Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • Another user above had the same problem, this is what worked for him:
    If you are using a different language than English in the UI maybe it helps to temporary switch to English, go to Settings - > Keyboard -> Page. "Fast Forward" should be right under "History Forward". Set a shortcut for it, switch back to your language and it should be visible there too.

  • Is there a fix for that nasty bug where Vivaldi randomly crashes and becomes unusable on sites with embedded content? There was the same bug in Opera, but it seems to be fixed for two versions now. That's basically the only dealbreaker with Vivaldi for me currently. Thank you

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    Not yet. The developers are working hard on it, though. It's a very difficult puzzle.

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    I'm quite sure one is not.

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    I couldn't do anything. I'm just a user like you.

  • Browser should not lost focus after click the green bar or the earth icon.

    And if info window is shown, it should close after next click on the green bar or earth icon.

  • Vivaldi doesn't seem to show numbers and symbols on several sites, and shows boxes with x in them instead. Is it happening to anybody else? Example:

  • oooo that way i can play a gif party and play video on twitter …. that make sense... it is say that browser not supported this format...

  • and for the bugs… i see you try to fix it the opening vivaldi with homepage. because i see the homepage not display and also the new tab not created... take a time k....

  • For me the most used features in MDI is "X" and "_" in top right corner for current tab.
    I think to add these little buttons is not so difficult. Maybe you do this in native window with horizontal menu? 😉

  • Vivaldi Team

    The two finger to zoom is completely independent of other zoom settings. Whether this is better or worse I am not quite sure. Some people prefer it like this and others perhaps not.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We are aware of this and there is a bug recorded. Some characters must be encoded before a file can be created.

  • Referring to Vivaldi's attitude, it's awesome that staff demonstrates interest on the users' behalf by reading the comments and making this clear by answering - the pure existence of this comment expresses much more than its contents.

    Especially awesome that there is no 'community manager' but developers and you reading the comments (even your marketing staff is pretty cool for sure, too, but they don't magically make features out of suggestions).

    So thanks, keep going!

  • I just want to share a little story here, if you don't mind.

    There was this discussion on a blog about Opera's new direction. Someone, a clearly power user said something along the lines that they hated this and that, why would Opera do this and not that, you know the drill. Then there came the reply: "Opera doesn't make their browser for you, but for the other n million users."
    This made me indescribably mad.
    This isn't about Opera, Vivaldi or Firefox, it is more simple than that. Am I not considered a valid user? Do my demands and wishes set me apart from anybody else? Did tech-savviness really become a negative trait that should be frowned upon?
    Thank you for making me a browser! Thank you for making me feel like I am important and valued too!

  • According to the [url=
    ]earlier survey sync is on top of their list.

    But Vivaldi explained about the absence of the mail client in current releases that they don't want an user to lose his mails under any circumstances - sync of bookmarks and settings is equally critical, I guess.

    But again referring the survey we can look forward to get this feature in the near future.

  • It would be nice though, to have a self-hosted sync. So allow users to either use their own server or, once set-up, Vivaldi's.

  • vivaldi crash EVERYTIME I click a link in telegram and qq

  • Hi guys, I really appreciate that you care to individual needs. :D:-)
    Please, could you answer this request I've sent four times, i.e. offer the same than Opera 12.17 with the tab functionality "Close All" ? As I explained previously, if I want to leave the browser and let it clean for the next opening, it is definitely more helpful than 1) "Close Other Tabs" then 2) "Close Tab". 😞
    I know I can do almost the same by setting "Startup with" to "Homepage", :idea: but it is not the behavior I expect: sometimes, I really need to quit with some opened tabs, then retreive them on the next opening. So I have to set "Startup with" to "Last Session".
    Thanks for your hard work and accessibility ! 😉

  • Speaking of tab stacking, I still would really like to see expandable tab stacks (like in those screenshots in the Opera 12 article).
    An »Ignore pinned tabs« option in the session management would be nice as well.

    Go Vivaldi, go! You good boy!

  • @Pesala:

    If you can allow resizing of tiled tabs, that will good enough IMO. It's already pretty useful for the most common scenarios, two tabs tiled vertically to save space, or the same tab in two horizontally tiled panels

    One feature of MDI I rely on very much is for example when I use popups to share contents. Tumblr sharing popup for example. Without MDI you've to work with the system taskbar but I don't show it while I browse so using the tabbar to manage the popup is much more convenient.

    Then there's the minimizing tabs feature that is quite useful too.

    And above all, as I always said, MDI can do ALL a Tabbed GUI does, but not vice-versa 😎

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