Snapshot 1.0.435.26 - Fixes for Bookmarks, YouTube, Private mode and stacked tabs

  • Vivaldi Team

    A handful of extra fixes before the weekend. Enjoy!

    See the full blog post here

  • After installing Vivaldi 1.0.435.24 it kept prompting for another update, trying to download and update to 1.0.435.26 but failed here in sunny Southern California.

    There is no linked Snapshot 1.0.435.26 page or changelog yetso I sort of cheated and downloaded the new version directly. 😃

    Edit: The new page was created as I posted the Comment on the '435.24 page so I had to move it.

    Old pet buglet: the Save list for Bookmarks contains an "Other bookmarks" folder but no such folder exists.

    Tabs/pages saved to that folder disappear but will show a Green Bookmark icon in the address bar as it has been Bookmarked… somewhere.

    Creating the folder makes two "Other bookmarks" folders appear in the list, deleting the second, identical folder puts it back to only one, invisible, "Other bookmarks" folder.

    Windows 7 x64 | Vivaldi x64 1.0.435.26

  • Written by Ruarí Ødegaard Posted: November 29, -0001
    ..some glitches after the maintenance shutdown today?

  • "Written by Ruarí Ødegaard
    November 30, -0001"
    xD xD xD

    @Ruari Hasn't somebody broken something during night maintenance? 😉

  • Vivaldi Team

    You are replying to the Snapshot 1.0.435.26 page and the changelog is above 😛

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hmm… to me it states it was written "April 1, 2016"

  • Moderator

    VB-14802 – Translation bug of P&G and Page Actions in the polish language on adres bar –- "Paste and go" should be "Wklej i przejdź"

    (VB-14822) In Search Field none of the search engines do not show search suggestions

  • Seems I lost my SD thumbnails. That, and the flashing that occurs when you toggle the panel are probably the final bugs to be fixed that I can see before the final. 🙂

  • Google play music not working…. the first track plays then error "couldn't play "track name skipping ahead"

  • Hi team, just a very small visual issue I have on my laptop when choosing a UI zoom of 90%. The URL bar elements seem displaced; they are not centered (example). I know there are far more important issues. I just want you to be aware of that. Thanks.

  • We are almost there.

    Please add an new option for tabs and solve an issue that is in here for a long time.

    • Add an option for managing tabs so when we close a tab, the next tab to it will be focused instead of the related tab or the last active tab. Just the next tab on the browser. This is a tiny thing but its make a huge impact on usability. Please add this option.

    • When visiting websites that has builtin slide show plugins the photos on these slideshows doesnt show up and the controls to go for the next photo or back previous photo are not showed. You can see this issue visiting these two sites: and , two important news sites that I usualy visit in my country.

    Please solve this problem with the slideshow thing and add the new option to manage tabs and vivaldi will be ready to go!!!

  • Moderator

    and about the
    (VB-13915) Current session is not being saved and browser restarts with Speed Dial page only

    Since many builds ago this is happening but with the latest builds at least is loading the pinned tabs from the current session and only them

  • April Fool?! :lol: 😃

  • Honestly the auto update or call it semi-auto update when you you click on install new version always fail to me. No matter the machine, operating system, vivaldi version, internet connection… I must download it manually which I love but it could work some day I guess 😉

  • Flash often fails to load for me (win10 x86_64; 64 bit vivaldi and chrome (Versie 50.0.2661.57 beta-m (64-bit) installed)):


    I have both npapi (C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF64_21_0_0_197.dll
    ) and ppapi (C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\50.0.2661.49\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll )
    flash installed. I tried either one enabled, both enabled and none enabled and the only time the video plays is when both are DISABLED ( I assume an html5 player is used then)

    (oh f me I was a little slow and still on .24, not .26, nevertheless this bug is still present in .26)

  • This isn't a bug but any chance we could get a change to make it so that when you enlarge an image opened in a separate tab, the image stays centered instead of shifting to the left?

  • Having had the same thought for months, and I always forget to post it here. It's not that important, but aesthetically and practically it makes a difference.

  • I hope you realise that we will expect multiple updates every day now…


  • Other website: April Fools! Troll Face
    Vivaldi: More snapshots and fixes! Win Face!


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