Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • Opera is putting an adblocker in their browser? Are they trying to add back all their features? I thought they were now owned by Chinese interests.

    I use Web Boost, and would love an adblocker that can also do what Web Boost does built-in. I personally would like to see all the O12 features in version 2.0.

  • Still not sync?

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    If you'd like to donate twenty or thirty thousand dollars, I'm sure they'll do it right away. /snark. In brief, it is an expensive proposition - both in man-hours and hardware.

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    You don't want much. 20 years of development in 2 years or less? OK, then… 🙂

  • Please please please decouple "Switch tabs on scroll" into "Switch tabs whilst scrolling over the tab list" and "Scroll using RMB and Mouse wheel".

    I love RMB + Scroll for switching tabs too much to turn off the "Switch tabs on scroll" option, but with tabs on the left, the number of times I accidentally roll through 4-5 tabs instead of scrolling the active tab is just driving me insane!

  • I actually just did it again trying to scroll to the end of the comments here, waking up 16 tabs in my drive-by… argh!

  • Bug (regression)?
    New Tab Position | Next to Related Tabs doesn't apply to pinned tabs anymore.

    Apart from that, thanks a lot for this finest piece of elaborating software. It will become a real web diamond, for sure. 😃 😃


  • Re. Homepage problems:

    danielson is the third one reportin this. Search for homepage on this page to find two previous reports.

    Before I follow your suggestion and make a clean install (I actually use a portable install), could you please help further by answering the following questions:

    1. Have you tried using a homepage startup? OK?
    2. Tried homepage icon? OK?
    3. Browsed from homepage links? OK?
    4. Vivaldi installed normally or portable?
    5. On what OS are you?
    6. Are you affiliated with Vivaldi team?


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    My speed dial thumbnails were gone 😕 and once more the current session is being save fully, was restored only the pinned tabs

  • Magic !!
    Thanks for the hint
    I didn't noticed this because I normally don't have "Show Popup Thumbnails" activated - but it works indeed.

  • There is no complete list of what features are actually already build in but the closest to this is the following site:

    If you want to take a look of what is already requested you might visit the forum:
    you can write there some suggestions yourself if you like to.

    Although there are a lot of suggestions that only are in the comment section of this blog and/or are send to the devs via:

    So after all - as far as I know - there is no complete pool of suggestions but your customizeable mouse gestures were indeed requested a few times. (As far as I remember right they will be implemented but it still will take some time)

  • Thanks for the hint regarding µBlock and the web fonts, was wondering what the cause for this might be.

  • Today it is an adblocker - tommorow a (chinese) censorship tool…

  • May it be a workaround that you enter the IP-adress instead of "myserver" ?
    Of course this is annoying the frist time but vivaldi should remember that and when you type it the next time after one or two numbers there should be a suggestion for your destination.
    (This works for me accessing my router - because typing "fritzbox" results in the same misunderstanding as you described it, so I have to enter IP-adress)

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi. Look for VB-11458 wrt the Speed Dials and Ctrl and Shift in future updates.

  • As someone using standalone / portable installation (win 7 64bit - Viv 1.0.418.3 32bit) at work I took a look into this and found some more strange behaviour as you already mentioned in your comment a bit above this.

    First I switched from "start with last session" to "start with homepage" and entered a homepage.
    After that I saved all my tabs so I could work with them after I checked on this and closed Viv.
    Restarting Viv results in a blank page (not speed-dial) with no focus and a speed-dial page left of my site.

    So I shrugged shoulders and wanted to go on with work so I loaded my saved session and voila there appeared a "non exsiting tab" between the first speed-dial to the left and my loaded session to the right. Once you click on a tab you can't go back to that emptyness.

    A little confused I switched back from "start with homepage" to "start with last session" and closed Viv and restarted it.
    And - surprise, surprise - the "blank page" was loaded with the site I intended to be my homepage in the test above.

    So it looks like the homepage somehow misses to load correctly but the information seems to be there otherwise it wouldn't have loaded after my last step.

    (Side note: before I restarted Viv the last time with "start with last session" I closed the speed-dial tab to the left. Just wanted to say before there might be any confusions)

    Oh and by the way hompage button does work fine for me - but only as long as I have "start with last session" activated.

    Edit: I now saw that I screwed up the red bar in pic 2 and 3 - it should of course include all tabs to the right site… stupid tiny monitor I have to use at work -.-

  • crtl+click oh man how I miss this one

  • The only MDI part I want atm is the minimizing of tabs (the simulation of it). Specifically, Left-click on Tab = Activate Previous in Activation Order. It's already there as an option when closing a tab. Just need it when left-clicking a tab like in Opera 12.

  • Vivaldi Team

    I was going to leave this comment but I really feel I need to reply. To be honest I think that is a little unfair in how it portrays me. I never said anything remotely close to what you have placed in quotation marks (though I realise you did not intend them to come off as a true quote). Nor did I intentionally try to "talk down" individual opinions. Rather I suggested that it was unlikely we would implement certain requests given Opera's direction. This was true, so I really believe I was just being honest (rather than raising false hope). If you feel I could have phrased things better than I am genuinely sorry for any hurt feelings. It can certainly be tricky to find the right words when you have to involve the politics of the companies change in direction. I strive to remain professional at all times.

    To give you a bit of background on me. I would also like to point out, that I was one of the few who was not laid off from Opera when the Oslo desktop team closed. I actually quit Opera of my own choosing and then later was lucky enough to take a position at Vivaldi. In fact I had been considering leaving Opera for some time, prior to the Oslo team shut down ever being announced.

    You might wonder why I did not quit before. When Opera made the change to a Chromium-based browser I did hope/believe that we would be able to bring back at least some of the "old magic" (though I was not naive enough to think it would be the same) and to a small extent, in certain minor features we did (e.g. customisable shortcuts). In addition, no company like Vivaldi existed in Norway at the time. I could not see a better work option for me than Opera (despite all the changes). Not least because of all the friends I had working there with me (including some managers with different views to my own). Thus it made sense to stay and "make the most of it". I also never let up on my internal struggle to bring back the Linux platform, which eventually did return when we got two "new" (actually they had both worked for Opera before) devs assigned to work on it. I felt a lot of pride when that happened and was the happiest I had been in Opera for quite some time. Those two were supposed to be joining me in the Mac team, which I was leading at the time. I was involved in negotiating for them to work on Linux "full time", despite this not being the best option for "my" Mac team. After the return of Linux I was eventually allowed to switch back to Linux myself and carrying on making what was, at that stage (pre-Vivaldi), the best of the Chromium based browsers in my personal opinion.

    Of course when Vivaldi released the first pre-release I was jealous. It was very rough around the edges but the potential was clear. This was the beginning of me starting to once again question if Opera was still right for me. Eventually this culminated in me deciding to quit, which roughly aligned (by chance) with Opera shutting down the desktop team. When the lay offs were announced, I had expected to be "let go" as well and was quite surprised when they offered me a couple of different internal positions. I stuck to my guns and quit anyway. Not long after, I was lucky enough to find myself with a job at Vivaldi and the rest, as they say, is history.

  • You're the man, Ruari!

    You did the move of your life to join Jon's project.

    Also, thank you for "On Linux we fixed the problems with middle click pasting text selections in the URL field" - my life is complete now.

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