Snapshot 1.2.470.11 - Editable Gestures

  • Editable mouse gestures will keep me happy for a few days at least. Later I will need more commands that can be assigned to them like GoTo Start/End of page.

  • Passing here to thank!
    Thank you very much! What a great job the team is doing Vivaldi, very good!
    Here in Brazil already has many users Vivaldi, just see when the famous pages post about the browser, many comments and compliments and people migrating to Vivaldi! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hahaha, yes!

    One of the best updates I've seen so far. It brings so many features and possibilities. Vivaldi team is a team that truly listens to its community. Frankly, I am amazed at this level of community-based software development. I have never seen something like it in a free software.

    Truly amazing work Vivaldi Team.

    Please add some donation button or some way of directly supporting you guys.


  • Yes, it's happening here too. Opening a page in the background doesn't seem to have the same issue.

    Win 10
    64-bit Vivaldi.

  • Is this work on Quick Command too? or planed to work there?

  • Moderator


    Wrong link when you go to bookmark via F2 menu (VB-16895)

    thank you.

  • Bookmark sorting: own order pls!

  • Any chance of implementing mouse gesture trails? Not the biggest thing in the world, but it'd be nice to have them (and configurable to not have them, if that's your wont).

  • "Insert Note" option, please. 😞

  • Moderator

    It has "Sort Manually." Isn't that the same thing?

  • On the bookmarks bar , (horizontal , under the address bar ) do not work :

    • Clicking the mouse wheel opens the folder and displays its contents , but must be opened in a background tab mode , bookmarks in that folder .
    • Inside the folder, you can not move tabs , including the sub folders.
    • Inside the folder, you can not create another folder .
      -Inside the folder, you can not change bookmark properties (by right-clicking ) .
    • You can not moving a bookmark folder to a higher level .

    All this applies to the horizontal personal bookmark bar . horizontal strip located below the address bar .

  • Awesome! I'm gonna test it out now! Can we also have O12's tab cycler back, and I hope the page hanging issue is fixed!

    I would like now for performance and UI to be improved a lot, like the page hanging, some weird tab behaviors like opening a new link blinks at the end of the tab bar and then goes beside my current tab as I have it set for that, and for RAM/CPU usage, etc. and overall polishing the browser, it's functions, it's design. Vivaldi is amazing, but I can't wait for it to be smooth, polished, and fast like other browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and even Brave, which is at least a smooth, fast, and pretty bug-free experience so far.

  • Vivaldi Team


    We will gradually add more commands. This is all just a (big) step on the way. πŸ™‚


  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks! The team has been working really hard to add features and generally improve Vivaldi. We love doing what we do and this feedback spurs us on!


  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks! We just got started! There is a lot more features, options and improvements coming your way!

    Thank you for your support!


  • Vivaldi Team

    Thank you for your kind words! Your support makes us want to do even better!

    Feel free to share us with your friends!


  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks! We are working hard on mail and plenty of other improvements!


  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks! We are very happy to see that many in Brazil are moving to Vivaldi!


  • A! Editable gestures! Finally! Thanks a lot!

    Minor mouse gestures edit bug:

    • Select existing command from gesture mapping list
    • Click "Edit gesture" button (with pencil)
    • Draw a new gesture
    • Click "Save gesture" button
      The old gesture will be displayed until you select another command and then select edited command back.

    P.S. google search suggestion still does not work for me

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