Snapshot 1.0.380.2 - Bug fixes and new Settings

  • well, I didn't expect a perfect feature. Otherwise it wouldn't be hidden like that. At the moment I start 'bigger' downloads like a new distro or a video with FF - after a few failed attempts with vivaldi I lost patience. But if something like downloading isn't a big issue, then what? Colored tab-areas? New background pictures for speed-dial? Sorry, but a solid basic functionality should come first.

  • Beat me when I'm wrong but those are extensions not favourite icons. But yes your idea is nice, I would like that to have in my browser.

  • I still have this weird problem with links that are still there after the page has closed: I open two websites, then close one of them, so the other is visible. If i then use the new tab mouse gesture (right click, mouse down) in a place where the closed page had a link, then the link is still opened (as the "open in new tab" mouse gesture is the same). The link should be gone with the page as soon as I close it. Strange stuff. Does anyone else have the same problem? It constantly makes me accidentally open 9gag ad banner links.^^

    Anyway, thanks for the update and your great browser!

  • "-Add option to update all Dials at once by pressing F5 "
    -> F5 is working fine for me to update all dials.

    "Add option for more columns;"
    -> Option exists, just take a lot under settings-speeddial

  • Vivaldi Team

    We will be providing an option. I also miss pr tab zoom settings.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Please note that if you enable single key shortcuts, 6 works already as a way to reset zoom.


  • Vivaldi Translator

    VB-2752 WhatsApp Web - browser sniffer blocks Vivaldi: tell Whatsapp we are Chrome
    Appears not solved for me (Viv-32bit on W10-64bit)
    Any ideas/suggestions? Uninstall-reinstall?

  • Awesome improvements! The new appearance setting comes in extremely handy, as it is a bit annoying to have the tabs' colour change with respect to the page I'm visiting (because sometimes the text is a bit hard to read and it looses efficiency), but having the background use the page's colour is both beautiful and practical. However, Whatsapp Web isn't working still 😞

  • I'm running 64bit Windows 8.1 and it isn't solved in my case either 😞

  • Thanks for the update! I'll check it out. But can you please, please, please add the option to disable the Alt key for mouse gestures and the menu? It's super irritating as I'm a keyboard user who likes to use keyboard shortcuts with Alt a lot, and when I move the mouse while touching the Alt key, I often go back a page as that's the mouse gesture.

    Also, the color behind active tabs doesn't look great when you have your tabs at the bottom. Could you make the address bar's color change as well?

  • Tried updating Dials with F5. This is the first snapshot this worked.

    As for columns, I know you can adjust the numbers in Settings. The problem is that 6 is the cap for the number of columns - I want 8! Some people want 10! We need more!

  • Vivaldi Team

    This will throw the page out of memory. This is to be used on background tabs if you want to save a bit of memory, but do not want to restart.

  • @mozpri:

    Windows 10 theme color for background would be nice to.

    Vivaldi had try it with using native apperance in option. But not full support it yet. Have a useless bar on top . Nothing is usefulness right now. May be in future it is will be have better UI.

  • Quick commands no longer launch a page after typing in a bookmark's nickname.

  • Thx for updates.

    Will we ever get back middle mouse click for new tab? I miss that so much.

  • "Clear browser cache" solved the problem for me… it's working fine now
    Windows 10 64bit , Vivaldi 64bit

  • Great! Additionally, it'd be neat to have zoom in web panels as well.

  • Great! Additionally, it'd be neat to have zoom in web panels as well.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We are adding direct access to the history in current internal builds. From Tools menu and with a default shortcut. Did not make it into this snapshot. A history panel is nice as well, but that is a bit further away.

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