but I do hope you get your wish some day. It seems the majority of people are happy with a webmail setup. I use Google Inbox. Others seem to really like Thunderbird. But it'll probably be a while before Vivaldi really becomes "the new old Opera" that we all know and love.

  • Absolutely tromendous work guys. That blank space with gestures previews was literally screaming for “Edit me!”. My usual concern about overall speed and snappiness and RAM consumption of UI remains the same. It needs some improvement step by step.

    Some more suggestions for speeddial page:

    1.) On some older machines new tab/s with lot of tails opens way too long and laggy with high load of CPU. Need some tweaking I guess. Scrolling of the whole page is extremely laggy.

    2.) Please give us editable dimensions for speeddial with simple height x width option. Also choosing between whole site preview and logo should be available.

    3.)Automatic/manual zoom option for sure. This is pretty much all you need for perfect speeddial page without being bloated.

    4.) Option for reloading all preview images at once.

    Simple, intuitive and functional. btw Previews right now are pretty blury imo That is why I was asking for zoom/logo option. Keep up the great work and I will keep recommneding your browser to others! Cheers. 🙂

  • I am 100% of one.

  • Great update.
    -'Over a Link' sub gestures Can they be disabled?( bug reported by me)
    -It would be great to be able to modify Rocker Gestures, I personally want to assign tab cycler in recently used order to it. Both cycling methods are great but right now I can use only one.
    -I have assigned fast forward function to mouse gesture and I have to wait a lot longer than in O12 before it becomes active after opening a page.

  • Win7 64 bit, 32 Viv

    Can anyone confirm… I seem to still be getting double entries of same URL in bookmarks when I bookmark a page. Did I just not see and delete it from last build?
    No just created new and got two.

  • Yes, I have the same issue.

    ArchLinux 64bit (KDE Plasma 5 desktop)

  • I found that speed dial thumbnails disappeared after relaunching Vivaldi.

    1. Press F5

  • Quit nagging about the email client. It will be released when it's stable enough. Nobody wants to lose important emails; not even when testing beta software.

  • Congrats guys on a new and wonderful snapshot!

    Vivaldi team has really inherited the no nonsense approach of the old Opera team, up to version 11.0 I believe. Every feature introduced has sense for at least some of us, and if it does not, it doesn't stand in the way.

    Many important and large developers have forgot that the freedom of choice is one of the most important factors in making a successful software project and adopted the highly restricting method of "adapt or die". I am thrilled that Vivaldi is going upstream of today's coding and design customs.

    The gradient on extensions buttons is gone 🙂 Thank You for that as perhaps it was my request few weeks back to remove it that prompted the team to do it.
    I have one more design spit and polish suggestion: Put in few icons (styled black/gray like icons in bookmarks or in address bar) in "V" drop-down and few spacers just to visually de-clutter it.

  • @Ubik:

    Many important and large developers have forgot that the freedom of choice is one of the most important factors in making a successful software project and adopted the highly restricting method of "adapt or die". I am thrilled that Vivaldi is going upstream of today's coding and design customs.


    There are fashions in everything. I find the current fashions in software/interface design appalling. It is all about restrictions, limitations, "simplification" and telling the user what they ought to do as defined by some team of "UX designers". Everything looks dumbed down and acts dumbed down. Random example: I wasted an hour yesterday trying to connect a Win 10 laptop to an ad hoc network, only to discover that Microsoft took that functionality out. The horrid interface doesn't tell you why. It's appallingly sparse; the first thing one thinks of doing is right clicking something. You can't. They took that out too. The "simplicity" just leaves you baffled as to how to move forward with an issue.

    I don't even really blame MS. They are trying to follow the herd because their hegemony has slipped away (I imagine old MicroSerfs sitting in a bar reminiscing about the glory days of the Windows 95 launch, when the whole world was watching and caring). So they've hired people who are making Windows like all the other horrid "ecosystems" out there. UX, "cloud", "apps" (Gawd I hate that word), "mobile first", dumb it down, no options, bloody awful.

    At least Vivaldi thinks we should be treated like adults with computers instead of children with "toys". Thank you Vivaldi.


  • Strange one for you….[Win7, 64bit, Vivaldi 64bit)

    The Mouse Gesture edit buttons are showing as black squares for me, and behaviour of their click actions is inconsistent. Sometimes they don't appear to function at all, sometimes they do.

    I'd also second the call to have mouse gestures overwrite conflicting gestures, or at least let you know which assignment they conflict with.

    But overall I'm DELIGHTED to have this feature back. It's the one I've been waiting for since TP1!

  • Moderator

    Woow, very nice guys 🙂 Customize gesture mapping !!! perfect 🙂

  • You mean the Vivaldi makers, right? 😉

  • Close tabs to left makes no sense on the first tab.
    Close tabs to right makes no sense on the last tab.

    Close Previous Tabs, Close Next Tabs might be better than left/right to suit Left/Right tab bar position.

  • Thanks man! Though I noticed that the setting was on by default when I updated. After I woke up this morning and opened Vivaldi the setting was turned-off. Weird. 😃

  • MOUSE GESTURES!!! Also, very elegantly designed interface for adding new ones. Excellent!

    One comment - please let us add gestures like (open tab | open link in tab) and similar 'joint' commands separately. For instance, I don't want to open links that way.

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