Snapshot 1.2.470.11 - Editable Gestures

  • Excuse me, how to set the e-mail panel?

  • That would be great to place browser buttons wherever i want to. For example, remove the "home website" button, and get the "panel button" in its place. Like in old Opera.

  • I just discovered Vivaldi am I'm loving it! Used to be an Opera user since version 6 up to about 11 or 12 when it switched to Chromium πŸ˜•

    This snapshot came in time because of the editable mouse gestures πŸ˜ƒ But imho it's still missing Scroll to Top/Bottom option, I use right click + wheel up, though it would conflict with tab cycle. I'd hope for a possible option to customize that tab cycle gesture (or option to disable it).

    Do check out FireGestures Extension on Firefox, which has the best customization imo.

    Wheel Gestures for instance, lets you set a particular command for Scroll up with holding right-button.

    There is also an option to add custom User Scripts, for example: to activate LastPass auto fill login hotkey, like for alt+W:

    FireGestures.sendKeyEvent({ alt: true, key: "W" });

    this would work somewhat like Opera's Wand πŸ˜ƒ which was something I missed alot.

    Thanks again for the great browser, I know it's in the early stages, but I'm excited to see Vivaldi grow in the future!

  • actually fire gestures is the best mainstream solution, take a look at the otter browser gestures config: insanely geeky but at the same time the most powerful
    but do we need THAT MUCH power? I think yes, but as extra advanced mode and the basic would be cloning fire gestures

  • Option to open a bookmark with a single mouse click (VB-16878)

    I love you guys! ^^

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