Snapshot 1.0.430.3 - Mouse gestures for Fast Forward and Rewind

  • Yeah I'm aware of the options, but there is always some open new window onClick event that annoyingly steal your tab focus. Additionally, It might be only me but having been long using major browsers with this option turned on, my muscle memory just assume new tab = new background tab. So middle click/context menu feels redundant. 😕

    Now that I you mention it IIRC Opera Presto is the first tabbed browser to implement this behavior, I used to cringe a lot when I opened a new tab on FF back then.:P

    Anyway.. Opera Chromium and current FF has this feature built-in, I think it;s a kind of classic "must have" feature of major browser. Considering Vivaldi philosophy is about tailoring power user needs that makes me wonder why this isn't on the list on the first place.

  • Yeah agreed, I actually had to install Opera portable to import some bookmarks from Opera Link. I just realized how lightweight Opera is. :D. That's said I'd trade few hundred millisecond delays with full-blown customization any days of the week.

  • I would just think about a blue adressbar and a "0 KByte, 0/0" at the right of the adressbar.

  • That was fast! Good work guys.

    A quick question: is it possible to drag a tab to the bookmarks bar? Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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    It's true "modern" browsers have that feature "built in," (as in, it is impossible to open new tab in foreground) and that always pissed me off. New tab default behavior in old Opera was always foreground, and that is what I became used to over nearly two decades of browser use. That always struck me as the "proper" way to do it. At least here, one has options, even if changing the default behavior is not yet one of them. 🙂

  • Thanks for the fast update cycle.
    Happy holiday days 🙂

  • Any part of the UI in particular? Not doubting, but I have them both open right now and nothing is really jumping out at me.

  • Yeah I've encountered this problem several times on different occasions on Windows 7 64Bits. Using the save button from at the top right also triggers this, so does using the Single File save extension.
    Not sure but it seems to be related to "web formats" that the browser could natively open, downloading an HTML file or an SVG file never prompts for a save location, this is a very old bug I would like to see solved.

    Also installing any of the two first weather extensions from this search (like this or this) makes Vivaldi crash

  • Does "New tab position: next to tab" mean when you open a new tab that it's supposed to open adjacent to your current tab? If so, that's not working here.

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    Not a tab, no. But an address in the addressbar, yes.

  • Also experiencing some weird behavior after setting up an alias "y" for Youtube, like not being able to type in the address bar after that, and tabs not closing or updating

  • Password file in this just vanished again.

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    The plus sign will always open a new tab at the end. The "next to tab" would be for when you are opening a link in a new tab or otherwise using things like middle-click or new tab gesture.

  • Refreshing a Thumbnail in a Speed Dial folder goes back to the Speed Dial tab.

    I thought this had been fixed, or did I just see it reported somewhere?

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    The one that was fixed was the "drag a thumbnail" bug.

  • Ah, OK. I was using the plus as well as trying the mouse gesture.

  • Click Active Tab to Switch to Previous Tab
    1 blog post too late - but thank you for another 'good ole time' gem. 🙂

    Have some wonderful days off with heaps of sunny weather. 😃


  • And, yet again, the updater download err'd and halted at 33.3 MB. It's now become routine for Vivaldi updates here. Restarting an update immediately picks up where the download left off and completes successfully. Midwest USA; 32-bit Vivaldi standalone on Win7-64; 3 Mb download speed.

  • Still cannot open more than 20 bookmarks at the same time, from the same bookmark folder in the bookmark panel, using Middle Click.

  • I don't want Disqus or some other thing I need to sign up for.

    To me the commenting system is generally fine. One thing I'd like to see is the newest comments at the top. Basically bump each comment thread to the top of the comment list when there's a new comment.


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