Snapshot 1.0.435.22 - Bugfixes and Breakfast

  • Vivaldi Team

    Here are a few more important fixes as we close in on the final 1.0 release. In other news, if you live near Palo Alto and would like to have breakfast with our founders, sign up below!

    See the full blog post here

  • Will be Windows 64-bit not experimental in 1.0?

  • Wow, another two-in-one-day for me! :-) Thanks fellers (have you actually got any women on the team? Just wondering…)

  • @ruari

    Final without UI-language option in the Linux version?
    I do not know any modern browser without this option…

  • Please fix this.
    Chinese (China) –> Chinese (Simplified)
    Chinese (Taiwan) --> Chinese (Traditional)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    When the history page and other internal pages like extensions for example are going to get a more "Vivaldi look" like the bookmarks page does? They are the same as in Chrome right now and it does not really match with the completely other overall browser look Vivaldi has compared to Chrome.

  • Thanks! Have a good breakfast!
    And fix more bugs before the final version. This is very important for a good first impression.

  • Google Play music is still not working and has not worked for the last 7 versions. The first track plays the following tracks report "could'nt play 'Track Name' skipped ahead"

  • Thanks for VB-12544! :)

  • HI. Google translate plugin. Translate this page is not working. OSX 10.11.4. Thanks

  • I'm also curious about the experimental state of the 64Bit-version in 1.0.

    What I'm missing the most is a "Clear private data on exit" - option
    This should really be in a stable version of every browser.

    1.0 without mail is also a bit sad but still ok.
    Any news on that? v2.0 maybe? still in 2016? :P

    Apart from that. Bottoms up and thanks for the hard work!

  • Aweeeesoooomeeee! There's a problem with the address bar, though. That it got re-introduced two snapshots back:

    It lowercases the first letter when you start typing.

  • Is the site actually going to be down for maintenance or is that just an April Fool's joke?

  • Perhaps at breakfast, the final version will be presented? This would be a beautiful idea :lol:

  • The only problem so far is that youtube movies aren't working (embedded on site). (1.0.435.22 (Build) (64-bit)). The problem is on every site which I checked.

    Edit: problem sorted out. Ghostery was bloking YT.

  • It will probably stay "experimental" (notice the quotes) for a much longer time - which does not mean that it is less stable or does not work well or is not fit for daily use.

  • Double-click on a tab closes it. Can you let us choose what it does, like "close others", "close tabs to the right", "pin the tab"?

  • Mail is worked upon and active in the internal versions since some time, but for now the top priority is to get the main browser right.

    This does not mean that there is no work done on the mail client, just that development is a bit slower.

    Additionally, if a website or an extension breaks, it is normally no catastrophe - but that may not happen with mail, because that could destroy valuable user data (like an important mail), which must be avoided under all circumstances.

  • Hi Ruari and Vivaldians,

    first of all, thanks for your hard work and good luck for your finish! :D

    Since Vivaldi already is my main browser, I actually can't miss anything essential. However, I could imagine if jumping on the train right now, I would be really surprised by finding myself not being able to couple <ctrl>+ <t>with the "Next to tab"-option.

    Bugwise it's ok for me, but I'm an old-fashioned surfer anyway (no FB, no G+ etc.).


  • Favicons in private browsing disappeared.
    W7 64 bit, vivaldi 32 bit

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