Snapshot 1.0.430.3 - Mouse gestures for Fast Forward and Rewind

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    Yeah - speaking of mouse gesture (down-up), that's a FOURTH way to open background tabs in Vivaldi. Will the madness never end? :shock:

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    Good question. I tried to find them and could not.

  • The "no close-tab button" bug seems to have gone! Thank you!

    Before one snapshot ago, hovering the mouse cursor on the tab hadn't always shown the "x" button. Since the last snapshot, the "x" button always appears. Mac OS 10.11.4 .

  • @terere:


    lets face it as it is. It's NOT a bug as far as it's intended by developers. It's a FEATURE (though, it's badly coded one which we do not like as it is now)
    but still. It's a 'badly designed feature' not a bug.

    . . .
    there is no warning.

    I agree. Vivaldi should at least tell the user that it's opening only the first 20 out of those you have selected.

    In such a case as this, whether it should be called a "bug" or not is a matter of definition and isn't very useful to debate on. What's useful is whether the particular design is good or bad.

  • thanks!
    feedly notifier extension doesnt works

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    Interesting. I'm going to have to watch for this. Not only does the bug seem to have disappeared, but additionally there seems to be zero delay getting the "close" button on hover, now. If i find that the "close" button fails to appear in the next day or two, I will comment again.

  • Password wrong term not specific enough SEE ABOVE ON THIS.

    Created new post when I used TAB instead of space in message above. Blog immediately created new: "This post", deleted part of it as it was same as above. Must be blog error.

  • Password wrong term not specific enough

    It is in:


    Website: Account Name

    The Account Names and websites appear then disappear and I can't log on when it isn't there with all my Websites. Then I have to EXIT out of Vivaldi and when I re-load it they are there again. Makes no rhyme or reason.

    PS: When I used TAB on this post instead of space it went to bottom and started a new one. Didn't realize til I came back and saw this. Error on blog I guess.

  • They did intentionally program in that limitation, but they overlooked that they failed to give a warning about the unexpected behaviour. If the folder contains 10 bookmarks the all open, if it contains 20, they all open, if it contains 21 they do not, and there is no warning that the 21st bookmark was not opened. That is the bug.

    They also apparently overlooked the case where a users selects more than 20 bookmarks. If they are concerned about overloading Vivaldi, they should also have allowed for that case, not just the special case of opening a folder containing more than 20 bookmarks.

    You can argue until the cows come home that it's not a bug, but that's only true if you accept a strict and narrow definition of the term.

  • Maybe they've planned to add a setting for the limit. Maybe it works internally as it should. There's still a lot of things that are not user customizable, but are working. Do mouse gestures count as a bug since they're not customizable yet? Come on, this isn't a final release, things like this are expected to exist at this point.

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    Not being able to customize the mouse gestures do not consider it a bug, but a lack. It does not involve browser malfunctions.
    Click on a folder with the middle button convinced to open all the bookmarks contained in it, but in reality, only 20 open is a bug. And then what are they chosen? The first 20? The last 20? The 20 in between? It is unknown, they are opened at random, or better, perhaps there is a logical, but i do not understand. So every time i go to search for bookmarks that are missing? For me this is and remains a bug.

    That at this stage of development there are still incomplete things is there's not the problem. You're just asking to fix it.

    The problem arose from the fact that i, i defined it as a bug, while for others it is a feature.

  • Vivaldi is still non-usable since 1.418 (at least). The TAB key does not work, at all, it is as if it does not exist as far as I can tell. In text fields, like the one I am writing this, the numeric keys ("1", "2", …) change tabs instead of writing "1", or "2". Removing most of the keyboard usability absolute kills it, and it is not as making the keys work is a super-duper-feature, it is just about the most expected thing to have. I am stuck on version 1.403...

  • I just noticed that VB-13726 (Space on YouTube fullscreen video activates Fast Forward instead of pause) that was fixed in the previous snapshot is back in this one. Except now it only happens if you went to the video via a link from some other site and only the first time you go fullscreen. Slackware64 14.1.

  • Exactly! even a busy mouse-cursor would be helpful

  • Yeah, I'm using extension, aside from delay all extensions I have tried have context-issue as I have mentioned in parent comment.

    Mouse gesture isn't really useful since I mostly work with notebook. I can simulate middle click by pushing both button, but it adds finger travel-time and distract the work-flow.

    I imagine a lot Vivaldi users are also notebook user, so my scenario isn't too specific.

  • I found one instance: Opening a new private window. Vivaldi has some noticeable delay. Opera is instantaneous. Both done using fresh install (cleared User folder). Vivaldi 64-bit vs latest stable Opera,. [Windows 10 + SSD, so no bottleneck here.]

  • MEGA downloads seem to be a bit broken for me:

    1. On Opera, the buttons "Download with MEGAsync" and "Download through your browser" are next to one another on a row, whilst in Vivaldi "Download through your browser" is below and offset to the right.

    2. "Download through your browser" : this presents the usual background download indication, which is followed by a prompt for the save location when it reaches 100%. With Vivaldi, clicking "Save as" does nothing whereas on Opera the location dialog appears and the file is actually saved.

    Test link:!31JnWBDA!bYQaZMYhYXderhP6mbmDBN9nEdPkOu6xX_aaL_vl_VI

  • A little bug that just I found… If I open a link with the mouse on new tab, and letter open a link with spart spatial navigation (again, in new tab), this open both of links. Refresh, solve the problem

    • Other, if I open a new window all zoom commands affect in that new window (not the current focused)...

    Linux Sabayon 64bts KDE. Focus on click.

  • Netflix doesn't work again. "Session must be closed" message again.
    Congrats for your great efforts and to listen everyone of us on our advises.

  • Thanks for the hardwork guys

    The browser crash when clicking on the pocket extension's button since 2 or 3 builds now.

    win10 64bits

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