Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • I agree with you on the opening a new tab within a tab stack to stay in that tab stack, or at least opening links should open a new tab within the stack.

    I'm not much of a 2nd tab row user, but I know a lot of users have been asking for it. A lot of people have also been asking for scrollable tab bar when they get too many tabs. I'll have to wait and see which of the 2 I would find useful, because I don't suffer too much from too many tabs, and I use tab stacks for everything related, so I make the most of it.

    Probably the biggest thing I want in Vivaldi at the moment(which sometimes changes) is the tab cycling. I want it to mimic O12 as much as possible. O12 has a vertical tab list with thumbnails and customizable keyboard shortcuts, and I can turn on right-click scrolling to cycle through tabs and have the mouse hover over tab scrolling disabled, because that's annoying. It makes for great navigation. It would make even more sense in Vivaldi because they've added hibernating tabs, and it would make it so easy to navigate through your tabs without activating a hibernated tab.

  • That's why I prefer Vivaldi over any other browser. Anyway, I must admit that it's still a little odd for me to read such a statement from Ruarí Ødegaard. I still remember his time at Opera ASA, after their switch to Blink as someone who tried to talk down individuell opinions and feedback with those famous and anonymous user statsitics. It was more like "yes we have a comment section, but no matter what opinion you might have, we don't mind since you are the meaningless minority". Of course I know that this was the opinion of the company he was working for and the fact that he works for Vivaldi now shows that he deserves a second chance 😃

  • Hi there, thanks for the update!
    2 bugs:
    1. When using RMB+MW to switch between tabs and the destination tab is still loading the "switch UI" get stuck. You have to press ESC to close it.
    2. When I have switched to a tab sometime the zoom focus didn't work. That means: Switch to a tab (e. g. via RMB+MW). Don't click into the webpage. You can scroll up/down but CTRL+ + / - won't zoom in/out until you finally click into the webpage once.

    2 features:
    1. Please enable CTRL+LMB / CTRL+SHIFT+LMB on speeddial!
    2. Please enable a webpage zoom greater than 300%. For me (partially sighted) it a must have… unfortunately.



    OS: WIndows 10 latest final build - x64

  • repeat request:
    can't select the ID name "- Vivaldi" as a running PROGRAM window
    in Task Manager.
    xp32 sp3
    Problem: can't select the ID name "- Vivaldi" as a running PROGRAM window in Task Manager.

    Others (that I use ;)) supply this:

    • Comodo Dragon
    • Opera (12:17)
    • Mozilla Firefox

    Task Manager examples: is not available - Comodo Dragon
    GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling - Opera
    Problem loading page - Mozilla Firefox

    Vivaldi: is not available
    Speed Dial…

    Thanks for the great work!!!!

  • Unfortunately that doesn't appear to be a sentiment shared by the community, they all seem to want Opera 2: return of Opera.

  • Very impressed by your statement about your browser's goals. I like Vivaldi and can see it potentially being a game changer in the modern browser market, at least for the advanced and professional users. That may not pay off in terms of overall market share, but you'll get a lot of grateful and loyal users out of it.

    That said, there's one more thing I'd like to comment on. When a webpage plays some kind of audio, the browser fades in the loudspeaker to disable sound from that particular tab and fades it out again, once the sound has concluded. Unfortunately, that's a really inconvenient way of doing it, when the webpage in question only plays a short sound like a ding reminder. I'd love a way to mute a tab, even when no sound is being played there at the moment. Please add a context-menu entry for that, when clicking on the tab header.

    Secondly, I think that feature would also work for hibernating, so users are able to hibernate those specific tabs they don't need one by one. Maybe add another user-customizable option too, like "hibernate all tabs not visited in x minutes", so only keep those tabs loaded that the user is actively using, while everything else is hibernated.

    Edit: I just thought of one more small detail for a more convenient use of the browser. I've set up my Firefox so I can use a click with the middle mouse button to reopen the last closed tab. Why not add an option to do that in Vivaldi too, either on the unused space in the tab-bar, on the trash icon or even both?

  • I get the same thing if I have the uBlock option set to block Web Fonts. Do you have uBlock or something similar blocking Web Fonts?

  • /Ambassador/

    I have just installed the latest version and now I can't open a website. When I click on a bookmark and speeddial link the site don't open. Is this a bug?

