Snapshot 1.0.430.3 - Mouse gestures for Fast Forward and Rewind

  • I don't seem to have any fast forward or rewind mouse gesture. Is there some other option I need to enable that I didn't see? I can use other mouse gestures, and the fast forward keyboard shortcut works. I don't see fast forward or rewind listed in the mouse gestures.

    Win 10, 64-bit Vivaldi.

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    Per the developers, that's a feature, not a bug. They limit the number on purpose.

  • I've been reporting for the past few versions that Settings doesn't open more than once per session using the main menu or Alt-P. A reply from QuHno in the last build's comments suggested changing Settings to open a new tab. That solves it, but does expose an apparent bug in the other methods.

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    No, it's not a feature. If there is a limit you must be able to choose how many bookmarks, if there are many bookmarks, the browser should ask "Do you really want to open all bookmarks?" So it is a bug.

    • If you open with the middle mouse button a folder that has a subfolder is also open bookmarks subfolder;
    • If you open with the middle mouse button to a folder, the bookmarks do not open in the same order in which they appear in the folder, two versions is working properly.
      -Drag & drop of URLS to bookmarks does not work, it would be more nicer to able drag the tab instead of the URL.

  • Looks like deleting my profile fixed it.

  • Thx for the update!
    I found a bug: Bookmarks in the "trash" folder can't be deleted.

    Furthermore it should be possible to make certain bookmarks nameless. I know, it's possible to show bookmark text (and icons), but maybe you want that only a few bookmarks have a name. 🙂

  • Waiting for custom mouse gestures as well.

  • Thx for the update

    I'd love to right click to close the tab,I hope you can add it.:)

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    still the current session is not loaded
    win 10 64x

  • suddenly, the tabs had space on top when i updated vivaldi even though i selected the option to remove the tab spacing when in full screen, but the only thing that moves is the vivaldi logo menu.

    i'm also having a problem when leaving a tab, when i go back to it, it reloads completely. any fix for this?

    also, i hope there's going to be an update where we can drag links to make it a new tab like in chrome. 🙂

  • 😢

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    They didn't code it the way you think they should have = it's a bug. Interesting theory…

  • It must be so "Show Tab Thumbnails": now tabs can't be resized when the option is disabled

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    You have the best username here. 🙂

  • Please DO NOT allow tabs to be automatically hibernated, when the browser uses too much of computer resources!! (usually happens, when lots of tabs are opened or just because using such a "heavy" website like
    It annoys a lot!!
    (or at least make it customizable please!)

  • Hi,

    thanks for the new snapshot!
    Two Bugs:
    1. Open a new website - don't wait for finish loading. Open a new tab an open another website - don't wait for finish loading. Now press CTRL+TAB (not releasing CTRL!) and just switch between the two websites with TAB. If you are fast enough you'll see that the second website is called "speeddial". This won't get refreshed until you let go for CTRL and using CTRL+TAB again.
    2. Same situation like in 1., but sometimes you'll see "speeddial" and sometimes the German word "Schnellwahl" (UI is German). I don't know why this is happening.

    Features / wishes:
    1. Please give us more zoom (currently the max is 200%). For partially sighted people like me its very important.
    2. Give us an option for + 10% zoom in settings. Currently we have de/increase zoom and double/half zoom - I would like to have +/-10% zoom like in old Opera days. Reason: de/increase zoom is to granular and double/half is to much…
    3. Please give us a search in settings –> keyboard shortcuts like we have in the cheat sheet. That would help finding what you're looking for (I don't mean the global setting search).



  • I can confirm this behavior. I'm using lot of keywords for searches on Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Maps etc . and none of them works. After typing keyword, I'm unable to type space and search phrase. If I enter phrase without space and then try to add space between keyword and phrase, space is typed at the end of the text.
    //I tried different ways to reproduce this problem and I can also confirm duarte.framos' behavior that after this, switching between tabs behaves weirdly, tabs not updating, showing…

  • Running citrix application is still not working, starting from Chromium 49.

  • Yeah, I'm hoping for that as well. I don't really care about default gestures, I care about being able to customize them.

  • @rseiler:

    Any part of the UI in particular? Not doubting, but I have them both open right now and nothing is really jumping out at me.

    Well, it's a general feeling : overall, UI feels faster & 'snappier' in Opera or Chromium (even Firefox). I always notice some small latencies in Vivaldi, when I'm playing with tabs in particular (open, close, move). Maybe it's related to Linux, but I have a powerful computer, so …

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