Snapshot 1.0.375.3 - Over fifty further fixes and improvements

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot focuses on bug fixing, with more than fifty fixes and improvements since last build.

    See the full blog post here

  • nothing i wished to be fixed :( every single feature has at least one irritating bug and few less irritating… i just hope you won't release stable knowing there are such bugs, like opera is doing since switching to chromium

    keep up the work, thanks

  • thanks

  • Thanks Ruari, a huge changelog, that's what I like to see! :D
    With regards to VB-11791, the mouse wheel zooming is now more sensible than it was before, but why doesn't it zoom the page content just with Ctrl+ the wheel like Opera 12? Why have to press Shift too? Cheers, Dave. :)

  • Still no tab closing options :( And the installer again doesn't ask for elevated rights under Windows, this was fixed in some snapshots before.

  • When tab is pinned and there is an audio playback (mute) icon on it, it's very hard to open it because of that icon. It should disappear or move to the context menu on pinned tabs.
    Btw, the new darker red color now doesn't match vivaldi icon color.

  • Thanks for the Windows build! :D
    But I hope you're still looking into VB-11667 regarding closing of last tab (Mac).

  • Love the bookmarklet work.

    I noticed though that when entering a javascript URL in the address field of the start page, I'm redirected to about:blank. That's fine as I can then retype the URL on that page to make it work. However, it'd be better if after I'm redirected to about:blank, the javascript URL I entered was invoked. Either that or entering a javascript URL in the address field of the start/speeddial page should invoke execution in an about:blank context instead of doing a redirect.

  • VB-332 [Windows] Import data: wheel keeps spinning if Opera 12 doesn't exists

    How's possible not having Opera 12 installed? :D

  • The headline is missing an "r" in further :wink:

  • for example: VB-10948 - missing "clone tab" setting in hotkeys list. it's frustrating not to have it and it should not be a problem (from what i can guess basing on my programming knowledge) to add

  • some expectation when the sync is working?

  • Actually I agree with you on that idea and following it :) Thanks for the bug.

  • Thanks for VB-207 great Job :)

  • The right click+scroll wheel gesture to switch tabs doesn't seem to be working for me on Fedora 20.

    Edit: I see it's a setting now under tab settings - sorry for wasting comment space.

  • Mouse gestures doesn't work on Speed Dial on Linux. Opens context menu instead.

  • Thanks for your work. I'm especially pleased to see VB-9113 resolved. I haven't seen it in the changelog, but apparently the problem with bookmarklets leading to about:blank was resolved somehow in this build! I can now finally start using Vivaldi on a regular basis.

  • Thank you for Bookmarklet support! You are great! :)

  • Such a great build, I really like color and other little improvements that keep making this browser greater. I specially enjoy the new icons in the menus, the wider customization settings (probably one of the best and most original things of Vivaldi) and the Secure Connection icons displaying details of the connection upon a click (which didn't work before). The experience now feels incredibly polished as the final release gets closer… Keep up the wonderful work! :)

  • this version starts again fullscreen on my xubuntu-machine (like the last one), it's a bit annoying

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