Snapshot 1.0.352.3 - New options and better fonts for Chinese users

  • Vivaldi Team

    Following our successful beta 2 launch yesterday, we have even more improvements for you in today's snapshot, with new options for: tab opening position, URL protocol display and autocomplete behaviour. We also improved the font used in our UI for Chinese users.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks for the new release. I expected Beta 2 to be the last before the holidays.

    The last two snapshots I've had trouble with downloading the updates (both through the autoupdate and the links above). They tend to stop about halfway through. I'm on the 64-bit version (Windows 7).

  • win10 x64. Vivaldi x32
    If create a folder on the bookmarks bar (horizontal personal bookmarks bar under the address bar) and put the bookmark.
    then these bookmarks:
    1. do not display icons sites
    2. not running, pressing the mouse wheel
    3. does not work, the context menu by clicking the second mouse button
    4.Do not work drag and drop

    and by the same folder on the bookmarks bar.

    Also, it does not operate normally extension - Translator http://

    These two problems do not allow me to make a major Vivaldi browser.

  • Woohoo
    I am pretty excited about the autocomplete enable / disable function.
    Thanks a lot.

  • well, autoupdate works fine here. Fast and without tend to stop…
    W8.1 w64 with x32 builds...

  • FINALLY! Open new tab next to active is here! I've been asking for that for a really long time. Thank you Vivaldi!

    One thing I'm noticing is that within the first 3 minutes of the new snapshot, the browser froze twice. I was on Facebook the first 2 times and then the 2nd time it froze after leaving Facebook and was on the site here.

    Also, even though the address bar autocomplete is turned on and the bookmarks preferred is turned off, it still suggests when I type an F instead of That's kind of irritating.

  • Thanks! Great work guys.

    Some bugs:

    • By logic, if you have "Always last" option, if you open a tab (with middle-click) from bookmark bar/panel, that page should be opened at the last postition. Currently it is opened at right of the active tab.

    • Bookmarks bar need some love; middle-click in any item of a folder doesn't work. Please fix it :-). It should be opened in a background tab.

    • If you select with CTRL more than one tab and you then use the "Move to …" option (move to another window), it just move the active tab. By logic, it should move all selected tabs.

  • -Tabs → New Tab Position (Always Last, Right of Current)

    Oh wow, that's a actually really useful addition for me, great. Thanks!

    Vivaldi is looking better each snapshot. I have quite literally only two issues remaining. First one being the fact that the address bar autocompletion doesn't give me my most used URL as the default address when typing something that has multiple possible URL's. For example, because i have bookmarked a certain page a long time ago, autocompletion always suggests that URL as a default even tho i haven't accessed it in 6+months, and the link is actually broken, even though i daily visit the same website, just a different page. Actually, now i'm not sure if disabling Address Bar → Autocompletion → Always Prefer Bookmarks would do the trick for me, I'll have to try and see. The second issue, like i've said a few times before, being the fact that i can't map the "Home" button to take me to my speed dial. Having to open a new tab each time i want to access the speed dial is quite annoying.

    EDIT: Just tested, disabling "Address Bar → Autocompletion → Always Prefer Bookmarks" actually is a lot better, but still not ideal. Now, it no longer suggests the dead link in my bookmarks, but rather the suggested address that (i suppose) the search engine is giving based on what i type. Ideally I'd want it to autosuggest the most used / accessed link in my History. For example: Let's say that is the page i frequently access, and i want the autocompletion feature to suggest that. Instead it suggests just, and i have to manually either add in the rest of the URL or click the one suggested in the History-section (that' i'd ideally want to be the default).

  • Just sent you a few new bug reports… (all are regressions)

    1. Can't copy parts of URL from address bar field (critical bug to me 😕 )

    2. text field lost focus when another tab reload (tested with YT videos when they change to another)

    3. 2 scrollbars appear in vivaldi:settings/all

    W8.1 x64 with this x32 build

  • file a bug report about the delay… since I can confirm it as well 😕
    W8.1 x64 with this x32 build

  • Vivaldi has been crashing on me a lot. It's crashed 3 times since the new snapshot, and it's only been an hour since using it. It crashes a lot on Facebook and Soundcloud.

  • Thanks for fixing the address bar, really appreciate it. Finally I can type whatever I want inside the address bar and press enter.

  • OMG! Right of current - new tab position!!
    Great Christmas present for me!!
    Thank you!!

  • Still have this "dns_probe_finished" error with Vivaldi x32 on windows 10, it pisses me off, vivaldi just don't work with it.

  • Middle click to open link in new tab does not work in this build.
    Manjaro KDE.

  • Web panel border is now fixed, thx.
    But i get overlapping, for example pencil icon, and sort manually row overlaps with panel row.

  • I am quite surprised that, even though the functionality is present, there is still no History option in the menu or even a hotkey for that. You have to manually type vivaldi://history in order to access the browsing history.

  • Woah hold on! What's this? VB-10739 [Mac] Closing the last tab should close the window? I thought this was supposed to be an intended behavior? I was very happy you guys made it work on the next snapshot just right after the time I posted this request in the forums and you even replied I have no issues with users wanting it to close on the last tab but at least make it an option for users who does. The reason being it also closes your session. A real no-no if you close the last tab by accident.
    Right now it not just closes your session, the window resizes as well which is annoying. Please bring it back 😞

  • Vivaldi Translator

    While you are working on the cards, you can add options for closing?
    For example "Activate Tab After Tab Closing":
    First tab
    Last tab
    Right tab
    Left tab
    In activated order

    Thank you.

  • When adding a bookmark, I'd like to see the same bookmark folder structure as seen in the sidebar.

    For example, if I have a folder called Technology, and a subfolder named nVidia, then when adding a new bookmark, in the dropdown, nVidia is just simply underneath Technology, with no indication that it's a subfolder.

    A small but simple tweak I'm sure.

    Thanks for the great browser, as always. 🙂


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