Snapshot 1.0.429.5 - A fix for videos causing freezes and a new option for tab switching

  • Vivaldi Team

    In today's snapshot we have fixed the freeze that Windows 10 (Threshold 2) users were experiencing with videos on news sites, Twitter and Facebook. We also added a new option to help users who miss being able to "minimise" tabs. Finally, we fixed a few recent regressions and some other annoying bugs.

    See the full blog post here

  • Panel-toggle still not working, it didn't work in the previous snapshot either

    "Click Active Tab to Switch to Previous Tab" - Please make it double click coz it's not so comfortable, or at least add an option to choose behavior like: 1-click/2-click/clone.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Some of those requests involve quite a lot of work so don't expect too much from it before version 1 goes stable.

  • Yay thanks! But I still have problems with panels not loading.
    The panel title says "Loading.." and the "Home" button is disabled, which makes it impossible to reload it :confused:

  • Vivaldi Team

    How are you toggling it as it work here? Sorry I did not (personally) read all of the comments in the last snapshot. So if you explained this already, I apologise!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Does this only happen for old panels for you. If you add a new one is it ok?

  • VB-14022 is fixed :)
    Btw, I had reported VB-14461 which is dup.

    Great job!

  • :D

  • Happens with new ones as well it seems. I just added as a panel. Pressing the "Home" button led to the situation described above (Loading…). And also favicon not loading for this particular page.

  • Still only one Settings opening per session.

  • Anyone here who has been using Chrome for the last couple of years? I have tried a lot but cannot set the tabs to behave like they do in Chrome by default. Especially what happens when you close a tab in Chrome. I am too use to Chrome's behavior wrt tab handling and Vivaldi drives me crazy in this respect. Is this me or anyone else has been noticing this?
    If anyone on the Vivaldi team understands my particular issue… It would be great to have tabs behave exactly how they behave in Chrome as an option. If that's possible that is!

  • Yes, some of them are very hard or even not possible to implement.
    But I think 1-20 are quite simple.

  • I've just installed Chrome for testing reasons and I see only 3 differences:

    • Chrome always activates the next tab to the right when a tab is closed.
    • Chrome always opens new tabs in the background if i click on a link. Vivaldi does that only with right-click Option.
    • Chromium always adds new tab to the end - but this can be set in Vivaldi too..
      Did I miss something else?

  • YouTube is fixed, yay! Now just two more bugs to squish and I'll be more or less happy: VB-14052 and VB-14517.

  • Can confirm that behavior as soon as I click on the home button of a web-panel.

  • Is this freeze 'the' freeze bug that was problematic to fix in the previous issues? If yes, My quest for finding a perfect browser has ended :)

  • Vivaldi options for closing tab are:
    Activate Next Related Tab
    Activate Previous in Activation Order

    I have tried both and I do not think either of them moves you to the next tab when you close a tab! Or the previous one if you are on the latest tab. The related tab can be the one on the left which gets confusing when dealing with multiple tabs. I assume I can get used to Vivaldi's behavior after a few weeks of consistent usage… But an option to always switch to next tab (and previous in case user is on the last tab) to mimic Chrome's behavior could help folks who are trying to switch from Chrome!

  • Thanks. Marked as dup.

  • Great work :), still waiting for the following which were raised in early Feb:

    When NO IMAGES are selected, the image placeholder should remain, and show the ALT NAME (text) of the image - so you know an image was present there, but not displaying. There is no ALT TEXT of the image showing. So it simply looks like white space when images are turned off, not correct….

    A new tab opened from with NO IMAGES set should inherit NO IMAGES, but it does not. It defaults to SHOW IMAGES.

    There is no method to keyboard toggle images ON/OFF/CACHED

    Once implemented I can finally move away from Opera/Presto 12.18 :!:
    Any update please?

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