Snapshot 1.0.403.17 - Further fixes to saved sessions

  • Vivaldi Team

    Don't you love a surprise Friday snapshot? We have been hard at work over the last couple of days and wanted to share the latest fixes with you before the weekend. For sessions, we have added the missing delete button, fixed the problem with sessions of the same name and added in menu items for Mac. In addition the changelog includes fixes for some of our most frequently reported bugs. These changes fix a wider range of things than their titles might suggest, so give them a test and let us know if any of your worst issues are now resolved. Oh, and the team wishes you a fantastic weekend!

    See the full blog post here

  • Cool. Thanks for the update.
    Sounds really good.

  • Thanx for nice surprise!
    I start planning on uninstalling Opera for all my PC, really looking forward to that day 🙂
    Is it possible to get Vivaldi as a USB-version?
    I've tried the standalone installation, but didn't work. I use Opera-USB on different computers, would love to use Vivaldi the same way.

  • It would be easier if u bring the "open link in background tab" atop all the other options in the right-click menu like Firefox and Opera.

  • Also when we need a "Search or search in Google" option in the right-click menu of a selected text,.

  • A few important and useful fixes. Thank you!! :twisted:

  • feels really snappy !! Thnx 4 this pleasant surprise

  • So awesome! Also, my Vivaldi automatically asked to update! Don't know if this feature was just added, but it is soooo welcome! Vivaldi getting better and better with each release, I'd totally love to donate! Is that available?

  • Thanks oh i am Happy, you make my day 🙂
    Super cool 🙂

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Not right now, but will be in the futur 🙂

  • Would you please file a feature request here: Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Thanks for letting us know about it, have you filed a bug report already? If not, please let the dev team know about it here: Thanks 🙂

  • When is the mouse cursor during full screen videos gonna disappear, and the toggle full screen animation/transition gonna improve like Opera 35's?

  • Thanks, we don't accept donation yet but are very grateful to any endorsement and recommendation over the web. Please help us spread the word among all your friends 😉

  • I would be interested to know why did some users experience a faster startup but not others.

    Like someone else commented in the previous post, in my case the startup time is almost the same, but I see a blank splash screen now, then after a few seconds the whole GUI appears. I think this is related. Maybe I'm not supposed to see that white screen and just the whole browser once it finishes loading which gives you the impression it loads after?

  • (Sorry for the repost, but since I posted this in the previous snapshot just moments before the new one was released I was worried it would have gone unnoticed you know after going through the work of creating gifs to portray issues and everything)

    Wow, nice update guys. I feel like waiting a little longer for updates gives me more satisfaction after it actually arrives (most people here will probably disagree with this comment tho hehe).

    Anyways, I'm almost ready to move to Vivaldi now. Except for a few annoyances with the GUI behavior (opening and closing folders in the bookmark panel/page is inconsistent with double and single clicks, same with opening and closing side panels Example), all I am waiting for now is for what I consider the best thing ever invented by the team of the original Opera, custom Mouse Gestures.

    I love to have tabs on the sides because of tab preview, however the current default behavior for Mouse Gestures is unnatural for this specific layout. For example, in the case of side tabs, changing between previous and next tabs using "Mouse Gesture Up" and "Mouse Gesture Down" respectively, for me makes the process way more natural and intuitive. So I believe that being able to change the Mouse Gestures behavior in order to fit your layout and/or comfort is a huge deal. It improves navigation speed and makes the process way more intuitive. If we get this soon I will be the happiest man alive. The custom Mouse Gestures version I have in the original Opera was so good and made my navigation speed so fast and natural that to this date, I am still unable to drop Opera because of it. The Chrome extension alternative isn't good and it doesn't work on all pages of Vivaldi, so that's not an option.

    Anyways Great job and keep it coming!

  • Hello,

    I have thought about.
    Would not it be great if in the speed dial can change the size of the tiles?

    I have found that the tiles smaller in Operaare as in Vivaldi,
    so is certainly my impression.

    If you think the further you expect to make as
    Windows 10 tiles 4 large arbitrary sizes.

    As I said just a suggestion

    Greetings 🙂


  • It works slightly faster than the previous snapshot, but the icons in the main menu are gone, as they were in the previous snapshot. Other than that, keep up the great (and fast) work! 🙂

  • There is a cookie viewer in Settings (as usual), but only in Vivaldi you cannot select/copy any data from that.

    And can you add "close any tabs to the right" function?

  • Not sure where to put this, so i' ll add here.

    For VB-13387 problem solved after uninstalling Vivaldi AND removing every folder of it from my system.

    The thing is that i download it from my distros repo and i didn't notice that a new snapshot was out. So, there is a possibility that the new snapshot solved the problem 😕


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