Snapshot 1.0.430.3 - Mouse gestures for Fast Forward and Rewind

  • Seconded Gregor. It would be nice if there's option so that notification is only for reply related to our own comment.

  • Happy holidays! 🙂

    I hope you're gonna give us mouse gesture customiziaton soon 😃

  • Close Tab Group is a great new feature, but can you please change, that after closing all tabs, it's going to speeddial, instead of closing vivaldi at all?

  • Vivaldi keeps getting better and better each week… more stable, more features, it's a great piece of software. I think the UI is a bit slow in comparison to other browsers (Chromium, Opera), but I'm sure you'll improve that soon.

    Keep up the good work and happy holidays !

  • Happy easter-holidays as well!
    I hope you come back with a lot of energy to fix my personal pet-bugs/feature-requests 😃

    • drag & drop of urls to bookmarks is broken (it would also be nice to drag & drop the whole tab)
      -deleted speed-dial folders (via the + in the headlines) are still present in the bookmarks and have to also be deleted there
    • possibility to open tab in the same tabstack (that would be awesome)

  • UTF-8 Encoded URL is OK.
    EUC or Shift_JIS Encoded URL is NG.

  • Yaaaaaay! :)))
    I've waited for this one 6+ months:
    Plus (+) Button does not hide when there are 0 dials (VB-8204)
    Many thanks, it works! 🙂

  • Also, it seems is working again, which I don't remember you mentioning it in the changelogs apart from the first partial fix
    Thanks again!

  • It would also be good if the e-mail notifications worked properly!
    For example, the links in the e-mails don't take you directly to the post concerned, just to the top of the comments. This is made even worse by the fact that this system adds new comments to the bottom of the list, not to the top as Disqus does.
    It also sends a new e-mail every time a post is edited, which means you often get multiple e-mails for the same post!
    I'm no great fan of the Disqus system, which the Opera developer blogs use, but it's better than this!

  • Does anybody have the same problem, that vivaldi automatically resets its window to the foreground? Meaing, that when i open the Windows Explorer for example, after a few seconds, vivaldi becomes the "active" window and the other windows go into the background?

  • I'd love if in the next update, the team could implement a way to disable (or reassign) the ALT key bringing up the vivaldi menu? Alt is used for a lot of other things and vivaldi seems to take precedence :C

  • Grrr, panel toggle still not working. Please fix!

  • Nice, new mouse gestures!

    Does that mean Custom Mouse Gestures are coming soon?

  • Moderator

    There are three ways to open a new tab in the background (middle-click, ctrl+click, and context menu). I suppose the option to make this the default behavior on left-click could come along, just as the "open bookmarks in new tab" did, but I would not bet on them being in any hurry for it.

  • Moderator

    It's been mentioned twice by others that I'm aware of. I've never seen it happen on Win 10 X64, 32-bit Vivaldi.

  • It happened to me last week once, in a site that I can't remember now. Since it was a single occasion, not happening again after, I let it go. But, as we can see it's something eventually recurrent, it would be nice to check this issue. W10 x64, Viv x64.

  • Well, the "⟳" of the reload button does change to "✕" for stop, but there should probably be something more. Maybe something like 😉 (Really dating myself there.)

  • Yeah, it does eventually to me. Very eventually, but it still happens . W10 x64, Viv x64.

  • Yeah, I had no idea that every Edit got sent to the 'list, I never used the Notify option. :oops: I tried it yesterday for the first time and a better way to handle the Comments, Replies, and Links would be groovy.

  • Thanks.
    Happy easter holiday days 😉

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