  • Folgore,

    Does that happen with the cursor Arrow keys?

    For me the Arrow keys don't move the cursor Up/Down when I edit a Bookmark, they scroll through the rest of the 'text info' for the other Bookmarks but the highlight stays on the currently selected Bookmark. The Enter key closes the editor too instead of adding a new line.

    Windows 7 x64 | Vivaldi x64

  • Ok, here are a few problems and a few requests for vivaldi browser:

    • I can not login on Yahoo Mail since Vivaldi block its cookies and I cant find whre to allow it; Solved on this new build..

    • Im running Vivaldi in pt-BR and some options are not translated, as for example: right click on some link and the option "open link in background tab" is not translated (a lot of options are not translated as well); Not solved..

    • Vivaldi browser is blocking ads by default and I cant see where to customize it. There are some ads I would like to see on news sites that I usualy visit, as,,,, etc.; Not solved..

    • There is no option to customize how Vivaldi open new tabs next to its parent one. Changing all the options Vivald has for tabbing browsing, there is no option to make Vivaldi always open new tabs "next" to its parents. Some times the tab is opened next to its parent but sometimes the tabs are opened "before" its parent and its sick and annoying..; not solved but now the tabs are going to right side of its parents and not to left side anymore..

    • Please, add the hability to Vivaldi open new tab "next" to its parent, regardless anything related to the parent tab; not solved..

    • Please, add the hability to Vivaldi always open next tab to its parent one when we close the parent one; not solved..

    • Please, consider add the option to "rearrenge" open tabs by time and/or name of opening the tabs. This can be a good thing so users can have all the tabs arranged by date, name, etc. not solved..

    • Add the option to customize Vivaldi browser so we can "remove" the "search bar" and rearrange vivaldi icons. not solved..

    • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Add an third option on "close tab options" so we can check to have Vivaldi ALWAYS opening the next tab when we close one tab, regardless its parents and things related to it. Just open the next tab on the main tabs when we close one tab. open the next to it.

    thats all for now. thanks for a great browser, thanks for listening to its users and im sorry about my poor english..

    EDIT.: I just updated beta3 to this new one and some things are working nicely, others not. post edited.

  • Moderator

    Probably need to clean your profile then. Sounds like you have something corrupted in your profile.

  • Yes, please!


    Make it with all of the features and functions of a modern yet fully mature browser too while you are at it but without all of the bugs and indifferent developers.

    And we want it now!

    Please. 😃


  • Moderator

    It's not a non-valid wish. This very desire, since Opera 12 is essentially irreplaceable in many people's minds, is what has drawn them to Vivaldi in the first place. Jon made the best user-centric browser in the world once. There is hope he can do it again. Certainly, Vivaldi will never be a carbon copy of Opera 12. That said, it was clear from the outset that it is Jon's EXPRESS intent to satisfy people who were never satisfied with anything other than OldeOpera.

  • Moderator

    Patience. You KNOW that there are things like password sync, password exporting, etc. somewhere in the future. Wand was a wonder, and I still hope to see something similar in Vivaldi down the road. It took me nearly a YEAR to break the ctrl+enter habit from old Opera days, and something like it would be a Godsend.

  • Moderator

    Indeed, the download manager needs some love!

  • Another thing: Please consider add the hability to drag and drop bookmarks into speeddial for usability.

    Add, too, the hability of "autocompleting" URLs when we try to add somoe link to speed dial. We have to type "http://" in order to have the add botton active so we add links to speed dial. This is annoyn..

  • Yes, I understand what you want but Vivaldi's not finished yet. Between you, me, and the fence post, I just copy a few files to a clean install after I make sure it works but don't tell anyone. 😉

    Like the e-mail client, a sync-server costs money and time and it won't work reliably until the file/format/directory structure is finalized. When they finish getting the specs enshrined on a couple of Post-It notes somewhere under the keyboard on Jon's desk, a sync-server will be useful. 😎

  • I'm sorry, but there's no word "hability" :). Probably you meant "ability".

  • Good to know, thanks.

  • Thanks once again for the hard work. Any possibility to have a built-in ad blocker? I usually use FF, Vivaldi and Opera (developer)…the later just released this feature and seems to work very well. A suspect that since is built in, doesn't slowdown the browser without compromising effectiveness.
    Sync is also badly needed.

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