Snapshot 1.0.340.7 - Silent Tabs For Users, Netflix support and HTML5 notifications

  • @JBanana:

    I don't see anything in the list of fixes for this release about the "black tabs" problem (search the work "black" in the comments on the previous release). This was happening to me every few minutes, but with this release I've had it only once today. Much better.

    That bug is not fixed yet, but we have narrowed down what causes it and we are working on it :-)

  • Awww… Maaan...

    I really was looking forward to this being fixed... This Bug really gets on my nerves...:x

  • @Eske:

    For me it says "You are using Vivaldi 1.0 on Windows 8.1"

    I'm on Vivaldi 64-bit and Windows 10 TH2. I submitted a correction.

  • I see "." is working again for "Find In Page". Thank you! :)

  • Still some dropped frames on YouTube, and still crashes on settings of Vivaldi App Launcher.

  • While at the topic of multimedia and sound output: It would be awesome to have support for the crossplatform JACK audio API in Vivaldi with all channels accessible via ports (and a sensible nameing scheme for them based on the website URI). :-)

  • It's fine on my system, which is an ageing i7-920, 8MB. Maybe it's the VelociRaptor disks :)

  • Has been doing this for a few updates now, I remember reporting it in a thread already.

  • Crash when closing popups on Windows 10 TH2 x64 here.

  • I'm missing a feature or maybe I don't find the option (???):

    Always open a new tab from adress- or searchbar. At the moment there is always overwriting my tabs, if I writing/opening something in/from the adress- and searchbar.

    Thank you!

  • Option to disable address bar autocomplete,

  • Moderator

    "Final" is just a stable version. It's not "We're all done." It's final "for the moment." The very next snapshot will have more features and optimizations. We are in the age of continual progress. Nothing is ever done.

  • I don't have Netflix, but could someone explain how Vivaldi was previously not compatible with it? How could any Chromium-based browser (or any other current browser, for that matter) not be compatible with a streaming video site?

  • Moderator

    Similarly, it's smooth and fast here, on my 3-year old AMD 6-core (FX-6120, which is supposed to be "inferior" to the i7) processor and 10 GB of RAM, but it's ALSO smooth and fast on my 12-year-old laptop and 9-year old tower, both of which are 32-bit systems with 3.25 GB of addressable RAM and old dual-core processors. Maybe there's something about i7 processors that it doesn't like. But the only place I ever found it even the least bit laggy was on my 13-year old tower that's so weak I had to put Lubuntu on it so that I didn't have time to read a novel between a mouse click and the UI response. So clearly there are systems where it's not smooth and fast, and I could SWEAR everyone who is complaining about this is running an i7 processor.

  • More nice features and fixes. Thank you. STFU tabs! Epic acronym. So glad single key shortcuts are working.

  • Widevine didn´t work

  • This seems like an amazing idea, if it can be done that is

  • I spoke too soon - it's still happening quite a lot. :(

  • Exactly my thoughts

  • Nice new features, but please fix these old bugs:

    Open Bugs:

    • Tab history is limited to the last 6 websites after a restart of Vivaldi
      Key: VB-10368


    • Notes, if you start Vivaldi with the Notes window, or open the Notes window, the content of the selected note is empty

    • Bookmark bar, no thumbnails in folders

    • Typed history, toggle off works not if you click on the program window

    •, entered captcha is not delivered correct
      Key: VB-10363

    Environment: Win8.1 x64, Vivaldi x32, 1.0.340.7


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