Snapshot 1.2.470.11 - Editable Gestures

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yet again we introduce quite a few of improvements, so let’s dive in without too much ado. First we’d like to discuss gestures, the ability to issue commands with help of drawn shapes. With some of you excited and some of you disappointed by lack of flexibility, we hope to address both groups by expanding the feature by recordable gestures.

    See the full blog post here

  • Address field now sports new keyboard shortcuts, Alt+Enter opens the currently edited URL in a new tab and Alt+Shift+Enter in the background.


  • Told ya…

  • argh. looks like emoji does not work here. thank you again! i was not going to post this request again here as i promised last time around 😃

  • 😃

  • Very nice snapshot, thanks!

    I miss the gesture commands "go to top of page" and "go to end of page" though.

  • Moderator

    Custom gestures is a very welcome addition! One minor note though: if I want to set a gesture that's already in use, it can be hard to figure out exactly which gesture is causing the conflict.

  • 2 major bookmarks bar problems:

    1. The new version switched all my text-only bookmarks bar entries to text+icon, and Settings has no effect in allowing me to revert them to only text - this shoves many of them off the right end of the bar, which leads to the next problem…
    2. The bookmarks that appear in the overflow area (called up by the >> symbol) will not open a page - they seem inactive. Since many of my key bookmarks bar references were at the right end of the bar and now unusable, this forces me to revert my usage to the 1.1 Stable version to recover a properly working bar.
      (Stand-alone 32-bit Vivaldi installation on Win7-64)

  • YES! Love to see those updates which bring features just like the old opera. Thanks a lot for going straight on with the updates.

    A small question: Can you reproduce this problem?

    • Open 2 tabs.
    • Close the first tab with the down-right mouse-gesture, stopping with the mouse cursor above a hyperlink. Then release right mouse button. The second tab will be opened.
    • Now dont move the mouse and use the down mousegesture for opening a new tab/open link in new tab.
      In my case, the hyperlink from the old, just closed tab where the mouse was while closing the tab will be opened.
      Anyone else?

  • Question: Clicking on a link in a tab opens it at the very last of the tab bar. I believe this used to be next to the current tab. Which setting do I need to change? Cannot find anything related in settings.

    Alt+D somehow was removed as the shortcut to go to the addressbar. Thankfully, I have the option to set it manually which I did so that's sorted out. Cheers.

  • "Close tabs to the right/left" tab context menu (VB-2132)
    … and if I have tabs on the right/left then what? 😃 bellow/above…? implement it better 😛

  • ? Dont get it. There is "Close all to the left", "Close all to the right" and also "Close all other tabs". What exactly are you missing?

  • @sushubh:

    Question: Clicking on a link in a tab opens it at the very last of the tab bar. I believe this used to be next to the current tab. Which setting do I need to change? Cannot find anything related in settings.

    Settings -> Tabs -> New Tab position

    • Always Last or
    • Next to Related Tab or
    • Next to Tab

  • Can anyone confirm? Clicking on a speeddial tab will need ~1 second, before the website is loading.
    Win 8.1

  • If you have "Tab Bar Position" set to Left or Right (not Top), "Close all to the left", "Close all to the right" does not make sense (if you want to be precise) …

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks, good point, detailed info on duplicates should be added to gestures as well as keyboard shortcuts.

  • Next to Tab does not seem to work here. Next to Related Tab works but is unpredictable as usual! Would do more tests.

  • Are there plans to improve suggestions in the address bar? Right now it needs me to enter the keywords correctly and in right order. For example… If I have a URL in history with the title x-men, Vivaldi suggests it to me if I type x-men but not x men.

  • Wait, how did we jump from 1.1.453.52 to 1.2.470.11?

  • By releasing the 1.1 🙂
    The version number is divided as is : x.y.a.b, with x.y the future final version number, and 'a' being the day and 'b' the number of builds in that day/branch.

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