Snapshot 1.1.453.45 - Vivaldi 1.1RC3

  • I'm getting this on some pages as well. It seems page specific. is an example, usually the first tme I visit the site during a session.

  • 1. Adding the option of scrolling (or multi-line) would be a nice to have indeed. Not a deal breaker for me.
    3. Once again, adding the option would be cool (even though I wouldn't use it, keyboard first).
    4. A little more than "nice to have", some may actually need it.
    6. Just no for me. Vivaldi is squared, it's now part of his visual identity, and it fits him well. Just no, period. (That one would be a deal breaker for me actually, now that I'm thinking about it).

  • I'm experiencing hangup on loads as well. I have to go to a different tab to occupy myself for a while before going back to the tab for it to finally finish loading.

  • Comments stopped? Have Vivaldi snapshot followers deserted to Vivaldi 1.1 or is the forum software at fault?

  • Anyone else having issues with Flash on this release? I cannot view flash content now for some reason. I went and installed the fp 21 for opera and chromium, still no bones. On the adobe site, it tells me flash is installed but disabled.

  • It would be nice to finally put in options on the "Start Page" settings to point to a specific start page. It is annoying to have to update the bundle.js file each time there is a new Vivaldi revision to make SpeedDial2 the default startup on new tabs. For some reason, putting in the path on the "Startup" setting tab under "Homepage" would always save with a "http://" in front of it. Putting in "chrome-extension:// …." in the box would always save with "http://" and invalidate the field.

    Another change that would be good is to allow for the context window to pop up for items in the bookmark bar folders. Currently, the context window pops up for items in the bookmark bar, but it does not pop up for items inside folders. The items inside the folders would open up when the right mouse button is pressed (as if the left mouse button is pressed).



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