Vivaldi getting closer to 1.0. Beta 3 is here with New session load/save, tab zoom and a lot of new options!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Dear Friends,

    Spring is just around the corner so is Vivaldi 1.0. While we are waiting for it, we thought we would share the latest update with you.

    Since the Beta 2, our primary focus for this release has been on improving performance and stability, as well as polishing the design throughout Vivaldi UI. This includes adding a lot of new settings as always 🙂 and we have also added a few new features.

    Download here!

    See the full blog post here

  • Great! 🙂

  • Great work 😃 🙂

  • Moderator

    The Vivaldi Team make me proud! Great Work

  • Goood!

  • time for more tab options like "don't use active tab and open new tab" 😉

  • please add mmb on links in history to open tab in background, and auto reload control similar to opera 12

  • Is this essentially version 1.0.403.20? Thanks

  • Things are starting to get very good!
    I like the tab closing options.

  • Great work but I'm curious to when detachable tabs are coming. This is one of the most requested features on Reddit and in your forums as well. Many users cannot switch to Vivaldi without this since it's a real pain to work with multiple monitors this way. And the send to new Window functionality is not the same. Users tend to mix tabs all the time, send from one windows to the other, detach/attach and send it to background. Take another Windows from the second monitor and put it again on the primary and so on. This can only be done effectively by dragging tabs around between windows.

    This is one of the best feature Chrome introduced when others didn't had it yet. Today all browsers allow it. Its strange that is not hitting any beta or snapshot, it will probably require testing before going to release so that feature should hit a snapshot eventually.

    This is the biggest feature I'm waiting and a proper spell checker for multi language. I can even support not having sync or a proper password management, but without detachable tabs Vivaldi is mainly annoying to work with and relegated to one screen browser which is not fully taking advantage of its features and multi process capabilities.

  • I agree with you, I've been waiting for detachable tabs for quite long time. I feel like they need to be a MUST before releasing Vivaldi 1.0

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Awesome! Now to test. I want all the e-mails so am commenting. I would like an option to get them without commenting so I don't have to clutter the thread without saying anything of real substance.

  • Basically yes - the changes are more or less the update stream and the signature.

  • I really don't like that the background tabs are hibernating when starting the browser. I haven't found an option to solve this. Is there one?

  • Great and just in time for the weekend. Thanks for all the work you put into it. I like the new layout options to customize the browser.

    1. I kinda liked Opera's "coaster" tiles for Speed Dial, looks cleaner and easier to see the one i want, any plans on adding something similar to your Speed Dial / Bookmarks?
    2. If there is some way to see Page Actions without using Status Bar, i can't find it, and if there isn't one, can we have it as a shortcut key or via the menu atleast?

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Bugs that turned out to be a dealbreaker for me still haven't been fixed. Well, one of them kinda was, but only half way. These bugs affect both my Slackware Linux and Windows 10 installations. It would really suck if these bugs get in the final version.

    1. If you had any pages open and then close all tabs until the last empty tab remains and you start typing some address from your history, the autosuggestion works as expected (finally it was fixed; I had to temporarily switch browsers because of that), but you can't navigate other suggestions with cursor keys (up and down). Workaround for me: press Tab key two times, then cursor keys work.

    2. LastPass extension: I get blank pages whenever I try to open secure notes from the menu (not from the vault though) and if I choose an account that requires LastPass's password re-prompt. I have to use a different browser when I need these features, which is, luckily, not that often.

  • This is the part where we all say something meaningful:D

    Since this build is basically the exact same as the last snapshot, I won't download it.

    I think the progress has been good so far, and I can't wait until the final release! It's gonna be great when Vivaldi gets rid of that crash/freeze bug. Other things I'm looking forward to are speed/UI performance improvements when it comes to things like the panel, address bar, tab bar/opening and closing a new tab, etc.

    I would love fullscreen videos to operate like Opera 35, where the transition animation that occurs when you toggle fullscreen is faster and smoother like Opera 35(and if you wanna make it like Safari on Mac, even better!), and to have the mouse disappear for fullscreen videos. This would make YouTube so much more enjoyable and less irritating.

    That, and some more CPU/RAM optimization.

    Here's a list of some good suggestions I wrote, some of which would be great before the final, and the rest would probably come after the final:

  • I LOST ALL MY BOOKMARKS AND EXTENSIONS.. I have Vivaldi beta 3 on Windows 8.1 Update 1.. There's a way to recovery them with some program like ShadowExplorer? Pleaseee!

  • Pressing the wheel does not work in the bookmarks bar folder .


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