Snapshot 1.0.380.2 - Bug fixes and new Settings

  • Plus typing "h something" in the address bar should open and search the history for "something".

  • speaking about colouring…

    this is simply... awful... no offence but... see yourself 😃 menu is not visible, addressbar is barely visible, the red space at the end of the tab bar is not looking nice at all etc... simply not good.
    edit: sorry for the Czech interface.

  • yea, it doesn't look good with tabs on the side
    I don't use it that way, but…

  • - Ambassador -

    The APNG Chrome Plugin seems to have stopped working,

    On this page for example

  • Moderator

    Hello, found the following errors:

    • Even by unchecking "Display Close Button" in menu tabs, the button is displayed when you hover over the tab. In the previous version it worked properly.
    • When you drag a URL in your bookmarks, the title is not to tab but the same address;

    Requests 🙂

    • In "sorting by title" bookmark, you might have the ability to view folders first? Currently it is a bit confusing:
    • Add options for tabs closing, for example "Activate Tab After Tab Closing":
      First tab
      Last tab
      Right tab
      Left tab
      In activated order

    Thank you.

  • Moderator

    1. Use MMB in "History folder" doesn't open tabs in background. MMB work like LMB
    2. Tab cycling - setting "Cycle in tab order" work like "Cycle in recently used order" win7
    3. Dynamic search and suggestions - google, bing…
    4. Lack of thumbnails Possibility to choose the look of thumbnails speed dial
    5. BUG Folders bar (bookmarks) is outside of the browser. Lost the mark "+"

  • ok, didn't know about this, tried it and it seemed to work in the first place. After a while there was no 'resume' possible anymore (tried it with downloadinig vivaldi itself).

    These options mentioned are for people with a slow connection - and my place has only 448 kbit - so it's been an often annoying thing to restart a bigger download after a timeout for example.

  • Ok, thanks! But the big ones are still missing (in my order):

    • Mail/RSS
    • Speed (!!!)
    • moveable/customizable/skinnable UI as in old Opera (I want the clock back!)
    • Sync
      Anyway, I'm thankful for what you guys gave us already. Vivaldi is rad!

  • Windows 10 theme color for background would be nice to.

  • in fact the download even seems to carry on after a stop. Even when the browser is closed it stays active. So you can't recommend this feature.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Opera 12 was not perfect. Open many pages on a forum or news site, and you realize that storing the zoom setting per page and having to zoom in every page isn't really very comfortable.

  • have you filed a bugreport?

  • that's why I said 'not sure if/how it's working' 😛 and that's why there is a warning on the internal page (vivaldi:flags).

    Simply, it needs some time. They have way too long list of things that need to be done and download resumption is surely on their list, too (somewhere).

  • It seems that restart button of download panel doesn't work correctly.
    Progress bar is surely finish, but there are no file in download folder.
    Win 10 home 64bit + Vivaldi 64bit.

  • Moderator

    if you add a web panel for the url 'vivaldi://history;, it does add one, but the page doesn't really size correctly. if the page could be made to size correctly then that would be a good enough replacement until a proper history panel gets made

  • Moderator

    Speed is definitely still an issue. I press Ctrl+T and need to wait around 1 second before a new tab opens

  • Great! That's what I like to see, a nice list of bug fixes and new settings! And although I know you are hard at work with each snapshot, I still want to go over a few wishilist items and changes again:

    Speed Dial
    -Add option to use website icons or images from the internet (URL) or computer instead;
    -Add option to update all Dials at once by pressing F5 or selecting the command on the Left Click Menu;
    -Add option for more columns;
    -Make the zoom on the Speed Dial page independent from the UI Zoom;
    -Allow vacant spaces on Speed Dial page for easier management/reallocation;
    -Add option to disable X button on Dials;

    -Make option for Tab Colors to affect the active tab only, instead of the entirety of the upper UI;
    -Make an option for a second row of Tabs for easier management of multiple tabs;
    -Add option to make a grouped tab stack generate new tabs within the same group;
    -Add option to open new tab on the end of the row or close to the current tab based on domain;
    -Disable X button on Tabs (I remember seeing a mention of this feature, but couldn't find it anywhere on settings);

    -Vivaldi still uses a lot of CPU, sometimes even mundane tasks can use 100% from time to time;
    -Before running Vivaldi, CPU usage is at 1%. After opening and closing Vivaldi (all Vivaldi processes terminated), CPU usage stays at 20% or more, no programs running - only happens with Vivaldi;
    -Memory usage skyrockets upon start; Vivaldi still consumes most of the memory available, not allowing programs on the background to run, unless you are fine with a sluggish PC;
    -UI still sluggish in some instances, taking too long to open new tabs or accept new commands;

    Windows 7x64, Intel i3 Core 3.1GHz, 4GB RAM shared with video.
    Vivaldi 64-bits.

  • Still crashes immediately on startup on OSX 10.9.5. 😞

  • I wouldn't mind having that as an option, to have domains linked or not linked when zooming.
    My reason for not linking is: Many times i'm comparing several texture images on the same site with different resolutions, so some i would like to zoom more than others.

  • well, I didn't expect a perfect feature. Otherwise it wouldn't be hidden like that. At the moment I start 'bigger' downloads like a new distro or a video with FF - after a few failed attempts with vivaldi I lost patience. But if something like downloading isn't a big issue, then what? Colored tab-areas? New background pictures for speed-dial? Sorry, but a solid basic functionality should come first.

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