Snapshot 1.0.380.2 - Bug fixes and new Settings

  • Vivaldi Team

    We're working on something. But I'm not promising anything soon 😉

  • Vivaldi Team

    Will be fixed in the next snapshot.

  • Vivaldi Team

    If the favicon color does not have sufficient contrast for readability, we default to the Vivaldi red. We also support the meta tag theme-color, which would override the favicon, so in some cases you'll see a different color than the one in the favicon.

  • And its not completely working, you cannot drag and drop your calculated route.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks, I'll look into that bug.

  • For me it does not work. I delete the cache, I removed the cookies from whatsapp, I restarted the browser - but it still proposes to use a proper browser.

  • I don't have the time to hunt it down, hopefully I take not in Windows setup. But can't find it in Vivaldi either, I am willing to try it and thanks for help a little guidance please.

    PS: CPU Only a Core 2 T9400 fast graphics card and SSD it does everything I need. After the PILE of computers I have in 31 years I'm tired of the CONSTANT upgrade channel. Used to enjoy it no longer so, turned into a miserly grumpy old man!

  • Hello there, I was just a passive reader since the beginning of vivaldi, well until now…;)
    I like the browser a lot and have really grown fund of the feature of stacking tabs and tiling them. As I use this feature quite a lot at work it would be great to have the option of opening a new tab in the same tab-stack. Now i always have to open the tab and then drag it into the stack.
    Two bugs which I don't see anyone mentioning:

    • it's not possible to drag a url to bookmarks / it would also be great if you could drag a tab to bookmarks
    • in speed dial if you create a new folder and delete it, you "stay" in this folder, the folder also does not get deleted in the bookmarks

    keep up the good work!

  • Is there a way to get Vivaldi to discover the color of the favicon on Deviant Art? I sometimes use that too, and I wish it was green like the favicon.

  • Yes, it's kind of buggy. Sometimes I'll be in a video on a website and the status bar overlay will be there at the bottom.

    Also, I have my tabs at the bottom at all times, and the status bar overlay still leaves some space between it and the tab space at the bottom left corner. I wish it would be moved to be at the very corner of the space, touching the tab space, like how other browsers have their status bar overlay at the bottom left corner.

  • Moderator

    Well, zoom is adjustable without the bar, panel bar can be opened/closed without the panel button, tiling has keyboard shortcuts, and other of the functions may be programmable through keyboard shortcuts - don't know for sure. Status overlay is performing exactly as designed, since it was never intended to be more than the ability to select whether URL shows on hover (without the bar) or not. Until it was (recently) implemented, Vivaldi lacked the ability to display URL on hover unless the status bar was shown, and not everyone WANTS the status bar shown, nor uses the functions on it. I, for one, don't use these functions, so I save space by hiding it.

  • Yes, I would imagine this would probably be looked at, since they want it to be consistent with wherever the user has their tabs. I have my tabs at the bottom at all times, as I like it that way.

  • +1 for new tab in tab stack!
    And, as I already wrote in the forum, it would be great if the tab stacks are expandable (like in Opera 12)

  • @D0J0P:

    Do you mean to choose a color different from the background of the website or background of the tabs?

    The background color of the tabbar. In my case, the background color of the tabbar is dark gray (from Vivaldi's dark theme). So, when Vivaldi chooses a dark shade of gray for the active-tab color of a tab, it's hard to tell whether that tab is active or not.

  • I just noticed on OS X that when you switch from fullscreen (not maximise) back to normal the title of the actual title bar is overlaying the custom title bar.

  • May I ask for one feature: Custom colors for tabs based on the site. This would really be helpful to distinguish my dev, stage and prod environments and avoid misplaced commands.


  • I had two tabs open and the browser is making my laptop really hot and my fan is blowing really fast. When will this be optimized? Overall, I love the browser! I can wait to make it my default browser!

  • Horeeey….. it is coming.... @sajadi this laa i'm talking about. the features browser - native color theme taking from OS like Windows 10...

  • the dev team has spoken, that native theme from OS will be coming…..
    hip2 horey... huhuhuhuhuuu

  • Ah, I see. I wouldn't know too much about that as I use the light UI, and have no problems noticing which is the active tab and which isn't. My setup is: active tab with color, not the inactive like the new SS, background tabs transparent, and tabs at the bottom. Makes it super easy for viewing and looks intuitive IMO.

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