Snapshot 1.0.385.5 - Changes to tab opening and closing behaviour

  • Vivaldi Team

    For today's snapshot we have new default settings for tab opening and closing behavior. These defaults are now closer to how other popular browsers work but with further refinement, and of course (since we love options) you can still use our previous methods if you prefer them.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thank you for the new build!


    1- Middle click should open bookmarks bar subfolder items in a new background tab.

    2- Web panel fav icon should updated if web site changes that icon (for eg: does it when new message comes).

    3- Should be great an option to make every tab (just the tab!) with the dominant color, no just for active tab, also for background tabs.

    4- Option to insert a note in a textbox/textarea like Opera Presto does.

    Regards 🙂

  • Didn't try it out yet, but I would like the ability to disable the Alt key for menu and for mouse gestures. It's really irritating using Alt for keyboard shortcuts while I'm moving the mouse. Will you guys change that?

  • Excellent

  • Thanks a lot for fixing VB-11751. Any news regarding 11105 (Esc leaves fullscreen), 12493 (Strg+ Shortcuts do not work) and 12504 (invisible tab stack indicator)? 🙂

  • Nice bug with Bookmarks tab opened in the background:
    And you can interact with that thumbnail.

  • Great! Will definitely try it out until the next snapshot!
    But just from reading the explanation, I already know how you can improve it further:

    **-**Make the options to open closer to the "mother tab" or in the last position by domain (e.g. I might want all my deviantArt tabs to open next to each other, but I don't want it for Youtube, so having two domains behave differently would be more confortable);
    **-**Make an option to allow every stacked tab to generate a new tab in the same stack;

    Will try this new option out and see how much I like it.

    Oh, and before I forget:
    Speed Dial
    -Add option to use website icons or images from the internet (URL) or computer instead;
    -Add option to update all Dials at once by pressing F5 (DONE) or selecting the Refresh button;
    -Add option for more columns (up to 9 should be fine);
    -Make the zoom on the Speed Dial page independent from the UI Zoom;
    -Allow vacant spaces on Speed Dial page for easier management/reallocation;
    -Add option to disable X button on Dials;

    -Make option for Tab Colors to affect the active tab only, instead of the entirety of the upper UI;
    -Make an option for a second row of Tabs for easier management of multiple tabs;
    -Add option to make a grouped tab stack generate new tabs within the same group;
    -Add option to open new tab on the end of the row or close to the current tab based on domain;
    -Disable X button on Tabs (I remember seeing a mention of this feature, but couldn't find it anywhere on settings);

    Just a reminder 😃

  • Great improvements, I like the new tab settings and plan on keeping them 🙂 There is an issue, though: somehow, bookmark name editing doesn't work anymore… Also, when I create a new bookmark folder, it disappears in a few seconds...

  • This was my proposal! I have the same kind of thrill as when you get your song request played on the radio! 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for finally doing something about the tab closing behaviour. The tab opening options are very welcome, too.

    The parent/child relationship is still a bit unfamiliar for me, but it is working much better now!

  • Thanks for the tab opening / closing improvements - however this update completely broke private windows for me. The window is just all sorts of messed up and i can't actually search anything.. I'm on Windows 10 using 64-bit Vivaldi. Using the Dark theme.


    EDIT: Actually everything works now… I have no idea what went wrong at first, i didn't even restart the browser.

  • Unfortunately, the focus issue VB-11751 persists on my system (OSX 10.11.3), e.g., when clicking a link in Opera Mail or App Store. Did the fix actually make it into this build?

  • And allways again: GMX MailChecker still not working (VB-9592)

  • Also another bug I've had for a while;

    Open!forum/Chromium-dev and once you're on that page, try to edit the end of that URL from /Chromium-dev to /blink-dev, for example. Now press enter. You'd expect Vivaldi to go to the blink-dev group but instead it stays at the already opened Chromium-dev page. It of course works when opening a new tab and from there going to blink-dev for example, but that's not very convenient.

  • I can't download any of the Windows versions. I tried reload the page, save direct link and nada. Could you please verify this? I'm using Chrome in W10 since my Vivaldi doesn't open.

  • Much better. I've been hoping these changes would be coming soon. Thank you for implementing them!

  • Windows 10 made Vivaldi behave strangely for me too - that's why I went back to Windows 8.1. For instance, it wouldn't display the encryption details of each website… now it works fine. Perhaps it's W10.

  • I'm rolling with "New tab position: Always last" and "When closing a tab: Open next related tab". Question though, can we have some kind of visual indicator (color or highlighting) showing the relationships between tabs? This is important for cases where related tabs get split up, like in my setup.

  • Thanks for this build!

    I encountered a minor bug regarding the unread indicator:

    Upon starting Vivaldi with the "Startup with: Last session" option enabled, Vivaldi starts with the last used tab (for example: tab A). When I switch from tab A to another tab, tab A still has the unread indicator activated, even when tab A was open for a while.

    Vivaldi 1.0.385.5 (32 bit), windows 8.1 (64 bit).

  • FWIW, this and the previous Snapshot update downloading have both stalled at 32.9 Mb, though they both resumed downloading just fine when update restarted. As well, both updates required a browser restart before the interface would respond to browsing URL commands (either from address bar or clicking on bookmark bar member). Previously, I haven't had to perform a DL resume or a browser restart after install. Win7-32bit Pro. Otherwise, the new version is purring like a kitten thus far.


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