Snapshot 1.1.453.30 - More fixes as we close in on the 1.1 stable update

  • Vivaldi Team

    In today's snapshot we fix the issue with Ctrl clicking on Speed Dials, make fast forward more reliable and fix an issue with URL autocomplete.

    We have a few more fixes already in the pipeline. The next release will likely be a 1.1 release candidate.

    See the full blog post here

  • Feature request:
    Separate the download manager from the side panel. Move it into the extensions tray.

  • In the panel it can be kept open and easily monitored. In the extensions tray you would have to constantly click to open it to check downloads. Besides, isn't the extensions tray for extensions? :confused:

    disclaimer: wouldn't effect me much. I use FDM.

  • Moderator

    :shock: omg, just go to Setting, in Panel check Show Panel Toggle and and click the arrow next :arrow: Panel :roll:

  • What's the hurry? I was expecting more new features before another stable update.

  • Too much space is wasted. I rather it as a popup, or separate page. Similar to Opera. If not the extension tray, then inside the address field. Isn't Vivaldi about customization? This would be a great option to have.

  • Hi all,

    unfortunately creating of new bookmark folder still doesn't work.

    Regards, T

  • Cant create new folders for bookmarks. Another thing, is there anyway of not showing the start page when using a home page?

  • (German) translation is missing for "Open link in background tab" (should something like this also be reported with the bugtracker?).

    Feature request: It would be nice to have the possibility to change the position of this function in the context menu to the top (or change the default behaviour of opening a new tab to "open in background"). Using the third entry is a little bit unfamiliar.

    Moreover this update removed all my pinned tabs (and also other normal tabs beside of one) during the update process. Don't know if someone else could experience the same?!

    Nice work!

  • Fair enough.

    Though I have to ask. What websites are you using that don't just waste that space in place of the downloads panel?

  • Don't open it if you don't like it. (Sometimes life can be so easy)

  • Perhaps having the option is boggling his brain and he can't handle it. :P

  • continuing to open new cards continues slowly, you need to click "+" several times by surprise,
    The Google translator when writing is still flashing the bar with an active card

  • Translate the paste and go to "Wklej i przejdź"

  • Also GWT Developer Plugin is not working anymore (but shows it is compatible).

  • [Regression] Ctrl or Shift Click on Speed Dial entry opens blank tab (VB-16199) not working

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Chromium strings (translations) and/or missing translations are known.
    Though, we (translators) can't do a lot about it since they (developers or whatever) need their time to look into it properly and allow us to translate it (changing source code may be critical and make this browser pretty unstable)

  • "…is there anyway of not showing the start page when using a home page?"

    This has been asked for several times already. There is this workaround: Define your wished homepage additionally under Startup Pages and select "Specific Pages" to startup with.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    It's to follow closely the release schedule of Chromium : Chromium 50 was just released, so they will release a Vivaldi version with it asap. After that, it will be calmer, and a few features will creep in :)

  • Will Vivaldi be getting auto-fill settings at some point? Addresses, credit cards, etc.?

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