Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

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    I didn't even know about this feature in O12 ! Thanks !!!


    "… just use one of those standard S-1798s and write in "pizza oven" where it says "machine gun"."

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    You can ask here, on the forum, on twitter, on facebook…
    But I think the best way to do it is to fill a bug report in the wizard, unless you know it has already been suggested there :

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    Today was the first time that Vivaldi updated for me to the latest build without any issues at all after a long long time. Thank you for that as well as for your continued efforts in making Vivaldi the browser that we've been missing for several years now!

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    Of course ! I'm pushing them hard to make a panel for the session manager, it would be awesome !!!

  • Great fixes, the browser works somehow faster now. However, icons on the main Vivaldi menu aren't shown (I have reported this for the last few snapshots).

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • Yeah, I just wasn't sure about that. Didn't want to overwhelm a bug report system with feature requests. I guess it doesn't work as I thought?

  • Less of a feature, more of a platform. Once you have the server farm you can start doing a lot more with it than sync.

  • Nice with the fast forward.

    Multiple rows of tabs and tab groups will keep me with Firefox (and lower memory footprint). Please, oh please, add multiple tab rows

  • VB-13507 is solved in Version: 1.0.418.3

    But there is a new big one in Notes:
    If you want to edit a Note and navigate with the up and down arrow keys within, it doesn't work. The Note content is invisible then.
    Opened VB-13946 for this behavior

    The problem is, I manage my Vivaldi bug reports, solved bug reports, features, etc in the Notes. Now its very hard to maintain these… 🙂


  • Bad issue: the browser now freezes regularly. I have been using this snapshot for some minutes now and its constant, every minute. Running Windows 8.1 x64 version.

  • This remind me:
    Where can I find a list of Vivaldi command line options? 🙂


  • Following bugs are not fixed yet:

    VB-10368: Tab history is limited to 6 webpages after restart
    VB-13714: Wrong Speed Dial favicon after Vivaldi starts

    VB-12547: Summary: Find in Page cannot be closed


  • Add Fast Forward and Rewind to Quick Command and keyboard shortcut list (VB-13304)

    I fail to find the fast Forward in the Shortcuts?

    Any Chance to get Gestures (Rightclick - move right and/or Left click + right click) like in the "good old Opera 12.X past"?

    Options -> Mouse ist not showing anything You could make me sooo happy!

  • @JanS.:

    Add Fast Forward and Rewind to Quick Command and keyboard shortcut list (VB-13304)

    I fail to find the fast Forward in the Shortcuts?

    You can find it in the Keyboard cheat sheet (Ctrl+F1) or in Settings >Keyboard in the page section.

  • Do not use the current password manager. Its not safe. Its using the default method that comes with Chromium which has no encryption what so ever. The only browser where its safe to use as far as I know is Firefox as long as you use a master password (which acts as the encryption key).

    Without a master password, I do not suggest anyone to store passwords in their systems, because malware or anything else can read them and very easily actually. Chrome actually has the most insecure password manager, of all browsers, which is the one that Vivaldi is using.

    So unless they rewrite this or put encryption over it with a master password, I advise you not to use it and disable password saving on websites. Use something like KeePass which can auto log into websites.

    Storing passwords in plain in your computer is not safe.

  • Sounds therapeutic!

  • The "average user" seems to me like the "average family" that governments talk about; a statistical fiction who one never seems to meet in real life.

  • Win 7 64 Bit, 32 Viv
    Not criticizing you just sympathizing with you…It's hell to be the only person with a certain problem isn't it ? A clean install fixed MANY of mine...(hint) have you tried that?

    If anyone was going to have problems it would be my old patched system but FINE in last builds.

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