Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • Are you serious on this one? Keyboard events come to apps the same way regardless of the keyboard layout. Each key has its own code and it doesn't change. This works well in every other app, but this doesn't work at all in Vivaldi. The item in the menu bar gets highlighted as if it triggered, but nothing happens besides that.

  • well, menus need a redesign in every case to fix some problems… I sent some BUGS time ago if I recall right

  • In Opera you could select what action to assign to the middle-click so you can configure it in your way 😉

  • +10000 for the slimmer panel toggler!!!!! … The best I've seen is that implemented in OmniSidebar extension in Firefox... It's simply AWESOME 😎

  • command line switches are not always doable… Vivaldi should implement them properly through a preference file (ah, the good old .INI , how much I miss you )

  • I still have this behaviour where i close a tab, then use a "new tab" mouse gesture in the tab below, but vivaldi somehow thinks the links of the old tab are still there, and opens a link that doesn't even exist anymore (because "new tab" and "open link in new tab" have the same gesture). I've reported this, but never read about it anywhere else. Does anyone have the same problem?

  • That means:

    • no portable at all
    • you've no control over your password
    • you can't access your passwords if you recover the file from a broken hard drive, for example

    Seriously, Chromium password management sucks in so many ways that is hard to understand who the hell implemented it

    And speaking about convenience, the way Wand let you fill forms (a simple button on the toolbar… no search for input box on the page, not autofilling forms, etc) is still the best I've ever seen in my life...

  • "Show Tab Thumbnails": now tabs can't be resized when the option is disabled

  • Moderator

    I found a bug, in the previous version was not there.
    In the side panel of bookmarks, when you try to edit a bookmark happen that sometimes the address changes with that of another. It not always does, and I do not understand what it is determined. Restarting resolves temporarily but after some time it happens again.
    Bug very annoying.

  • Do you have any improvements planned for address bar history search/autocomplete? it's really slow and unresponsive
    Also could you make an option to not store search engine queries from address bar (things like "g whatever") as typed-in-address entries in address bar dropdown menu. Maybe move those directly to search bar history

  • Homepage handling

    Appreciate your work in this area very much, but…


    1. On startup: No homepage appears, only an empty tab.
    2. Click on any link in a homepage: The address bar is not being updated with a new target address (both when opening in the same and in a different tab).
    3. Click on a homepage icon: Sometimes does not react at all. (It is easily possible to bring Vivaldi to a state when it refuses to open homepage!)


    On clicking a homepage icon: Please open Homepage in a new tab (as in Opera 12.17)

    My settings:

    Startup with: Homepage
    Default Webpage Zoom: 110%
    Use tab zoom: OFF

  • I want to address an issue about words typed in address field. I don't know if this is by design or not. When we type a word and press enter in the address field, Vivialdi immediately searches that word in the search engine we have configured.
    But in my case I have intranet servers whose URL is just a word (without dots) and if I have to access then always have to prepend protocol in the address.

    For example. I want to access a server with address "http://myserver/", I type "myserver" in address field, Vivialdi searches "myserver" in Bing. That's annoying. To solve this I always have to type "http://myserver" to force a lookup to a DNS instead a Bing search.
    This is true for extended URLs too. For example. I type "myserver/myawsomepage", I get a Bing search on "myserver" and "myawsomepage" words.

    I'd like Vivaldi try to determine if a word is written in the address field is a valid server name access it, if not, to launch a search on the search engine configured.

  • - Ambassador -

    That's not intentional, and it is at the same time. Let me explain :
    The way Vivaldi is built, it's not really from the ground up, but from Chromium. It means that they have to replace each and every feature of Chromium by their own. Of course, it's a monumental work to do all, so they prioritized. First the browser UI, the bookmarks…
    But there are still some part that are raw Chromium : the site badge (site info), the history, and so on. You can test in Chromium, it's exactly the same dialogs.
    They will replace them, one by one, eventually. But having the Chromium features raw in the mean time allow to have a full (somewhat) functionning browser.
    So, having those bug is known, and somewhat accepted until the full feature is replaced 🙂

  • @espen:

    The two finger to zoom is completely independent of other zoom settings. Whether this is better or worse I am not quite sure. Some people prefer it like this and others perhaps not.

    You are right. But, I guess important questions are 1) what other apps do and 2) whether the mouse has the same functionality.

    For example of (1), on Preview, pinching is equivalent to changing the zoom level by other means: pinching is not a separate functionality but is just one of the several means of changing the zoom level. Perhaps Vivaldi would be better off if it behaves similarly to other common apps?

    As for (2), can this separate "pinching zoom" be controlled with other means than pinching? If this separate zoom level is useful enough, why not make it available more widely (on the mouse, from a menu, on a separate slider, etc.)?

    I don't have a firm conclusion, but these points seem to point to: it's perhaps better if the pinching is just one of the several means of controlling the main zoom level.

  • I do hope they replace them eventually, since they are actually very bad in Chrome.

  • Also do consider the mouse drag and drop functionality for search and url in new tab, for 1.0. I have been requesting this feature since ages. And still waiting for it to be implemented.

  • Ah, good to know that they will fully replace every Chromium site, menu, feature, list, etc. etc. and really make Vivaldi their own!

    I also hope they will eventually contribute to improving the Chromium code once they've expanded to enough people on the team, but I don't expect this to happen for at least another year.

  • One feature I'd like to see right now is a second row of tabs for easier management.

    I usually open many tabs with images consecutively (say, content from people I follow on deviantArt), and after I'm done seeing the images, I just go closing all the dA tabs. But I also leave some tabs that I am always using (e-mail, Vivaldi Blog, Japanese Dictionary, etc.) and some others from my previous session that I still don't want to close. If I could let those tabs I know I will close separated from the ones I want open all the time (pinned tabs is kinda of an improvement on that, but I don't want to pin all the tabs I don't want to close, especially because I will close them later on and I still want to see their titles).

    A second row of tabs would also allow for more tabs open without minimizing their size, if you don't want to stack them together.

    I also want to see improvements to groups of tabs. A tab within a group of stacked tabs should generate a new tab within the same group!

  • Oh, you sounded like a dev.

  • I'm asking for something simpler, like instead of a constant sync, just being able to make a snapshot-at-the-time-and-auto-upload type of backup.

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