Snapshot 1.0.425.3 - A new introduction to our browser

  • Vivaldi Team

    In today's snapshot we introduce a fantastic new first run welcome page, fix some annoying bugs and provide an alternative Windows installation package for antivirus vendors who like misspeolled wrds!

    See the full blog post here

  • Cool

  • Remove upper border with maximized window doesn't work anymore, it only affects the Vivaldi menu button, not the tabs themselves (Win10 x64).

  • thanks for double click at tabbar to open new page

  • confirm (win8.1 x64)

  • Same here. W10 x64

  • When using Google play music only the first track plays. After this I get a message that says: Can't reach google play

  • Using the Pocket bookmarklet opens a blank tab. Using the Pocket extension completely closes the browser. Win10 x64

  • Thanks a lot for the new build, really appreciate your great work.

    There still are some issues for me with the search suggestions: while they are working now if using duckduckgo as my default search engine, they still fail to show suggestions if the default engine is set to bing. While testing, I came across a weired issue as well: if I set default engine to duckduckgo and get some suggestions, then set the default engine back to bing, I still get those duckduckgo suggestions for my previously entered keyword. The icon however indicates the suggestion as being from bing.

    The issue with special keys (like backspace) not working in plugin (i.e. flash) content still seems to be open as well; if I press the backspace key inside a flash textarea, Vivaldi goes back to the previous page in history instead of only deleting the character left to the cursor.

  • **Bug :**Only 20 bookmarks can be opened at the same time when middle clicking on a bookmark folder in the Bookmark Sidepanel, regardless of how many more bookmarks that folder contain, only the first 20 will be opened, the rest will be ignored.

  • My update downloads are still stalling at about 38MB by the way. (x64, Win 7 x64)

  • Talking about misspelling:

    Dragging Speed Dials inside folder reloads start page (VB-14319): use the bookmark manger for now


  • All bookmarklets stopped working with this build. They were fine before 😞

  • You don't want to complicate newbie users so much. A simple guide to customize the browser to their needs is fine as they probably don't know you can do some stuff (coming from other browsers mainly) but you can't possible explain them everything as it will make it too complicated for them.

    This is why the defaults are similar to other browsers, but the more you use Vivaldi, the more you start to discover and start using the more powerful users.

    We need to remember that every power user was once a newbie. And every newbie will become a power user the more he starts to adapt his browser and learn the tricks. Once you learn and get used to something, its hard to switch to another alternative. This is why Opera had such a loyal fan base. It could be 1 single feature, or several, but that is more than enough so users stick with Vivaldi for ever.

  • I am glad about the new version always! I like this browser. πŸ™‚ The bookmark is problematic only for me.
    But i not use it the speedial function and need third party addons /move and delete /.
    And would be nice synch possibility. Save all options and addons.

    The option a menu does not work always. Need browser restart or reload page. PLS fix this.
    If I start the browser always the speedial appears. If my granted website is set then
    always. Is this needed? Thank You! πŸ™‚

  • Didn't you read the known issues?! :lol:

  • Why it turned spacing tabs? Please remove part of the UI that has no function, and leave the space for navigation, increasing the visual frame of the page. Like minimal skin on Opera 12, Ex.: Sask0.6

    ΒΏ ?


  • Mine too, been happening for a while.
    Fortunately it carries on from where it left off on a retry!

  • Win 7 64 Bit, 32 Bit Viv

    wzol Less than a minute ago
    All bookmarklets stopped working with this build. They were fine before

    All mine work fine…..

    You guys are AWESOME.... looks great seems fine, CPU 20% or so, RAM 2500 almost as good as FF but lets me use Vivaldi.

    The new sound indicator is nice IF my eyes don't fail getting small, a little hard to pick out of all. I'm sure < 50 years old will have no problem. Good work.

  • Thank you for the new build! Found a bug with top tab spacing. Remove tab spacing in maximized windows doesn't work as it should. Top space is removed only above Vivaldi button, tabs stays on the same position all the time.


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