Snapshot 1.0.403.20 - Beta 3 is almost here

  • Vivaldi Team

    This build is a candidate for beta 3 release, with a few last critical changes to hopefully bring us up to beta quality.

    See the full blog post here

  • Vivaldi Translator


  • Thanks fpr the new SS, looking forward to see Beta 3.
    This bug which influence the browsing massively is not fixed yet:

    There is no instant indicator after opening a webpage or clicking a link. This is pretty confusing, because if a website is slow in loading/responding, there is no hint anywhere to the user, that vivaldi "got" the command to load a site. It's just a blank page (or the old page if clicking a link) and the "0B, 0/0" is not showing until the website is responding.

  • Writing something in the address bar and quickly press down, results in selecting something from the old result, and confusing the list selection.

  • Homepage handling issues: (when setting Start with Homepage is set)

    When opening homepage at startup, the "User Interface Zoom" setting is not being observed. Annoying.

    1. Please open only one tab on startup (i.e. only the Homepage, without a Speed dial).
    2. Please react on clicking the "Go to homepage" icon by (possibly optionally) opening the homepage in a new tab (i.e. as in Opera 12.17 instead in the current tab, as is now the case).

  • Please Imporve Bookmarks Bar and fixing issue when i press saving password ?? loading everthing is so slow ??
    sorry for may bad english , and Vivaldi look just beautiful , thanks 🙂

  • Vivaldi still interprets keyboard shortcuts on web applications on the browser level.
    Using Google Docs for instance - going for bold text (i.e Ctrl+B) results in going into Bookmarks Menu…

  • Hello. Windows 7 64-bit (64-bit Vivaldi)

    After update, all my speed-dials had reset to blank.

  • LastPass still doesn't work when adding sites, trying to edit saved ones, etc. Basically when it should open a new tab to show anything, it just opens a blank tab instead.


  • Thanks for the new snapshot! I just hope VB-11667 (Mac) can be considered before final rolls in. Another is VB-13537 regarding history in QC which is quite annoying when your history doesn't show up when you type. I guess those are the only bugs I want fixed more than anything right now.

    And I noticed it's still pretty hard to open up QC while a tab or page is trying to load. I recall it got fixed at one point but reappeared again. That a regression for you right there. VB-13703

  • Bump…
    or whatever is "it" these days!

    this is a vital part of any tabbed-based browsing...
    Opera uses a 'circle' indicator instead of Favicon while the tab is loading and I guess that is a standard implementation that Vivaldi may follow...

    BUT I know you guys are better than this so I'm hoping for a Tab Indicator to beat the other browsers implementation 😎

  • thanks for the snapshot, some unsolved issues (Linux 64, Ubuntu and Antergos Gnome)
    1 - full screen Flash content is still an issue on some websites ( in my case)
    2 - keyboard commands with extensions I use (mblock, https everywhere, duckduckgo, qwant) don't work
    3 - keyboard navigation is still spotty (shift+ right and left arrow work always, shift + up and down arrow sometimes stop working)
    4 - Flash again: full screen is useless, laggy beyond belief
    a couple of requests:
    1 - implement a context search function just like the ¨selection search¨ extension
    2 - auto-hide option for the bookmarks bar

  • It's faster, which is needed, but the mouse cursor still displays during fullscreen videos, and I would like it if it disappeared during fullscreen videos. The animation that occurs on videos when you toggle them fullscreen is also a little slow and laggy, and should at least replicate Opera 35.

    Yeah, the last snapshot was really slow somehow, but this one is faster already. Google took forever to load up in the last snapshot, but it seems okay now.

    I find that if I close Vivaldi and then open it up during my same Windows 10 session, that it doesn't make it any faster than it was before, unlike other programs. Can anyone tell me why?

  • Another bug: searching other search engines like yahooyahoo, and Bing does not work. Ex: shortcut for bing is b so in order to search bing I have to type b then press tab and type search term as in chrome. But in Vivaldi, pressing tab SWITCHES FOCUS to the right which is the search bar.

  • One great thing that someone mentioned in the forums: Bidirectional page loading. It would make scrolling through websites so much nicer! See it here:

  • Any info about VB-12405 ? I know Ruarí Ødegaard is running Linux as a main environment, surel you have noticed the bug :)))

  • I wish I could deactivate the loading animation in the adress bar.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Still carry the following bugs:

    1 - If you open with the middle mouse button to a folder that contains more than 20 bookmarks will be open ONLY 20 bookmarks, if there is a limit you must be able to choose how many bookmarks, if there are many bookmarks, the browser should ask "Do you really want to open all bookmarks?";
    2 - If you open with the middle mouse button a folder that has a subfolder is also open bookmarks subfolder;
    3 - If you open with the middle mouse button to a folder, the bookmarks do not open in the same order in which they appear in the folder, two versions is working properly.

    In "sorting by title" bookmark, you might have the ability to view folders first? Currently it is a bit confusing.

    PS: Some Lastpass functions still do not work, type in "Form Fills", "More Option", "Edit" opens a blank page.

    Thanks for the great work they make.

  • I have this problem with all recent Vivaldi versions: When I open a link in a new tab with shift-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) the link, the a new tab opens and the content appears, but the content also changes to the linked one on the original tab (where I clicked the link). If I do the same but instead I use the context menu, then all is ok - the content in the original tab is not changed.
    I am not sure if this is applicable to all web pages, but I can reproduce it with

  • I totally agree, it's essential to know whether the browser is working correctly or not and then act accordingly. +1 for the feature addition.


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