Snapshot 1.0.380.2 - Bug fixes and new Settings

  • Yes, I hide my status bar too, as I don't want it. I have the status bar overlay option checked, so I can see the URL when I hover over it. My only request was to put the status bar overlay at the very bottom left corner. You can see it's a little bit off the corner, both when you have your tabs at the bottom and when you have your tabs at the top(I have mine at the bottom at all times). I would like the status bar overlay to be at the very bottom corner, touching the corner like every other browser. And if you have tabs at the bottom, then it would be at the bottom left corner touching where the tab bar starts.

  • How about add mouse gestures draw path option?

  • OK, Thank you for your detailed explanation.

    If it works as intended then I'm fine with that.
    I just misunderstood what how the function is intended. :oops:
    Initially I thought that the overlay feature woud make the statusbar appear and disappear on mouse-over or something like that.

    It's nice to have the option, you just need to now what it does.

  • Totally agree! please think about implementing the expendable stack tabs

  • - Ambassador -

    BPG ([Better Portable Graphics]]( looks promising. I found that it works well in Firefox with the Javascript.

    However, getting a format widely adopted is difficult. IrfanView can now be used to view APNG animations, but it doesn't edit or save them. APNG Assembler is good for creating them from individual PNG frames.

    I like them because A Single APNG Image can display tabbed dialogues in the space taken by a single frame.

  • Vivaldi Team

    You could try to use a downloaded package as a standalone install. That will be the same as clean setup. How that is done is explained here:

  • I second this!
    Also, opening an external link (e.g. in a mail program) in Vivaldi should open the tab at the last position.
    You can have a look at Opera (yuck) from version 15 on - there it works very well.

  • VB-12291 Tab context menu does not hide tab preview

    In my case tab context menu still doesn't hide tab preview.
    Tabs position = bottom.

    Plus if tab bar already has static tab preview, why it also has popup with tab preview? πŸ™‚ Bug?

  • Tabs Options / Display Close button - now it doesn't work πŸ˜• On mouse hover it display.

  • I am missing the option to show google results in adressbar, whil typing (as in opera). is this going to be a feature?

  • Thanks. I found downloaded files. To dev team: please fix this issue.

  • –-

  • @sailormax:

    Plus if tab bar already has static tab preview, why it also has popup with tab preview? πŸ™‚ Bug?

    You need the priview when you use stacked tabs.

  • Bug: Not possible to write a slash at end of the url
    1. visit http://localhost
    2. try to write / at the end of the url -> it doesn't work

  • hm, I read that article and for example I don't understand what "ar p vivaldi-snapshot_1.0.365.3-1_amd64.deb data.tar.xz | tar -xJf- –strip 2 ./opt" would be exactly doing. Seems to be extracting a deb-package, and of course I would have to adapt the name of the package. But where is the destination of that particular command? Is it ./opt ? But there seems to be already the place where vivaldi-snapshot is installed, so I would overwrite parts of my installation? As I can see in synaptic, there are a few other places, where some files are normally installed, like in usr/bin and in usr/share, what about them?

    You see, I don't "see fit" to try this. The risk of screwing up my system is probably to high. So I keep pressing "esc" whenever I start Vivaldi and hope somebody will fix this in the future.

  • Found a bug using "Find in Page".
    1. Open a new Tab, Speed Dial is showing
    2. Open a page, start "Find in Page", search for a word within the page
    3. Go back to Speed Dial, Now "Find in Page" cannot be closed with the X
    Opened bug report VB-12547


  • Open Bugs:

    • Tab history is limited to the last 6 websites after a restart of Vivaldi
      Key: VB-10368 Please, please fix this!!!

    Ctrl-f, Find in Page:

    • toggle Ctrl-f does not close the search (but ESC works)
    • cannot be closed if going back to Speed Dial


    • if you start Vivaldi with the Notes or open Notes the 1st time after
      Vivaldi starts, the content of the active note is empty

    •, captcha entry is wrong every time
      Key: VB-10363

  • Moderator

    I just noticed that folders on the bookmarks bar have favicons in them. How long has that been the case? (still no context menu for bookmarks bar items in folders, however)

  • Feature Requsts:

    • add sort within stacked tabs !!!

    Ctrl-f, Find in Page:

    • toggle Ctrl-f does not close the search (but Esc works)
    • history for Find in Page
    • integrate Find in Page in the status bar


    • add bookmarks manager into Tools menu
    • open bookmarks in new tab (new point in settings)


    • can speed dial be set as homescreen?
    • safe as bookmark, subfolder should be indented

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yep. We identified the cause for that today and a test build worked on my machine using 10.9.5. So hopefully gone in next snapshot.

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