Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • Poor silico, that's the one that got tossed off the glacier into the volcano so it doesn't let rip with more toxic gasses in one go than mankind made since the millennium of mammoth meat. :lol:

  • Why just one for developers, is there some reason everyone else should have to jump through hoops to turn off scripting? 😞

  • A lot of fixes - thank you! However, the bugs I mentioned a few times already are still here. I guess I'll just keep reporting them since I don't know any means (if any) to access some sort of a bug tracker.

    Bugs for both Linux (Slackware64 14.1) and Windows (Windows 10 64 bit):

    1. If you had any pages open and then close all tabs until the last empty tab remains and you start typing some address from your history, the autosuggestion works as expected , but you can't navigate other suggestions with cursor keys (up and down). Workaround for me: press Tab key two times, then cursor keys work.

    2. LastPass extension: I get blank pages whenever I try to open secure notes from the menu (not from the vault though), if I choose an account that requires LastPass's password re-prompt or if I try to save a new site. I have to use a different browser when I need these features, which is, luckily, not that often.

    3. The hotkeys on the page's source code tab don't work. And now the interesting part: the commands you tried to do with the hotkeys stack in memory and are executed as soon as you close the tab with the source code.


    4. Still unable to search from both address bar and search bar because the Enter key does not work unless I type a website address or prefix the search with a search engine keyword (for the address bar; it is impossible to search from the search bar). The bug is true for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Vivaldi.

  • Another problem in the bookmarks: I changed a thread URL I am following in my Bookmarks. I wanted to change another one and … impossible. Once I click in the field to change it, I automatically get the one I changed before. I tried to click on another one, same problem, made a full folder (6links), same problem

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    Were you working in the panel or the bookmark manager? If in the panel, you HAVE to turn off the editor (click on the little blue pencil) to start on another bookmark.

  • Oh, you do not have to send it to another window, just do this: hover over your stack to generate the applicable thumbnails; move pointer then onto the specific tab thumbnail you wish to unstack; right-click on it; select the option to remove from stack. Yes, yes, yes, i do agree this is more clumsy than simply being able to directly drag it out [which i hope will eventually come to us], but i've used this method just fine for many SS's now.

  • Yep, I gave up on the –disk-cache-dir=... options even back when I used Opera because it's hard to keep chasing down the many launch-related registry entries, shortcuts, etc. that sometimes get reset after upgrading.

    Now I just edit vivaldi.dll manually after every upgrade and use Junction folders in my %LocalAppData% profile that point to my ramdisk. Works a treat but even better would be a simple option in preferences that persisted between upgrades.

  • "Sometimes when I open a tab (mid-click, right-click"open in a background tab", etc) the tab does not open right next to the open tab on the right BUT on the left. and sometimes in between new tabs on the right side" –> yes, me too, for the last two SS's. I hope this will be fixed soon, as sometimes it's tricky for me to find some of these tabs [given i usually have many tens of open tabs]. Linux x64 Deb.

  • It was probably saved; just as session name "10" under the new 2016\03 folder structure. Check your Vivaldi profile folders. You can make the "10" session visible again by moving it back up a couple of levels (and renaming it if you wish).

  • Thank you thank you thank you for the hotkey to switch between light and dark themes! It is so handy to have, now I don’t have to dig into settings so much anymore!

    The only other hotkeys on my wishlist are to stack tabs (you can tile them horizontally, vertically, or by grid with hotkeys, but you still have to drag them to get them in a stack in the first place) and to change the order of tabs in the tab bar, just like Ctrl+Shift+PageUp/Down in Firefox.

    Thank you so much for this new version!

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    Clearly, Vivaldi wants to be the best browser for true web aficionados. In time, it's sure to be. In the meantime, it never hurts to be aware of anywhere that our only true competition (Opera) has stolen the march on us, and now I'm aware of two such areas: They beat us to the punch on fixing that damnable embedded-video Win10 browser freeze bug, and today they introduced built-in adblocker in their developer stream. I'm not indicating that Vivaldi ought to alter its development emphasis or path, but the more instances of "the only reason I don't make Vivaldi my default browser" that can be eliminated, the stronger our bragging rights are.

    Now I don't even use adblocking, and the video freezing thing is more an annoyance than an actual problem for me. In fact it never impacts me at all while I'm working, except in the rare even that I have to visit a social media site or a magazine site during a job. Still - Just sayin'…

  • We have added support for Ctrl, Shift and Middle click on bookmarks bar items

    still on the bookmarks bar is not working :

    • Pressing the middle mouse button on the folder !
    • Drag and drop bookmarks folder .
    • Edit the properties of the bookmarks in folders
    • creation of the new folder

    when you have to finish the bookmarks bar ?!
    without this use Vivaldi on a permanent basis is not possible !

  • I was also generally elated to read that pinch and stretch was added. Firstly, my preference would be that it was equivalent to other ways of zooming in Vivaldi, and thus reflected in the slider value and reset with apple-0. Secondly, it only seems to allow zoom levels above 100%, I've not noticed that in other OS X apps, and it's not a restriction in Vivaldi's normal zoom slider; is this intentional, or a bug, or are you working on some glitches that affect 10-99% but figured shipping 101%+ was worth doing in the meantime ?

  • This that annoy me in Vivaldi, currently:

    1. Close tab and to go to right (already confirmed to be in the works, thanks!)
    2. Disable middle click for Tab Previews (insanely annoying)
    3. Performance: it needs to be better, it's pretty good already, but needs to be way snappier
    X. The fact I can't save my password here on Vivaldi Community and it NEVER remembers my login.

  • It's by design, I doubt they'll get enough smarts in there any time soon to (1) satisfy us small minority who use either bareword single hostnames, and worse, hostnames like www.test to get to (2) not throw up a lot of false positives that confuse the majority of users when random search terms match with local dns entries (esp when some ISPs/services intercept and resolve all hostnames, to redirect non-existent domains to advertising pages, etc.

    Maybe if there was a 'no default search engine' option, we could still use 'g mysearch' in the address bar, but for now either we need to type http://, or type the bareword then pick it from your history if it's a site you often access, or disable search entirely in the address bar.

  • Opera is putting an adblocker in their browser? Are they trying to add back all their features? I thought they were now owned by Chinese interests.

    I use Web Boost, and would love an adblocker that can also do what Web Boost does built-in. I personally would like to see all the O12 features in version 2.0.

  • Still not sync?

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    If you'd like to donate twenty or thirty thousand dollars, I'm sure they'll do it right away. /snark. In brief, it is an expensive proposition - both in man-hours and hardware.

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    You don't want much. 20 years of development in 2 years or less? OK, then… 🙂

  • Please please please decouple "Switch tabs on scroll" into "Switch tabs whilst scrolling over the tab list" and "Scroll using RMB and Mouse wheel".

    I love RMB + Scroll for switching tabs too much to turn off the "Switch tabs on scroll" option, but with tabs on the left, the number of times I accidentally roll through 4-5 tabs instead of scrolling the active tab is just driving me insane!

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