Snapshot 1.0.390.3 - Crunch time in Iceland, death toll on bugs increases

  • Vivaldi Team

    Most of the team has flown over for a meetup in Iceland, so that we can work more closely and focus on getting those bug numbers down! Today's snapshot includes some important changes with new options to control Alt key mouse gestures and rocker gestures (as requested by you guys!), a big fix to extensions that enables Chromecast support for videos (this also fixes many other issues with extension popups), working background tab progress indicators, fixes to Quick commands and much more!

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks devs. Installed and I was waiting for the changelog.

  • I like the loading background indicator.
    I would actually prefer that on active tabs as well.

    The current indicator in the address bar is so big, that it's actually a bit annoying.

  • Great, thanks!

  • Wow that background loading indicator is great. Also thanks for fixing extensions popups. Could you at last get rid of this white square under favicons ?
    I'd like to have also:

    • "Paste and go in the new tab" function in url address menu
    • "Clone tab in background"
    • option to clone tab in the background after double clicking on it
    • opening a new tab from typing in search bar if current tab is other than speed dial
    • "Move to the new window in background" option in tab menu
    • dialog box confirming closure of the browser
    • adjustable hiding scroll-bars (like in Minimal Scrollbar extension)
    • dark theme for all the menus, dialog boxes, history, extensions, etc
    • session manager (like in Opera 12.x) and automatic saving of last tabs/windows and their history as session
    • history panel
    • links panel
    • option to automatically clean the cache from the disk after certain time
    • ability to change order of the search engines
    • already focused search box after opening History window + dynamic searching
    • bubble with tab titles when cursor above tabs
    • notification of downloaded files
    • double click on free space on the tabbar opens new tab
      My fix list

  • I was about to report a bug in the previous build whereby pressing Ctrl+T resulted in all ~50 of my sleeping tabs waking up (becoming persistent vivaldi.exe processes and not going away again) and everything slowing down.

    I have not been able to reproduce that issue in this build yet, so maybe it got fixed as a by-product of some other fixes? Will keep checking but thumbs up so far!

  • Grrr, chromium strings clean up is needed as far as the very first final is coming. At leat in the most visible places (like hypertext link's content menu…)
    see screenshot:

    and the same string ('New Tab') is reused from chromium here as well:

    not mentioning vivaldi:plugins and other yet chromium pages.
    second screenshot is reported as: VB-12713
    edit: my apologies for Czech UI in the screenshots.

  • THANK YOU! The Alt key for mouse gestures can be turned off, and browsing will be much less irritable!

    A couple of things:

    • Speed Dial thumbnails are still gone. The stock thumbnails are gone and it's the website's pages that are there.
    • The icon on the taskbar should be the bigger one, not the smaller one. This has been a problem for many months now.
    • Bring back open new tab next to active(and if you're gonna give options, might as well give options to go to tab on right or left when closing a tab).
    • Autosuggestion STILL doesn't suggest an URL instantaneously like other browsers do. It's gotten better in this snapshot for sure, but it still isn't amazing. I entered, closed it, opened a new tab and entered a "t" hoping it would suggest it, but it just stayed there without suggestion anything. At least works well though, but there is still work that needs to be done!
    • Give us the option to have our search input on the search bar forgotten immediately after entering it, and the option to open the search in a new tab. I would use the search bar ALL the time if this were given.
    • A light panel would be great, and make the panel thinner too.
    • Ability to discard tab stacks, and tabs within tab stacks, without unstacking the tab stack(that happens to me).
    • You didn't actually give an option to disable Alt key for the menu button. Where is that? I don't see it.

    Other suggestions will be coming as soon as I think of them.

  • Maybe it's too big but for me it's too little visible. What about loading indicator on active tab but coloured? Or current one in the address bar but coloured?

  • Hmm, tab colors seem to be wrong.
    If I use the same tab and clicks through the links in my bookmark bar, I get the color of the previous URL (easy to see from the favicon).
    I have seen this error in previous snapshots as well.

    Win7 x64 Vx32

  • I like into this way too. The current way for show the loading of the active tab is a bit ugly for me.

  • Awesome. Thanks guys. And have a nice time. πŸ™‚

  • The Bookmarks fix works perfectly well, and I'm glad to see a full Help page is to be added soon - we're getting closer to the final version! πŸ™‚ However, when running Netflix, I have faced a minor issue: I couldn't run Netflix until visiting vivaldi://components and updating the WidevineCdm component (the Netflix page itself instructs me to do so). When that's done, it works without a hitch.

    Keep the bug fixes coming, for now everything I use works. Good work! πŸ™‚

  • You also fixed an annoying bug I ran into a few times: when the setting "Color area behind tabs" is enabled, the audio icon that shows a sound is coming from a tab showed white, thus becoming barely identifiable. Now it shows in black, which you can see straight away. Bravo πŸ˜ƒ

  • Looking good. I think the only real major improvement I want right now is a simplified tab cycler menu. An option to disable the thumbnails and just show a list of the page titles instead, so you can see more than 5 tabs at a time.

  • Hi all,

    Having followed Vivaldi Browser's development closely for the past ten and a half months now, I decided that now would be a good time to finally join in on the discussions taking place on the Vivaldi Community blogs and forums.

    I'm really impressed with the way the browser is shaping up, seeing that it's only been 12 months since its inception. So much great coding and ingenuity has gone into it, so far, that it can already easily compete with any of the established browsers out there, even if it's still in beta stage.

    So, please, keep it up guys and girls, because this awesome Web browser, called Vivaldi, is what we need, what we want, what we can't do without!

    Oh, and while I'm at it, I'd like to mention two features that I'm really looking forward to being implemented in the browser, as soon as possible:

    1. Tab minimization.
    2. Opening and closing of the browser without open tabs.

    Both features were present in Presto-based Opera and I miss them a lot. Should they not already be on the team's to-do list, then, please, regard them as official feature requests.


    May the force be with you in Iceland!

  • I've started using F2 (quick commands) which defaults to showing the list of open tabs first (in recently used order on my setup). Shows just favicon, title and URL; enough to quickly locate the tab, and it's searchable too.

  • Out from under the rock you come. Warm greetings to you I give.

  • Great work!

    Still no separate default search engine settings for address bar and search bar. 😞

  • Vivaldi is starting to really shape up! A couple issues I still have on this latest snapshot:

    -LastPass reprompt does not seem to work. A new tab opens as it would in Chrome, but it's blank rather than having the LastPass password field.
    -Tabs can't be dragged-and-dropped between Vivaldi windows.

    Keep up the awesome work.


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