Minor update to Vivaldi 1.0

  • How can I save my history, data, passwords, if I need to reinstall in another machine ?

  • You should definitely try running Vivaldi through the Centennial Converter and turn it into a UWP app. From there it shouldn't be hard to make it into a Windows Mobile app.

  • I copied source code in site, and paste to an editor.
    As a result, an editor did the same indication as Vivaldi.
    I found out that source code in site is incomplete.
    There is difference in even incompleteness seems to be that and whether source code is the shown specification by browser (Please see also here).

    By the way, it was also the same result as Opera12 in case of IE9.

  • Hello!

    I have been waiting for a year for Vivaldi 1.0 to start using it.

    The main problem which I noticed in the first few minutes is that all the tabs at startup, and all the tabs in the background, do not refresh until clicked on. This is most annoying, because every time I start Vivaldi I have to click on all tabs from last time to refresh them.
    I think this is a bug (rather than a feature) since background tabs sometimes refresh themselves and sometimes don't. When exiting and starting Vivaldi though, no tabs refresh automatically.

    The other thing on my wishlist is configurable mouse gestures. The Opera 12.x kind is the best - map everything to anything.

    Thirdly, tab stacking like in opera 12.x is easier to use - there was a small arrow next to the stack which expands it without the need to open every tab inside. I don't mind the existing options, but would like that small arrow back as well. Not sure if this is what you're talking about here.

    Fourthly - when refreshing a page, I would like the page to scroll to my last position. Currently it goes to the start of page.

    And finally, I would like more tab closing options. Specifically, would like to be able to chose - go to next right tab after closing.

    The first problem is the biggest one, and preventing me from really enjoying using Vivaldi.

    Having a bunch of features is a very good thing, but I would like if you focused on improving existing features more (like described above) to make them spit and polish.

    The old Opera was not built in a day, and that is exactly why it always felt slick - all features merged together seamlessly.


  • @YamiryuuZero:

    He's saying he has Vivaldi 1.0 but cannot use it. Been weeks that Vivaldi closes out of nowhere without even having as much as an error message, as soon as he opens any webpage. He tried installing it as 5 versions prior to this one, uninstalling without advanced software to clean the data, but to no avail.

    Someone help this guy, please.

    yes eso mismo me pasa alguien que me ayude :'v ?

  • In case of Chrome49, It was a same result as Vivaldi 1.0.435.42.
    It's depend on the specification of Chrominium.

  • Finally I downloaded the file by Microsoft Edge. Vivaldi 64bit couldn't download it until the end. However the snapshot version can download by Vivaldi 64bit… why???

  • The focus stealing bug is really annoying on this version.

    It was not this bad on pre-releases but on this stable release its really bad. It seems to be related to the address bar stealing focus.

  • UI doesn't adjust color to Whatsapp Web.

    Loading pages also doesn't happen sometimes. It look like it does nothing.

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