Snapshot 1.0.418.3 - Focusing on individual requirements, not statistics

  • Wow, you have to move it ever so slightly that it can be hard, but thanks for telling me about that! I don't know if they will fix is before stable version 1.0, but if they don't, I hope it's after.

    Another thing I want improved is the fullscreen toggle animation when you click fullscreen on YouTube videos and other videos. I wish it was as fast and not so laggy, at least like Opera 35. Safari on Mac is the best in this. All of this would make my video watching experience great!

    As for tab cycling, I want it to function exactly like O12. A vertical tab list, which even a thumbnail beside(option), and for the tab cycler to have customizable keyboard shortcuts, because I hate the ctrl + tab, I have my own keyboard shortcuts for moving left and right in tab display, but I'd like to do that with the tab cycler. I'd also like to turn off the scrolling with mouse hovering over the tab bar, but keep the right-click scroll in the tab cycler. Basically, I want Vivaldi's tab cycler to mimic O12's in every way possible. It makes for super efficient tab navigation and less irritation. I like tab cycling because I can go through tabs in display order without activating hibernated tabs.

    That, and a bunch of other small fixes and polishing is what I would love in the near future, and would have loved to see in version 1.0, but maybe very soon in the next version!

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    Vivaldi even beta must have more feature than any browsers your know and if no one of them got you so the browser is not for you so don't make requests, specially if you are asking in a stupid way.

  • FF isn't a super polished browser. I don't think many browsers are that polished, besides maybe Opera 35, which is a dumbed down version of O12, but polished nonetheless.

    And you gotta understand that FF has been through, what, 45 versions already? Vivaldi is in it's very first version. It's not going to be super feature-rich in the first version, but we do know that it will become the most feature-rich browser.

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    There already is a browser like Firefox. Vivaldi aims to be a browser like Vivaldi. Like no other.

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    here is not fixed too, i have two custom search engine and till now they don't have the favicons loaded, even i create the search again

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    i hope for a master password and a password sync

  • Mouse gestures customization, pleeeeeease (I'm addicted to RLR gesture from ancient Opera times that was used for closing tabs before your changed it to DR).

  • Random question to anyone that can answer: Why do people say Chromium isn't "customizable" like Gecko and is also more bloated? Can't any open-source software be as customizable as any other? Vivaldi has proven that their software is customizable and that customizability doesn't bloat the software up. I'm hoping someday Vivaldi can improve a lot of Chromium code to make it more efficient and customizable at the same time. Sorry to go off topic.

  • It's not just moving it between different windows but also keeping the state of the page intact instead of reloading the tab. When you have multiple windows open, trying to figure out the title that matches the one you want to put it in is very annoying instead of being able to visually rearrange everything the way you want. Also keeping the state of the page is important when you don't want to lose your place or are in the middle of editing something, or you have a video playing that will continue playing without reloading the tab and waiting for it to buffer again.

    For all the talk about power features, this is such a basic quality of UI feature that all other browsers have implemented for a long, long time already (even Microsoft Edge on Windows10 has it) that it's baffling that they aren't prioritizing it and should be done before they get to 1.0. It's the main reason I cannot use Vivaldi as my go to browser or recommend it to others.

  • Shots fired 😃 Thankyou for being the light at the end of the tunnel!

  • This can't be intentional, right?

    -Click the 'Site Info' icon to the left of any site address in the address bar
    -In that dialog, click 'Site settings"

    Site settings comes up, but in order to see all of it, you first have to dismiss the 'Site Info' dialog, which weirdly is still up at that point.

    That's the main problem. The secondary problem is that when you're done with 'Site settings,' you're left on a page that is completely blank except for the word "Vivaldi." I would think you should be left on the page you started on.

  • In this version I'm experiencing an issue in tab. Blank tab appears when I clicked a link to open a new tab, instead of the clicked link. It is unclickable and thus I cannot browse the opened page.

    If I clicked another link to open another tab, the newly opened tab becomes blank this time, and that previously opened blank tab becomes normal tab and now it can be browsed.

    I have used all snapshot until now but the same issue doesn't happen previous builds. Reproducability is 100% in my environment.

    OS: Windows 7 32bit, OS language: Japanese.
    Happens regardless of Vivaldi language settings or when disabling all extensions.

  • Mac: Implement OSX pinch two finger to zoom feature. Finally! Thank you!

    But, how should this feature interact with Vivaldi's zoom level? I'm not 100% sure but I have the feeling that it would be better if the pinch actually changes Vivaldi's zoom level. (Currently the pinch controls a separate zoom level, right?)

  • Vivaldi Team shows the Chromium command line options. Vivaldi itself have very few additional ones.

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    Do not use the current password manager. Its not safe. Its using the default method that comes with Chromium which has no encryption what so ever. The only browser where its safe to use as far as I know is Firefox as long as you use a master password (which acts as the encryption key).

    This is not true. The passwords are encrypted with the crypto api in Windows and the encryption is using a key that is unique for the hardware you are on.

  • Before anything else thanks for the amazing browser.
    Is there a place where I can check what features are already in the works or what other ppl already asked for, because I wanted to ask for custom mouse gestures but that seems so basic that someone else probably already asked but i'm not sure.

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    Volcano smoke is highly dangerous, and you can't breathe it in or you will be severely injured.

    Ahhh - what's a little silicovolcanoconiosis?

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    Not just the HARDWARE you are on, but the instance of Vivaldi as well. If you move a password file to another instance on the same machine, it cannot be read.

  • I'd love to get the Left click + right click for fast forward.

    Getting the keyboard shortcut is a big help, at least.

  • tried to use today's date (2016/03/10) as the name of my session. I just figured out that it wasn't saved right after I closed all my tabs and restarted the browser. thanks to 'Session Buddy' extension - it saved my day. Please fix this issue, sometimes it's convenient to use the date as the session's name.

    Edit: I found a workaround - gave the name 2016-03-10 and it worked. It would be a bit friendlier if I could edit the name though.

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