Snapshot 1.1.443.3 - New tab options

  • Vivaldi Team

    In case you missed it, we had a successful release of Vivaldi 1.0 final a couple of days back but that does not mean we took a break and stopped development. We have already begun the work towards version 1.1!

    Today's snapshot is the first in the 1.1 series and we have added a few small features already. We now switch tabs when trying to close a pinned one, provide easier mass closing of tabs, add links to tab stacks by default and provide a new "keyboard shortcut to rule them all".

    See the full blog post here

  • first !!

  • thnx for such a fast snapshot after the first final releases. Love to test :)

  • Waiting for sync feature! :)

  • …But do we have the ability to hibernate background tabs on Linux yet?

  • alt-enter support in addressbar did not make it to this build. jon promised on ph so hopefully soon!

    alt+d was driving me crazy with the horizontal menu disabled so that fix is very welcome!

  • Very happy to see you aren't slowing down the pace of snapshots after releasing 1.0. :-)

    What I would still like to know is whether you're planning (at some point) to implement the functionality of Firefox's Keyword Search addon. For me that is an essential feature to really be able to personalise my browser.

  • When will you guys fix closing of tabs? Open multiple tabs, then click on the last tab on the right, now click on the first tab on the left. Now try closing this tab. It will keep the last tab on the right focused. I'll stick to Opera until this is fixed.

  • No separation in Stable/Beta/Developer branches?

    That could be the right moment for a reorganization/cleaning of the "file-system" in Vivaldi (seriously, take care of that mess)

  • Why is it Vivaldi makes all these options for tabs but never thought of adding an option to move tabs below the url bar?

    That'd be more worth it.

  • Sync and mailbox, that's all i want. :D

  • Good morning, please please please insert email, I can not wait. Greetings René

  • I manually deleted some files in my profile, and I'm getting much better performance. It seems a bit odd that Vivaldi isn't doing its own housekeeping on this stuff (various caches as well as the chromium font cache, which was causing really weird display errors).

    Also, why doesn't the Vivaldi website remember me being logged in? It's super annoying to have to log back in every time I want to comment.

  • Oh man, click active tab to go back to previous tab? That's amazing I love it! Was this just added? Now the only thing we need to replicate Opera's behavior is something like "allow window with all tabs hidden", so that if you keep clicking all of the active tabs, you eventually just get a grey background.

  • You're right. However, I got round this by going back to the tab on the left and trying again. It worked for me. (W8.1) A flaw, certainly, but certainly not an urgent or deal-breaking flaw from where I'm sitting.

  • Also, one last comment: If Vivaldi can add the "Open With" menu in the context menu in the Download manager, I can finally retire my copy of O12 once and for all.

  • Version 1.1 and not 2.0? Does this mean mail won't come in this version, and that this will be a small version before we go onto 2.0?

  • idm extension does not work properly with vivaldi. I have the same problem. Please fix it.

  • @fpqc:

    I manually deleted some files in my profile, and I'm getting much better performance.

    Which ones please? I want to try. Thank you.

  • Vivaldi is great, What I like is the speed, but what I hate is each time I select a new tab and want to run a website from my quick launch bar, the new window opens after a speed dial tab which I hate, I have to manually close the speed dial tab. It never happens in chrome, edge or any other browser, really annoying….

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