Snapshot 1.0.340.7 - Silent Tabs For Users, Netflix support and HTML5 notifications

  • Seems I forgot a crucial detail once again…

    This only happens on OS X. I've tried on 2 OS X machines, 2 Linux machines and 1 Windows machine. It works on everything but the Macs.

  • HI. Vivaldi Mail3. You may know something about it nearer. In addition to not yet been prepared. Thanks.

  • Ok, that explains it.

  • Silent Tabs for Users => "STFU"
    Searching it on the net gives me something funnier!
    I like where synonyms in Vivaldi are headed ! :D

    VB-3879 Shortcuts not working while a tab is loading
    I haven't got the opportunity to download and test, but if this really is resolved then the only thing preventing me from using Vivaldi is UI Performance… heck I'm even willing to cope with CPU & Memory overloads but NOT with UI Performance degradation... :cry:

    Thank you for the vast improvements this past couple of weeks... you've been AWESOME!

  • That's what i also always thought the last weeks, why the hell it's soooo sloooow and why the developers don't improve the speed ? I have also i7 and enough CPU power, amount of memory ( it's a new DELL Notebook from 2013, Windows 8.1 )
    Then i installed Vivaldi on the computer of a friend and it was so snappy and fast, that i couldn't believe how i could use Vivaldi with this slowness - in fact i used it because of that sporadically, it's annoying.

  • Thanks for the new build!

    Btw, when typing or trying to do a search using QC, the default search still won't work if you use Google as the default search engine. It's either you need to input the nickname/keyword first or create a new Google search engine and not use the default one provided by Vivaldi. I also want to reiterate the web panel bug regarding sites not defaulting to their mobile versions especially social media sites. You need to add the mobile version URL instead.

    Also, thanks for VB-3879! This was a problem since the very beginning! I couldn't open QC or use any shortcuts while a page is loading. Awesome work! :D
    UPDATE: the bug [kinda] still persists when just right before the pages finishes loading. I tried switching tabs while the page is loading and it works but the shortcuts became non-functional (a few milliseconds I guess) before the page is done.


  • Vivaldi Translator

    That would be a really neat functionnality indeed, but as a dev, I don't see how this could be done. Video is video, live or not.
    Beyond that, I don't even know if they have access to the "pause" function, meaning that they won't be able to pause any video.
    So I don't think that this function would appear anytime soon :/

  • I sure hope you have plans for optimization when going final, because right now, Vivaldi just doesn't compare to Chrome at all.

    I can open 15 tabs in Chrome ranging from stuff like Arstechnica and HackerNews, to many YouTubes, and then just minimize the browser and it will just go to 0% CPU and not bother anybody, as if it weren't even running. Vivaldi, on the other hand, stays jumpy around 10% CPU under the same circumstances. This is a big deal for me, because it makes Vivaldi unusable for multitasking and means it offers little to no benefit over Chrome.

    The CPU usage while the browser is in use has improved, but it also still doesn't compare to Chrome, which doesn't even flinch when opening a new tab.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yep, we know what the issue is on Mac and we are working on it

  • Vivaldi Team

    Are you trying to suggest that the naming was some kind of joke! :P

  • Right ON! Tab Mute works, thank you very much! :)

    The update wotsit notified, downloaded and installed the latest Snapshot with no drama. Whew! :D

    There are a couple of cosmetic 'glitches' but so far it runs nicely!

    The Trash icon was missing from the Bookmarks in Sidebar and full Tab. I added a new folder and the icon appeared as I typed and I was able to delete the new folder and a few bookmarks. After deleting, the cursor/highlight moved to the next Bookmark and didn't jump down to the Trash.

    When Vivaldi is maximized, the new right-click menu for the Trash icon – Empty Trash -- pops up offscreen below the Task Bar but it is visible in windowed mode.

    When Vivaldi is maximized, the right-click menus for Bookmarks near the bottom of the Sidebar list or in the Trash pop up halfway below the Task Bar. Again, the menus are visible in windowed mode.

    Pop-up menus for Extension buttons on the Address Bar are still truncated when the UI Zoom setting is set anywhere below 100%.

    The "#try-supported-channel-layouts" Experiment/flag stopped working for this Snapshot and now I only have front speakers again, nothing else. :( :( :(

    So far, no blank or crashed Tabs but the day is young!

    Edit: Yes, some Tabs still go blank or crash. :(

    Windows 7 x64 | Vivaldi x64

  • I love using Vivaldi. After discovering Tivoli embedded into this browser, however, I have to stop using it.

    The Vivaldi privacy policy section ("Web Search Partners" links to the Tivoli privacy policy( ). Reading what the required Tivoli search-bar add on tracks in Vivaldi is really scary. I am concerned that it tracks more than just my web searches. Please provide a means to disable Tivoli on your next release. Thanks.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Thank you very much for the STFU mode :D

  • Tivoli is not "embedded" in this browser, it´s a search partner, you can set whatever default search-engine you like :-)

  • • GMX MailCheck extension doesn't work
    H.264 videos doesn't work (previous snapshots no problem)
    • All sliders on chrome://chrome/settings/fonts are broken
    • Paste and Go via right click on existing site doesn't work
    • Paste and Go not translated

    Linux siuction 64/xfce

  • Regarding video playback what is most needed is "Click to activate" feature; same with flash.

  • Thank you for the response. I understand now. I just edited the preset url referral in the search settings. Back to Vivaldi!

  • I don't see anything in the list of fixes for this release about the "black tabs" problem (search the work "black" in the comments on the previous release). This was happening to me every few minutes, but with this release I've had it only once today. Much better.

  • Is the "background tabs rendering problem" a new Vivaldi's feature? It sure looks like this. It's really annoying. The browser is unusable!

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